Friday, January 12, 2007

Glass Teapot...

Galerie Lafayette Glass Teapot
Gallerie Lafayette Glass Teapot, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
When I visited Paris in October I had no intention of buying a clear glass teapot...

The Tea Box in TakishimayaI drink only hot chocolate so I remembered my folly yesterday. I saw this glass teapot at The Tea Box in Takishimaya, my favorite New York browsing store...

Lafayette Gourmet I spotted these enticing teapots in the Gallerie Lafayette Gourmet tea department.

Lafayette Gourmet Who could resist? Only 15 Eruos. And perfect for painting still lifes I told myself. And I'm always interested in painting glass...

Le Festival de The These round glass teapots were on display at the October 3-day Le Festival de The.

Lafayette Gourmet I ended up buying loose tea with whole rose buds for my glass teapot at Lafayette. The idea is you watch "the "agony of the leaves" as they unfurl while brewing in hot water. I left my glass teapot in the hotel room for housekeeping to enjoy.

And I'm back to drinking my hot chcolate :)


  1. Is it for sale?? Beautiful (again). You capture everything that is Paris...

  2. "Agony" as they unfurl???

    No, no, no. :-)

    The delightful relaxing stretch, as they resume their natural shape after having been curled up for a long time. :-)

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  3. How I'd love to be 'housekeeping' in your hotel!

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Oh clear glass teapot,
    I see what's inside.
    Your tea leaves unfurl,
    Rose buds taking a dive.
    Once pretty and pink,
    They're headed now for the sink.
    Who ever left you behind,
    Must have been blind.
    How unkind...

  5. I love my tea, and my chocolate!! Thanks Carol. I see that Dufflet has made an appearance in the US. You must try the Blueberries. Maybe with a nice spicy Orange tea?

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    That's the same Glass Tea pot in the French Rose Bud Tea painting. I can't wait to get it. It's a wonderful painting with that Glass tea pot in it.
    Sure glad you at least used it for your painting's. ;-)

  7. Love all that you post.
    I love all of your photographs!

  8. I love teapots but I don't like tea very much. I wish I liked tea with roses as I would put them in a glass caddy but it's like drinking droppings from a bush (to me anyway). But I do love this post so much it's made me thirsty.

  9. I've never seen a glass teapot before..! How beautiful.

  10. Oh, it's beautiful! I've never seen anything like it before. If you ever find yourself on Manitoulin Island (I know...not likely because not many people know about this hidden gem of a place), you must stop by the Garden's Gate restaurant. It's a quaint little hidden treasure here :) Beautiful tea pots for sale, lovely teas, mouth watering desserts, and the entrance that leads to the restaurant is a beautiful assortment of garden flowers. You can even see the hummingbirds buzz around as they "admire" the flowers as well!

  11. I'm working on a tea-related post, too, and will link to yours, Carol. Maybe Sunday or Monday.

    Love your writing style as well as your art!

  12. Tea has been on my mind (and lips)lately as well.
    I just tried some very lovely Cream Earl Grey...wonderfully smooth and delicate. It is supposed to have a "secret" ingredient.
    I must try the rose tea.

    I love those clear glass teapots. I like to see the beauty of the liquid. It adds to the whole experience.

    The painting is beautiful as always.......

  13. I have never seen a glass tea pot before, you capture the sparkle of it beautifully in your painting. I almost feel sorry for the rosebuds! What a lovely gift you gave housekeeping, I'm sure they will never forget you.
    If I owned one it would be hot & get dropped I'm a wuss if I burn my crafting fingers!!!

  14. They are so beautiful!

    I have an old, very graceful glass teapot. It comes from Poland (used to belong to my mother). I never use it: I'm scared of breaking it and it's very difficult to clean, anyway. I just look at it from time to time.

  15. I've never seen a clear beautiful. Your watercolours are absolutely stunning!

  16. I've been fascinated with those clear teapots every since I first saw one. I haven't bought one yet as I tend to just boil my water in the microwave then pour the water over the loose tea into my cup. But I'm thinking it would be more satisfying to the soul to watch in brew.

  17. You can still heat your water in the Nuker Linda.
    And then pour it into the glass teapot-that's what they told me at Galerie Lafayette.


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