Monday, May 31, 2010

Macaron 2-Do List

Deluxe Eiffel Tower Stack ( thanks to Sybil G.),watercolor, 9x11
This time tomorrow I'll be tearing around trying to figure out what to pack. Today I'm relaxed AND I SHOULDN'T BE. I'm toying with various and sundry macaron to-dos in Paris.
Near the top of the list is find some macaron pillows. My big plans for an 'eiffel Tower' decor have not progressed. It's time to switch to a macaron theme and see what goes. Your suggestions are welcome.
Mimi kindly sent me a picture of this adorable key ring at Les Fleurs.
I could waft around the apartment wearing Marc Jacobs' new Splash for atmosphere, which I read are scented Basil, Grapefruit, Pear.
I am planning to visit Gerard Mulots' macaron cuisine .
For the macaron-obsessed this is a must-do.
macaronsAnother macaron course is on the agenda. This time in Lyon at Patisserie Bouillet. I'm working myself up to actually make these cuties someday... Well that's my rationalization for charging around, pretending I know how to bake...
your terrific suggestion on Londons' tea salons.
I will search out some in Paris as well.
You've got me itching to paint cups and macarons again. This trip the paintbox gets to come along.
I'll be waiting on a few Paris lines as always - the perfect opp to check what Parisiens are wearing.
I could pretend and try out for this macaron position while in London.
It's back to the 'macaron' salt mines. More hard labor for Bear et moi. We'll be slogging from patisserie to patisserie keeping your hungry appetites appeased. Any special macaron requests?


  1. Oh, you'll get into packing panic mode soon enough!

    Love the idea of sleeping on a macaron pillow, splashed with Marc Jacobs' new Splash perfume!
    Will you test the parfume for all of us?

    Good luck with finding passport, money, ticket - what else would you need anyway? ;-)

  2. Macaron heaven ... have a SWEET time!

    That pillow is a dream.

    Fly away on Macaron clouds ~~~~~~

  3. The setup you used for the big thank you would make a beautiful painting!
    Bon voyage, my friend--
    kiss Paris for me!

  4. your walls would be adorable with your paintings right on them.
    If you are renting maybe you could repaint when you leave.

  5. oh. I have never had a macaroon. I thought they were little coconut cookies, not these delightful, colorful sandwich yummies...oh. I am missing out, aren't I

  6. I'm so out of it, Carol. When are you taking off again? I'm with Merisi...after finding those few things (& hanging on to Bear's paw!), what more?

    Off for more coffee...........

    ciao-meow from GG

  7. I'm an idiot, ignore me. I just realized, yes, London...(are you going to hop the Channel to Paris?)


  8. You absolutely need the Lego Eiffel Tower:
    It's over a meter high!

  9. I look forward to lots of Paris pics - what the folks are wearing over there.
    You're very lucky to be crossing the pond so much!!

  10. Great to hear you're coming back!!
    I love this one, and chuckled at "I'm relaxed and shouldn't be" because that is exactly MY M.O. - cannot do anything til it is the LAST minute, then the panic (= adrenaline = getting moving) sets in.
    All best for your packing efforts and bon voyage of course,

  11. Yes, I have a macaron request: To see a lot MORE of your wonderful watercolors. They are light. They are lovely. And the play of delicious colors that melt into other colors - makes me swoon!

  12. Justine3:44 PM

    Loving the MACARON pillow you showed today.
    Do tell where we can find it..
    Do they send to the US?
    merci beaucoup


  13. Thank you Linda!!
    More macaron watercolors coming up.
    I'm enjoying painting these again.

  14. So are you heading to London and then off to Paris? Have a great trip, Carol! I'll enjoy watching what you're up to...

  15. I love the macaron pillow:) Have a wonderful trip!



  16. Hurry up...the Parisian macarons are waiting for you.
    And, at London, you will be the star! See you soon!

  17. Hi Carol,

    Just saw your Deluxe Eiffel Tower Stack watercolor on Flickr and I just love what you did with the colors! They look sooo much better than the original photo I took (the macaron colors where very neutral). Have you already sold this painting? I would love to have this next to your other watercolors. I'll contact you on Etsy.

