Friday, January 05, 2007

Jean-Paul Hevin

JEAN-PAUL HEVIN Cadeaux Jean-Paul Hevin Cadeaux (gifts), original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Paris chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hevin's favorite color is an intense French ultramarine  blue. It's mine too, in case you hadn't noticed. I can't get enough blue paint in my watercolors.
It's a natural that I'd flip for his goodies! Not to forget that he is 1 of Paris' top 3 musketeers of chocolat and won the competition for best chocolate macaron in 2005.
JEAN-PAUL HEVIN Macarons I bought the blue tin on the right full of macarons last trip just for painting purposes of course. This display is from Jean-Paul Hevin's shop on 231, rue Saint-Honore.
JEAN-PAUL HEVIN Tartelette a l'Orange Last May, I stayed in a studio just a few doors down from his 3, rue Vavin shop, so I went in or at least looked in daily = heaven. I could buy a quiche + dessert + a very small piece of chocolate for lunch = heaven/Hevin.
JEAN-PAUL HEVIN Verrine Mascarpone I fell victim to this dessert in a glass (Verrine Mascarpone) just because it looked so pretty - painting purposes again.

JEAN-PAUL HEVIN la Motte Picquet shop I haven't made it yet to Hevin's de la Motte Picquet shop -> next trip. And next trip, I WILL GO UPSTAIRS TO the SALON DE THE on rue Honore!
Jean-Paul Hevin's new's not here yet. You have to order it from
Jean-Paul Hévin's new book 


  1. I loved his macarons. I tried them in October last year. Delicious!

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    How come the color blue is always associated with sadness in a song? How can one be sad when looking at THIS blue..especially when mixed with CHOCOLATE???
    No way! ;-)

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    This makes me so hungry!

  4. Iknew there was something about the blue in your water colors--they remind me of Cézanne!

  5. Don't they!

    Carol, how often do you go to Paris? You seem to have an endless supply of photos and inspiration!

  6. Dear Anonymous
    You've been away?
    Nice to see you back in force ;-)

  7. Lovely blue. I love to use cobalt as well- although if I'm not careful it is hard to reproduce well between the scanning and the printing...

    And all that chocolate-buying-as-tax-write-off...??!! Good deal!

  8. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Back in Paris I see:) I love love love the blue in the painting:) And thanks for giving me yet another book to covet:)

  9. I love eveything you do that is,-paint and photograph,It is always such a pleasure to visit your site-beautiful photos!

  10. K&S
    I loved his macarons too.
    But I ate them so fast I forgot to make notes.
    I have to go back and eat them again it seems...

  11. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Blue is true.
    Blue is Bleu. (in French)
    Blue's a hue.
    Blue is NOT a beef stew.
    But Veal Cordon Bleu?
    That you could chew on...
    You can not overdo
    Who knew?
    That blue is you!
    Adieu :)

  12. Anonymous10:49 AM

    No Carol I have not been away. I meant NO WAY can one be sad, looking at this cobalt blue and chocolate... in refering to sad songs about blue... In fact I am new here. I clicked on BLUE to see you've done another blue segment earlier last year. I see I have much to check out. Am enjoying it ALL. I'm the one who wrote about the Saturday Tea party.
    CM in Or

  13. blue.... yes a favorite of mine. I like cars that are blue... driving a subaru WR/x that is this colour....

    blue.... ;o/

  14. Magnifique! Ahhhhh. what a job...! Eating chocolat and painting them!

  15. I love the blues in your water color.

  16. corey directed me to your blog, and i cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed pouring through every lovely post! this spring i will return to paris after 30 years and i am filled with excitement at the endless possibilities that await - thanks for the delicious preview - i'll be stopping by again and again!
    xo, h

  17. ohhhhh!!
    que bonics que són aquests.

  18. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Oh how I love this boutique. I agree the packaging is decadent and it's a treat just to visit. But, my lord, the chocolates... I think his are my personal favorites.


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