Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chat Parisien

Debauve et Gallais Chocolat This cat tea pot was in the window of what else? A Paris chocolate shop, Debauve & Gallais, perhaps the oldest chocolate shop in Paris.
Palais Royale Chat A real Parisien chat (cat), sitting outside guarding a shop at the Place du Palais-Royal...
Laduree cats and dogs These elegant cats and dogs sit in Paris windows. Langues de chat(cat's tongue bisquits) for the cats. What's in the Bulldog box?

Salon du Chocolat catA chocolate "Egyptian" cat at the Paris Salon du Chocolat...

Salon du Chocolat ChatsMore chocolate cats at the show. Is that a white whale + a volley ball attached?! Anyone have a clue what these cats are up to?
Galler ChocolatLastly you have to include un souris (a mouse) from the Salon. Ooops, this is a fat cat created by Belgian artist, Philippe Geluck in collaboration with Chocolat Galler.


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    lovely pictures as usual.
    Your last picture is not a mouse but "Le Chat" by Belgian humourist Philippe Geluck. He's been cooperating with Galler(also a Belgian brand) since 1995 and you can check the result of their love for chocolat and cats in ; check "le chalandrier de l'Avent" as well as "le chacolat"

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Being the owner of one Dog and owned by THREE cats, I love your blog today. Especially LOVE that Cat tea pot sitting with all that chocolate. Can't get any better. ;-)

  3. Absolutely love these pics. I have a fantastic cat iron teapot, but it pales in comparison with this one! The real cat is splendid in its plumpness. I'd look like that too if I lived near the Paris bakeries!

  4. Love that cat to mouse to "Le Chat" story. *smile*
    I put some dachshund musicians on my blog today. I rarely ever see cats here. Vienna is Dog City. ;-)

  5. I'm not a cat lover but I could eat these:)

  6. Oh these items are divine.
    You are so lucky to have such treasure troves at your fingertips.
    I would buy one of everything darling!
    Love and hugs
    Jeanne ^j^

  7. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Iron tea pot cat,
    And Palais-Royal chat.
    You're so alike.
    Both ready to spring,
    On a fat brown rat.
    Splat !

  8. Thank you Anonymouse for the Philippe Geluck info!
    Who knew cats wear shirts and ties?
    I thought it was just rats...but Geluck pulls it off very nicely - an arresting chocolate sculpture.

  9. Whats in the Bulldog box? I hope not a chat! ;o)

    Beautiful photos. Where did you find time to paint, take phots, swim, eat and travel. Or don't you sleep?

  10. Simon if you click on the bull dog link...
    I don't sleep much it's true and in Paris NEVER!

  11. Why? not to sleep in paris...

  12. Les chats (les réeles, au chocolat, en objets) sont véritablement irrésistibles... :-)

  13. Les petits chats dand tes photos sont vraiment mignons! Mais, pourquoi les baleines? Je ne sais pas! :)

  14. Oops! C'est "dans" et non pas "dand" LOL

  15. It's probably best that I didn't find the cat tea pot myself. It would have become a "must have" purchase as I adore all things feline!!!!

    And another thank you for the paintings and photos...your blog has become a delightful daily stop for me :)

  16. I love love love the Ladurée boxes with cats and dogs on. I don't care what's in them - I'd buy them purely for the box!

  17. Anonymous1:11 PM

    P. Geluck (belge) "fait maintenant partie du paysage français" as he appeared in a weekly popular tv program (on Sundays). He and his cats are very caustic.


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