Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Homage To A French Egg

Oeufs Durs at Cafe FloreCafe Flore's Oeuf A La Coque, Watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
Why is it only the French understand so well,
That a plain, simple egg can really be quite swell?

Cuisine Brute by Jerome Dumoulin and Nicolas Le Bec Nothings too good for the French egg.
Diners have been known to beg...
They'd rather eat a French egg than a chicken leg...

Decked out in caviar and truffles,
All that's missing are the white ruffles..

Many a book is proud
To have a French egg grace its cover.

I've heard Parisien crowds shout out loud,
GIVE US THE BOOK with the French egg on it's cover!

Cafe Flore's Boutique window Even the finest French cafes
Think nothing of having eggcups on display.
You may well find a French egg at the Musee D'Orsay!

Homage poster to oeuf a la coque Heavens, even Faberge
Created an array of golden eggs.

Caramel and chocolate eggs at Le BonBon

Sadly the American egg has been taken down a peg..
No such glories await the American egg.

Oh why is it only the French, who understand so well,
That a plain, simple egg can be filled even with caramel.

* Guest poster Annimouse to the rescue, while I'm under deadline here...



  1. ah, eggs with caviar, French toast (the best) and your lovely paintings. I have just had a bacon sandwich and I have no eggs or I would now have a fried egg sandwich. My eggs are English though.

  2. Oh and I forgot French Eggs and Truffles

  3. Well~we sure are on the same wavelength this matin! Only...I'm an egghead and I can't paint. If I could I'd probably faint.

  4. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I'm such a sucker for pretty little egg cups--I never really cared for them that much, but then decided to fall in love with soft-boiled eggs solely so I could have an excuse to buy some pretty egg cups once and I think they're a great watercolor subject! I love that painting...these are all great!

  5. Shabby is next up to "guest host" at Paris Breakfasts
    loveitaly send me your tired, your poor, your teacups, your egg cups...

  6. So tempting! And so healthy, as my doctor keeps telling me (the breakfast refuser).
    I definitely should have looked earlier, now I'll have to wait for my egg til tomorrow.
    Shall comfort myself with an espresso at Demels, soon!
    Powered out at 530pm,

  7. Now listen here. You are just going to stop all that with the poetry. I mean isn't it enough that you paint so beautifully, that your photos are gorgeous, and you have legions of adoring fans. I really think the poetry is going too far. I swear, you overachievers....

    PS Thank you so much for your vote for my blog for the Bloggies! So sweet:-)

  8. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I love soft boiled eggs and egg cups. I have a special egg cup that was from an old Poppytrail dinner set of my Parents with a Rooster on it. A couple look like the one in your painting. Our cravings will be healthier today. :-)

    So what is this Deadline? Something to share? We hope...

  9. Shabby has left the building...she has a guest commenter today.

  10. hmmm...somehow you managed to combine the words caramel and egg and make it sound good...

  11. Anonymous5:49 PM

    ...and now I'm starving. Thank you, Carol. I'd make myself an oeuf à la coque but I lack an egg.

    remind me to share mfk fisher's writings on eggs with you one of these days.

  12. Anonymous6:48 PM

    you are quite right,
    a simple egg can be delight.
    Juan Gris did a painting of cubist eggs!

  13. Anonymous9:03 PM

    sorry to be the naysayer here but eggs make me swoon--and not in a good way--especially soft boiled eggs like I used to have to make for my mother every morning when I was young. It had to be in the right egg cup, done just so, and I had to stand there until she had approved it as perfect before I could leave. To this day, the smell of eggs boiling is enough to...well, you get the picture. And the one of the runny egg, well I got that one...seriously, nice post, but it made me a little queasy. ;-)

  14. I collect vintage egg cups -
    but my fave is the poached egg.


  15. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Very nice homage from you to this "oeuf à la coque" I like so much!

  16. Beautiful homage to the lovely egg! :)

  17. Shabby in the City has just told me about your egg post as I mentioned I was suffering from an egg and egg related obsession! it's since I stated making egg cosies; now I've started collecting egg cups. I can see it ending with bringing a couple of chickens home....
    Lovely post. Wonderful observations. I have bookmarked you:-)

  18. Anonymous5:30 AM

    American Hen talking to French Hen:
    "Why do they make such a fuss about those wee eggs of sturgeons?
    They need so many on a mere toast ...
    - et à grand frais!" says French old hen (=and at great cost!)
    - ... whereas they can feast on ONE of ours !
    - Et pour une bouchée de pain!"
    (litterally = for only a mouthful of bread, meaning : for little expense)

  19. Came over here by way of Moa's blog... what a beautiful place you have here! I adore eggs, and your post honors them perfectly. Well done!

  20. i knew there was a reason i always loved the egg-especially your finds!

  21. oooooh.....wet on wet...so beautiful.


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