Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Paris Green again

Dalloyau has always loved Poisonous Paris green,
It makes their boxes look so clean,
Even if, a bit like a pea green string bean.
Dalloyau is pronounced doll-why-oh.
This green
landing pad is their gateau,
One wonders when it will glow?
Cacao et Chocolat
Is not afraid to stray
Into poisonous Paris green territory.
Their Aztec chocolates tell the story.
It could well be
This Matcha tea
Is responsible for this green obsession.

Certainly Japanese
Don't think twice
Making Matcha green tea into confection.

Mariage Freres tea spoons
Though it is unstable.
They simply insist upon
Putting it on their table.
Merci, Anonymouse...
FYI, None of the above foods or objects contains poisonous Paris Green. On Paris Green: was Cezanne's favorite. The pigment was used heavily by other artists, Van Gogh and Monet. Cezanne developed severe diabetes, a symptom of chronic arsenic poisoning. Monet's blindness and Van Gogh's neurological disorders could be related to their use of Emerald Green + lead pigments, mercury-based Vermilion, and solvents such as turpentine.
Paris can't resist poisonous green.


  1. Just found your lovely site! The photos are just gorgeous. Are the green confections made of matcha green tea and chocolate?

  2. Yes, exactly all the best
    There is no Paris green pigment involved at all.

  3. You're always good for a morning cheer, com surprise, I must add. Beautiful, beautiful many times over.

    And I never knew that the hue in green I love so much is called "Paris" green! From salad servers to candles to small glass vase to Murano glass bowl, table cloth, and on, I collect "the" green. :-)
    Have a wonderful bright day,

  4. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Oh Paris Green,
    You are so serene.
    And yet you wield a deadly blow.
    If only Cezanne and Van Gogh
    Had been in the know...

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Your monochrome page is amazing !
    Did you know that Van Gogh's tomb is "ivy green"?

  6. Yikes! My husband goes to Dr. Vermillion!
    And Kelly green is what we call it in our neck of the a small place called Kelly,Ky... many moons ago, some little green men landed their craft in a farmer's field...and green hasn't been the same since.
    Will there be a citron-like tasting contest avec verde desserts?

  7. Vert, I spanish neighbors are rubbing off.

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I've studied the impressionists and never knew that about Paris education grows. Thanks again.
    We painted our outdoor furnture this color because I liked it so much...well, one set had to be pink tho. ;-) but they go together so well.

  9. is talking your language today :)

  10. I love the greens. I have some truffles lined up to do a post on tomorrow in such a green. I will dedicate it to you Carol

  11. Yes, that green! I went to Paris in 2005 and at Samaritaine, bought a carry-all bag and chiffon scarf in that color. Every time I see that color, I think of Paris.

  12. Interesting. perhaps I have arsenic poisoning (and I thought it was wine..) ah ah!

  13. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Paris Green reminds me of that crayola that I loved so much as a kid. It goes well with the deep purples and browns.

  14. Some anonymous somebody wasn't very nice and needs to go play somewhere else. Foray on down the road.

  15. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Oh, Dalloyau. They make the most wonderful chocolates and I always bring back a box of their fruit jellies for my Mum. They are the best!
    Love your photos and I too have not heard of that colour being called "paris green".

  16. i am a very big fan of your blog and always look foward to the photos and paintings everyday. today strikes me to comment because of the Japanese truffles and matcha; I currently live in Kyoto, Japan right now and green tea chocolate and ice cream is my favorite treat. There is one green tea shop in Gion (the old Geisha district) whose green tea confectionaries and ice cream is so popular, there is always a line around the block. There are even green-tea flavored Kit-Kats!

  17. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Amen to Shabby in the City. Things are just fine the way they are.

    I picked up my fluffy white cat a while ago and realized his eyes are the color of the green tea pot and the bowls underneath. A perfect match. ;-)

  18. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Paris green. That's so, so absinthe.

  19. regarding your comment:

    the ipod nano and the shuffle do come in a shade of green that one could consider the color of a frothy matcha drink, freshly prepared by stirring with a wisk and hot water at a tea ceremony. it is bitter but quite refreshing!

  20. Anonymous5:49 AM

    lovelly! i just love green!!!!!!

  21. OMG, are you serious??? That color is Paris green? It's my favorite color--no wonder I moved to Paris and have plans this summer to paint a wall in my living room that color. I also have the teapot from Mariage Frères that matches the teacups in your photo.

  22. I miss the good morning welcome!
    Hope you are fine.
    I painted my blog green in your honor (and my youngest one reminded me that in our home in DC her room was painted Paris green, with white trim!).

  23. Oh my all those facts on artist loving this green! My blog is that shade of green and I *LoVe it!* Have it all through the house too! Your photos would show well on my site!
    You love watercolors so *YoU must* pop by and see my watercolors posted!hugs NG

  24. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I read once that Van Gogh used to hold his paintbrush between his lips sometimes, and they speculated that perhaps that was what caused him to have arsenic get into his system that way. Don't know if that's true, but it seems plausible. Interesting...

  25. Anonymous6:05 PM

    i thought it was the absynthe.

  26. Hmmm--Monet has a Japanese bridge spanning the pond with water lillies painted that color. I didn't know all of that info on Paris Green. I did know that many oil paints contain toxic subtances-titanium white is one, I think. I use to stick the end of a paint brush in my mouth all of the time during the time I was trying my hand-badly-at painting and probably poisoning myself.

  27. Isn't life just grand! :)
    I love learning something new everyday!

  28. I love your color-themed posts... The green is delicious.

  29. Oh my God, these colors are so enticing. That's why I can't refuse anything French!

  30. Anonymous6:58 AM

    This color green (I like to call it new rice green,) is one of my favorite colors! Wonderful mouth watering post!!

    What a loaded color that is
    grass dollars emeralds envy


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