Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Verrine de

Jean-Paul Hevin Verrine Jean-Paul Hévin Verrine Marscapone, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Very popular and trendy (tendance) in France, as a savory starter (amuse bouche) or a snack or a sweet dessert is a layered affair called a verrine. And always served in a small glass (verre)

Jean-Paul Hévin Verrine Marscapone How to get your verrine home without spilling?
These little glass containers are usually just 4 - 5" tall. Again, the ingenious French, all time masters of the pastry box, come to the rescue of the verrine.
Pierre Herme's Emotion Sarah Pierre Herme calls his verrines "Emotions" and offers 4 - 5 different flavor combinations each seasonal collection.

A structual diagram from Pierre Herme's pastry school catalog. This is not a verrine, but it could be... A verrine is a layering of different complimentary textures, aromas and flavors.
It usually consists of layers of: gelee + creme + "salade"

Fauchon verrines Fauchon has Foie Gras in a glass here.

Pain De Sucre in the Marais These adorable little numbers are from Pain De Sucre in the Marais at 14 rue Rambuteau. Who could resist? You can make a light lunch from these food-in-a-glass things. Starter + dessert and you get 2 little glasses to keep and drag home as a souvenir and tell yourself that you're going to make this at home. Ha ha

Well if you read French, you can make them at home!
Surement tres bon!


  1. delicious!
    I wouldn't even attempt to make one as each of my layers would slide into the next - I just know they would.

  2. "Yes, I'd like to order one Emotion, please...I think I'll take happiness!"

  3. Shabby's comment is so right on for this post I am speechless...

    You notice details that are right under my nose and yet I never give them a second thought!
    Viva la difference!

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Food in a glass?
    What a gas!
    It's made to divert.
    It could'nt hurt.
    Food in a glass,
    Was meant to last.
    Food in a glass,
    This has got CLASS!

  5. That was me ordering one of Pierre Herme's verrines in a restaurant...:) A cup of happiness.

  6. Oh my goodness - I have never heard of these! The 'Momo' at Pain de Sucre look delicious! I also love marscapone, so I bet Pierre Hermés was delicious.

  7. Oops, sorry I have committed verrine sin - I meant: I bet Jean-Paul Hevin's was delicious!

  8. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I'm dying to try one of these. Funny, but I had a boyfriend once who I called Momo. Sukipoet

  9. Gorgeous photographs each and every one.
    Love to come to visit
    Ooooh La La!
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  10. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Those meal in a glass thingies look to die for. The last image on that "Verrines" book is beautiful--reminds me of glasses layered with colored sand that you can decorate, (only I'm thinkin' this would taste a whole lot yummier.) They sort of look like liquidy trifles. Too cool.

  11. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I make a breakfast sometimes that's a kind of layered mousse/homemade granola/fruit- that's fun, and I think I'm gonna' try to experiment with how I do them in the future--these are so pretty. I could do a chocolate "wafer" to top 'em off with or something--hmmmmmm....not sure I'd know how to do that "goldfoil" look, though!! Oolala is right! Too fun.

  12. I love your verrine watercolor. Very delicate and wonderful.

  13. How deliciously delightful! Wish I could find Verrines here, I would have one right this moment. The pictures are fabulous.

  14. Drool...Carol, I'm trying to be a no-sugar diet here! At least with the tea post I didn't feel so bad about going and making myself a cuppa ;)

  15. all so delicious looking!

  16. Anonymous8:39 PM

    There are times when I don't know which I enjoy more;
    your delicious blog, its' contents, or the comments.
    The total gives me pleasure daily.

  17. Your photos and your painting are gorgeous! I wished there's a boutique that sells verrines in New York.

  18. wonderful paintings, Carol, on your whole blog!

    ...could you recommend me a r e a l good chocolate? I like bitter or half bitter ones...Whats's your favourite?

  19. Oh that's difficult claudia
    But if you can find Valrhona bars in your neighborhood, you can't go wrong!

  20. Wow! Incroyable! J'aime tes photos, Carol! Oh, c'est vrai...le schema (de la recette de Pierre Herme) est comme une verrine :)

  21. I had never heard of a verrine before. They are certainly fabulous eye candy. I'd buy the book but I doubt I'd ever make one. Maybe I'll buy it anyway.

  22. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I just got this book for Christmas and I am loving it! I am now on a quest to find interesting looking verrines and containers. It is filled with great recipes.

  23. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Oh Carol,
    My husband and I went to "La Fnac" a couple of times before Christmas and I stopped by this book each time... but very unfortunately he did not get the message!
    Next time...
    In gastronomy restaurants, "verrines" have been the new trend for a couple of years...

  24. Just read about verrines at Bea's blog, and got intrigued, so got here by googling. Lovely photos - I've got a much better idea now about what we're talking here :)

  25. I haven't had a Verrine yet - and no chance of a trip to Paris.
    Will just have to drool over your pics.

  26. Anonymous1:17 AM

    What a fabulous concept! I love it!


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