Monday, January 22, 2007

Gerard Mulot's Pink Lunchbox...

gerard Mulot's new pink pastry box
Gerard Mulot's Pink Box, original watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
It's not everyday you get a top Parisien pastry chef reading
your blog!
Gerard Mulot's new lunchbox... Back in September I complained bitterly of a divine dessert getting smooshed because it was boxed badly. But LOOK! Here is the new lunchbox-style pastry box, the excellent Gerard Mulot (pronounced J-rard Moo-Low) has come up with!?

The old pink box was damn pretty too. But things had a way of traveling around inside that particular pink box enroute to your hotel room and ending up in critical condition :(

Smooshed chocolate cake photo care of the Here the sadly smooshed Mulot chocolate thingie. Many commented they wouldn't mind eating it anyway. But for still life painting, "that pony don't ride" to quote a certain infamous Dr...

Tarte Citron for breakfast... Because I generally depart New York on Sundays and arrive Monday morning in Paris, it's important to know that Gerard Mulot is one of the few top patisseries open on Mondays. And at 6:30 am!
What else would make the perfect breakfast in Paris than a tarte Citron?

Breakfast... Here is the tarte, safe and sound back in my hotel room and totally intact too! Now to get out my diving gear and plunge into this lemony pool. More on tarte Citrons later...
Merci M. Mulot


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Well you beat me to the punch line...I was going to say I could go swimming in that!
Do you mean he read your blog after you told what happened? Maybe you have power to make things change! Why don't you get some of these French patisseries and boulangeries to open little branches in say...Kentucky? Like Starbucks-one on each corner.

Lin said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Beautiful photos -- glorious artwork!!! LOVE your style, Carol!

Anonymous said...

Well Dang Carol, Do you ever have a bad blog day?? This isn't one of them for sure. Great EVERYTHING today, but I'm especially DROOLING over that chocolate thingy...I wouldn't care if it WAS messed up. The lemon ain't bad either! ;-) I don't know if my diet can handle this blog so early in the mornings. ;-)

Anonymous said...

OK, Carol, when are we going to see your painting of that photo above with the peony? That composition is wonderful: the light hitting the peony is fabulous. Is that a beautiful image or what. I really loved this painting here on this morning's post...cheery on a dreary grey day.

Merisi said...

I bet you put that smooshed Mulot chocolate on a critical care plate and ended its suffering in a three fork-bites.

I love how the opening in the handle almost looks like an anatomically correct heart, or a flower, or a crown.

Did you paint that pink peonie scene? *lustingafterpinkpeonies*

Victoria Pittman said...

Lovely in pinks!

As a lettering artist, of course, I'm wondering who the artist was who did the "gorgeous" lettering on the box. How divine!

Beautiful and mouthwatering post Carol


Anonymous said...


Adoro torta de limão! :))


Di Overton said...

Wow, you have excelled with this one I love that painting.

Wanderlusting said...

the colors in that painting are is the tarte. Yum!

simon said...

well I could dive into that lemon pool too. :o)

glad i ride a bike otherwise i'd be the size or a barn....

simon said...

of! ( sorry)

Jann said...

beautiful post -making me very anxious to find all these incredible places that you keep telling us about!

Anonymous said...

Simon, I didnt see your comment till a couple days ago..about me seeing your painting you won for real. No I havent as I answered & you probably didnt see..but that little painting is one of my favorites of Carol's and you know what? You are right about them being even better in person. I got my first one today and it IS better in person like you said. I now own the French Rose bud Tea painting. I Love it! ;-)
Thank you Carol!
CM (Cris in Orgeon)

simon said...

Cris:- they ARE beautiful for real!!
AND you like the little bird that will soon live in the Blue Mountains in Australia? Well I feel more privileged.. for it to "nest" here!

Gabrielle said...

There's a boulangerie just near my work that does the most divine tarte citron meringué. We have to turn our ehads the other way as we walk by or it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Simon, Let us know when the little 'bird' lands in the Blue Mountains to 'Nest". ;-) I do really like it. It's a fun and sweet little painting so enjoy! I think her paintings are not only works of art but memories of her wonderful blog.

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