Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New York Girls

I always wonder how Bill Cunningham does it?
Capture the New York Girl with such dash and ease..? Yesterday as I was slogging through the 90 degree heat, the New York Girl was everywhere! New York tourists are always looking up, so they completely miss her... Or they're looking and shooting each other at New York 'monuments' like Rock Center...The way to find the TRUE New York Girl (or NYG) is to look at the ground... Fab sandals everywhere. Does this NYG have a twisted ankle? Divinely simple Gucci sandals - how could I miss the logos all over... The Gucci's owner - quite soigne and all in neutrals.

Hey French Girls! The NYG has figured it out too ya know...
This classy babe wears common flip flops and pulls it off with panache...
Another quintessentially NYG in flip flops...
Does the NYG stop here for a chocolate sundae?
Absolutement pas!
She's saving herself for Chocolatier Michel Cluizel on 5th avenue bien sur...
OMG! Where have I been?
A petite bouchee will do nicely...
Two smart NYGs catch a faint breeze in Bryant Park...
Another waits for the free movie to start in the park...
This New York mec/guy inspects the NYGs passing by...
Allo NY flics...
Have you taken a look lately at les flics de Paris? Man, are they buff!
Another NY mec lounges on 'Fashion Ave' and completely misses...
The fab Stephen Burrows 'Sidewalk Catwalk' display on his left. HMPH!
But a future-to-be New York babe doesn't miss a trick and is taking notes.
The NYG is toujour prepared for inclement weather and we've been having it.
A NY Goddess in the metro station...
Another goddess lounging on the subway - rather blase...
Natch she's got the latest gladiator sandals...

Rapunzel gets off at my stop in Astoria...
Am I a NYG? Of course I am.
You get it by osmosis if you can survive here long enough.


  1. Justine10:00 AM

    Love love love the NYG!
    Every bit as chic as the FR of Paris.
    Maybe more?
    qui sait..

  2. My daughter lives in the city. She's definitely a NYG! Fun post.

  3. Carol, you're the quintessential NYG. xo

  4. Ah, such eye candy for a NY-starved girl! (I think I have to rush off to Michel Cluizel now, just to make myself feel better...)

  5. Micha in Paris10:25 AM

    une petite bouchee
    les flics de Paris...
    Here is warmy too et tout le monde porte des sandales de gladiateur ! Pas moi !

  6. Fabulous street fashion!
    Temperatures into the nineties here too.

  7. NYG like brazilian girl,
    With dresses and sandals.

  8. NYG have some sense I see. No heels to hurt the feet when you can have such lovely fun sandals to wear. The flip flops...well not so much:(

  9. The guy on Fashion Ave does look like a bit of a lump :)
    I'll always remember the heat and humidity in a NYC subway station in summer - yechhh!

  10. That was so much fun!

  11. Carol, I love your idea to see NYG and her sandals!! And I love your paintings!! Un beso, Gloria

  12. This former NYG is getting nostalgic seeing this post-- Love the cat walk sculptures --

    thanks for posting


  13. Anna-Marie6:39 PM

    New Yorkers are the TOPS!!
    So stylish and so soigne as you say...
    Love all the flowing Grecian looks to go with the gladiator sandals.

  14. Anna-Marie6:39 PM

    New Yorkers are the TOPS!!
    So stylish and so soigne as you say...
    Love all the flowing Grecian looks to go with the gladiator sandals.

  15. I just love the thought of YOU watching the MEC watching the NYG!

  16. Hm well I like French gals and their fashion better! I want go to New York one day though


  17. Back when I worked in midtown NYC, a treat was to see the wonderful Bill Cunningham at one of his regular stations at 57th and Fifth. What a southern gentleman ... he would always refer to me as young lady.

    On Easter Sundays for the past few years, BC and I have visited the Easter Parade, ... not within range, but I have always felt incredibly wonderful to learn via the Sunday New York Times that he and I had photographed the same Easter bonnets.

    I do digress.

    New York girls in summer heat and all that comes with it in NYC have greater fashion challenges than those Parisiennes.

    Let's cheer for the NYC girls who can beat the weather and still show their style.


  18. I was a NYG up until 10 years ago..
    back there two weeks ago..lost my
    touch, but still love it!

    Flora Doora

  19. Shelley4:54 AM

    Oh, Carol, what an eye you have! Who but you would have seen two eyes, a nose, earrings, and is that a bindi? in the slim iron NYG in photo 2. What strength, stability and centeredness she has -- I think I'll take her as my fashion role model.

  20. SHELLEY -you are the one with the EYES!!!
    I did not even see the face in the lamp post I have to admit..

    FRANCES- Bill still often stands on 57th & 5th. He is a New York insititution...I don't like to think what...

    SWEET FREAK why not get some peanut butter on reu Grenelle at The American Store instead of Fr chocolat?

  21. After seeing your New York Girls, I had to capture a few VGirls today. Wait and see! ;-)

  22. GREAT post and hommage to NYGs!! LOVE it!!! It's nice for me to be able to see a bit of America now and again... Especially, one of America's FINEST cities!!

    XO XO....

    Cali Girl

  23. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Good luck to you with your new website. I love your daily posts. You are a very talented, enterprising artist and it has been quite interesting to watch the evolution of your blog. I only wish you gave lessons!

  24. Thank you for posting these photos! I was just in NY a month ago and I've been missing my time there! Definitely miss the NYG's sense of style here on the casual west coast.


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