Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quel est le meilleur tarte citron de Paris ?

Paris' Citron Tartes, 9" x 11 1/2"
It was my mission last trip to seek out the best tarte citron in Paris.
 Couldn't I hold my own competition(cours)?
I'd complained previously about how the surface of a citron tart must be flat as a pancake. And it must not be desecrated w/ bits of zest and other drifting paraphrenalia.
I decided to leave the door open to all entries this go-round.
No restrictions required! Since I was to be chief judge and jury, I felt it only fair to be open-minded to all comers.
So wherever I went I gathered research, mostly photos for further study.In some cases the actual tarte citron was acquired...
Here's a list of the contestents who made it ringside at my hotel:Carton
Gerard Mulot
Le Delice
Pain se Sucre
Pierre Herme
Sadaharu Aoki
The results of this arduous endeavor to come later this week!
P.S.Here's a fun video (merci Chocolate & Zucchini) of Le Figaro experts tasting Paris' croissants.
P.S.S. For other aspiring Paris missionaries there's a terrific list of the best patisseries in each arrondissement fresh out on US stands of ELLE A TABLE. It's the December issue FYI !


  1. Your work may inspire a similar work on my part...(Quel est le meilleur hamburger in Kentucky?). Doubtful I could paint it as beautifully as you did the tarte :)

  2. Give it a whirl Shabby!
    You have nothing to lose and much to gain...
    I'm still working off those tarte citrons and I did NOT finish them.

  3. Citron Tartes!
    There's a French style cafe' here, they carry them: (un)fortunately they are too big and their pâte sucrée crust too heavy for my taste.

    I do love the American key lime versions !!!very much!!!!. Whole Foods carries them, alas their crust tastes to raw for my taste.

    Can't wait til you finish off your samples and tell us the whole truth about them!

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    You should try the tarte au citron from "le loir dans la théière" (3 rue des rosiers 75004 Paris ). The very best in my opinion...

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Your watercolor sent me find a tarte au citron recipe. And the Figaro video push me to find Pierre Hermé croissant recipe (http://choubru.blogspot.com/2007/01/les-croissants-de-pierre-herm.html) Thanks for all the delights.

  6. the food looks divine! nothing beats french pasteries

  7. OK I always said Lemon Tarts, but "citron" seems to add something to it. Either way, now I'm craving one - gotta get myself down to Le Petit Prince this week!

  8. OK I always said Lemon Tarts, but "citron" seems to add something to it. Either way, now I'm craving one - gotta get myself down to Le Petit Prince this week!

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM

    So many citron tarts!
    This morning you touched my heart...
    I could never depart
    From eating citron tarts...

  10. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Another of my favorite colors is yellow. I can taste those lemon tarts in that painting. As I see you had to TASTE the still life after painting them. ;-) Yum! Good job.
    Cris (CM)

  11. ...a wonderful post (and watercolour)again!...and thank you for your suggestion to try Valrhona chocolate!

  12. Brilliant post yet again. I watched the video and do you know, no one laughed at all but the man speaking at the end NEARLY cracked a smile. They take their food so seriously!

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    This is SO funny. My post today is about lemon tart, but not any lemon tart, Meyer Lemons, s'il vous plait. ;-)

  14. What I really want to do is look out the window ( great photo Carol).. and then "drive" one of 'em Citrons and finish 'em off!

  15. They all are winners1 I took a picture outside of Pauls-on the street, looking in at the breads in the tall baskets and ayyoung lady shook her finder at me-you had no problems ?

  16. I guess I am typing too fast-that finder???Is "Finger"- a young lady-as well, sorry about that

  17. Now this is unfair! I am salivating too much.

  18. Anonymous2:03 AM

    J'attends le résultat du test avec impatience !

  19. JANN
    Any salesperson who shakes a finger at me, chastising me for photographing their goodies is wasting their energy.
    Bring me the supervisor! and then we'll talk turkey.
    I purposely had little MOO cards made to pass out to supervisors.

  20. I like the tart that looks all poofy on top. :D

    Thanks for pointing out the croissant video! I can't imagine having that many croissants to sample...and not feeling sick afterwards. Mmmmbutterrr.

  21. Anonymous3:56 PM

    oh my your watercolors looks as good to eat as the real pictures. Lovely!

  22. the best tart au citron is a bread and roses rue de fleurus next to the luxemburg, trust me the only downside is that they cost 6 euros!!!!!!!!!

  23. La meilleure tarte au citron est à découvrir sur notre site. J'adore tous les gateaux aux citrons, donc toutes les recettes sont bonnes à prendre


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