    Sybil G. Lee

  18. J'ai découvert votre blog aujourd'hui, il est très joli, les déssins, sont magnifiques, j'adores les couleurs que vous utiliser et aussi les macarons, il sont si jolis, et j'adore aussi comme vous tous ce qui est parisien!! J'ai fini une petite broderie de macarons au points de croix dans quelque jour je vais la metre sur mon blog, j'éspère qu'il vous plairat. A bientot. Esther. Je vais suivre votre blog autres fois.

  19. SO many macarons, so little time, right? I love this, all of it. I think a set of macaron-oriented images is a great idea. Good luck; I know you can do it!

  20. Hi Carol,

    I have just returned from the spectacular city that is Paris! I did not do half the things I wanted to do as I was just so overwhelmed and preferred to spend time walking and absorbing it all in. While I was there the weather was summery for the first 4 days. The last four were wet and miserable! But I loved it nonetheless.

    The macarons were divine (my first time trying them) but I preferred Pierre Hermes to Laduree. My mind is still buzzing...most likely the jet-lag!

    As for what the Parisians are wearing, striped tops underneath light-weight jackets (manily in navy but black and neutral/beige) were very popular. Although I packed way too many clothes, because of the extremes of weather I found most of it handy...particularly my umbrella!

    Have a wonderful trip.


    PS Loved the metro and felt a part of the city using it.

  21. My friend and I went to Gerard Mulot's with Meeting the French (2009) and we loved it. The macarons were beautiful and oh, the chocolates. Florence was our "guide" (as I see she was yours in 2007) and chef Antoine looked as yummy as the homemade marshmallow he was making. Ah, Paris. Enjoy. Now get ready!

  22. I just signed up for the Mulot tour, and I am so excited! I've been wanting to go there for a while, and what better excuse than a behind-the-scenes tour?

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  23. Ok..I am a macaron obsessed woman!! This paiting is great!!

  24. Carol, I just discovered your blog a few days ago. I'm so glad that I did. Not only do I get to see your wonderful pictures and read your fantastic posts, I get great ideas like the Meeting the French tour. I'm making my second ever trip to Paris in a few weeks- it's a mighty long way from Australia! I'm now planning on fitting in a Gerard Mulot tour, as well as the bakery and pastry tour. I'm very excited. Thanks so much for posting.

  25. Suzanne Krueger9:48 AM

    I love the Laduree key ring....I collect keyrings I find in Paris and use them as Christmas tree ornaments....will definitely search this one out when we go in Sept!
    p.s. your creativity is inspiring.

  26. I just got back from Paris and, thanks to you and Bear, had a delightful time macaron-spotting! (Wish Bear had been there to help me navigate the Metro, though - Etoile is definitely confusing!)

  27. I would really love to meet you when you come to Lyon for the macaron lesson.

  28. By the way! I love your little Tour Eiffel plate on your table...I almost got that at Anthro the other you've inspired me to actually get it! Merci! I also love their other ones with les fraises et les champignions! Do you know which plates i'm talking about?

  29. Macarons are delightful. They're like little bursts of color and flavor, little gems in the form of cookies.

    I just got back from France a couple weeks ago. While I didn't have any macarons, I had the most amazing tarte aux fraises, a delicious crepe with Nutella, and more!

    By the way, I just linked your blog to my blogroll.

  30. Carol have a wonderful trip. Be sure to take lots of photos and eat lots of macarons and sweets for me (if the Lily of the Valley flavor is still available at Laduree try it - divine!!)

    Kiss Bear for me - I'm in love with him.

    Can't wait to see more watercolors, photos and great stories.

  31. Hi !

    I live in Lyon, I have already tasted Macarons at Bouillet and I advice you the macaron "Cassis-Violette" Delicious.
    Thanks for your blog, your photos and your paintings.
    Merci :-)

  32. Can I say how much I love your watercolor paintings of macarons? Always brightens my day ;)


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