Monday, January 08, 2007

Andy Warhol's Cookie Jars...

Hot Chocolate at L'Abbaye, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
What does this French cup of hot chocolate have to do with Andy Warhol?
Zero..but I love painting crockery, especially cups and saucers.
Andy Warhol's Collections Barney's New York did an homage to Andy Warhol for their Xmas windows. Warhol was obbsessed with collecting cookie jars among other crockery and tons of other stuff. He squeezed a shopping expedition in most mornings before lunch. Stuart Pivar regularly flea-market shopped with Andy.
If I said that some object or other looked like junk to me, Andy would say,
"Oh really. See how much it is."
Andy Warhol's drawings

My street is now littered with old Xmas trees. Andy's Xmas tree here is covered with painted shoes. Andy was first of all a shoe illustrator early days...

Andy Warhol at Barney's New York Here young Andy, surrounded by early illustrations and of course a picture of Mom... Andy was always surrounded by his collections. He never threw anything away, and brought new meaning to the expression “born to shop.”

In Warhol's words, 'he was always looking for the five-dollar object that's really worth millions.'

Andy Warhol, Social Butterfly Andy, the social butterfly, surrounded by the celebrities he painted and idolized...

"In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

"Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. "

"Don't worry about whether what you're doing is good or not. Let other people do that. And while they're deciding, make more."Andy



  1. I love your lovely blue paintings. They are so fresh. Your blog is a delight to read and keeps making me yearn for Paris. Oh well, perhaps when the Euro and the Dollar are not so far apart in value I will once again be in Paris. Then I will need a roster of all the tea and chocolate shops that you write about so that I can see the delights up close and sample a few as well. Keep writing and painting; you keep an old woman entertained.

  2. Thanks for this post! Really good reading and looking! It made me somehow happier and that's not bad I would say!

  3. Ilva,
    you're right, looking at this blog entry does make me feel happier also! :-)
    I encountered Andy last fall during an exhibition about psychedelic art at the Vienna Kunsthalle and hope to meet him again at the Albertina, soon (*rats* why's work always interfering with pleasure?).

  4. I suppose you could stack up your comments and measure them...but it would likely be in feet rather than inches...

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Andy's gone.
    We miss him...
    Oh so many pictures drawn.
    On Oh so many celebrities he fawned.
    Granted he was a bit withdrawn.
    But he lived his life to the brim,
    I miss him...

  6. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I really enjoyed Andy's painted shoes tree--love shoes. I'd have worn a few of those--they looked whimsical!

  7. "he was always looking for the five-dollar object that's really worth millions."

    I didn't know how much Andy and I were alike!

  8. great quote! Collecting is fun too. :o)

  9. great post and pictures today!

  10. Anonymous5:26 AM

    What an arresting portrait of Andy.
    He's actually looking out at you, engaging you, rather than expressing the usual frightened rabbit look...

  11. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Andy Wharrol is not my cup of tea (or coffee!)I must confess...
    but I love Keith Haring !!!

  12. from Korea2:32 AM

    Hello. I really enjoyed what you wrote. I'm a big fan of Warhol from South Korea. And I'm a person who are fascinated by Paris. I'm so enjoying your blog. Thank you very much for making me remind the days in Paris and Warhol. :D


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