Monday, January 15, 2007

Jean-Paul Hévin, Blue Boxes

Jean-Paul Hevin Macarons
Jean-Paul Hevin blue Tins, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

I fall in love easily with containers. Whether a tea tin, a glass teapot, a green pastry box or a cocoa pod holding beans inside. And blue milk jugs and tea cups count too don't they? I'm easily smitten...
Jean-Paul Hevin had this beautiful silver plate tin you could fill with whatever you like. I got the blue tin version of this, first time filled with chocolate powder and last trip filled with chocolate macarons.

The French love boite metal (tin boxes) too. There were many at the October Paris chocolate show.
They had an exhibit of old miniature chocolate tins too - here cacao.

These Cemoi cacao tins must be from the 30's.

 Chocolat Menier tins from before the turn of the century - even a dollhouse size tin here. And another mouse. What's not to love about tinsThey've always have nice surprises for us.


  1. Good morning!
    It's so nice that you're an early bird so I get to look at your new painting and pictures first thing at my lunch time. I once collected tins, then I got to lazy to dust them. :-( The Droste tin I remember from my mother's, she boiled the cocoa powder with water and sugar to make a sirup which in turn produced an excellent cup of hot chocolate.
    Love your "blue phase",
    spring greetings from Vienna,

  2. Anonymous7:48 AM

    All your blue tins,
    Put me in a spin.
    Is this a passing "blue phase"?
    It's been going on for days!
    Put the *&^%# damn blue away.
    And let it stay..there.
    Am I the only one tearing my hair.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!! What exquisite tins ... even if they were empty -- they are so charming -- they'd be welcome on my shelf.! Watercolor painting, too, fantastic!

  4. "Suffused in blue", not blues,
    dear anonymous. :-) Please stop tearing your hair: you need to have some of it left for when Carol gets to paint the black tins again.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I just hope anonymouse doesn't end up in a tailspin ;-)
    I bought myself a beautiful pashmina scarf in different shades of blue, love to wear it with black.
    Maria Risi

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Love the blog today. I love tin cans. I used to collect them and had some cool ones, but when we moved to another state some things had to go. ;-( Altho I did keep a couple, But to get to see some here is wonderful. Thanks Carol. I am partial to the pinks, reds and yellows but the blues are beginning to win me over to blue again. ;-) Keep all the colors coming.

  7. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Oops, I should make that ..the blue colors you paint and show are beginning to win me over to blue again. NOT THE BLUES. ;-)

  8. don't fall in love with a dreamer!

  9. Anonymous5:50 PM

    you fall in love easily.....especially with containers.....

  10. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Paris Breakfasts is like opening a wonderful old tin!
    My Grandmother use to keep her buttons and coins inside of tins.
    I always hoped to find a secret treasure in one of them...
    Tongue in Cheek Antiques

  11. Anonymous5:58 PM

    ... containers sit still and don't talk back, isn't it so, Carol?
    Maria Risi

  12. Containers make the BEST partners Maris Risi, especially when filled with chocolate macarons...

  13. I was just looking at my Banania Farine tin today and wishing I had picked up more tins for my teas while I there. Sigh.

  14. These are absolutely beautiful containers-

  15. Absolutely gorgeous as is everything that you post.

  16. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Are those piles of tins all yours?
    Very impressive, indeed! How many bags and suitcases do you need when you fly home?!?

    Ilove them all!!!


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