Thursday, January 04, 2007

Paris Breakfasts' Demise...

Petrossian PatisserieBaba su Rhum at Petrossian, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Yesterday I ended with a shot of our "demised" tea ...

Angelinas I love to record the "After" as well as the perfect "Before" table setting. This was a neighbor's tea at Angelina's, not mine. I have my limits of indulgence and one does have to save something for the next salon de the visit, both Euros and calories.

Cafe de Flore This was my petit dejeuner at Cafe de Flore. I wish it was my breakfast this morning.
Les Deux MagotsI take full responsibility for this one too at Les Cafe Deux Magots. You'll notice I don't write much about dinner or restaurants. Because dinner is usually a take-away Salad Nicoise from Monoprix eaten in my hotel room. I have to paint sometime.
Café Au Chai de l'Abbaye When I'm running around Paris, I love to grab a shot of someone else's demise. You wonder who sat there, what they said or did?

This was taken at Cafe Au Chai de l'Abbaye, 26, rue de Buci, a wonderful bistro specializing in cooking from the Auvergne.
The fateful l'addition (bill) signals the end of the demise.
Time to depart.
Le Rose Bleu


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Does this mean the demise of your blogspot blog??? Yikes, hope not. Sukipoet

  2. I'm just talking about the "demise" of a meal ONLY!!!
    I'm not ready to quit blogging..
    No WAY!
    Way too much fun :)

  3. I love the old marble top table and the ironstone dishes. Looks like a meal was left behind in some cases. Why do we say 'continental' breakfast?

  4. Oh, looking at that Angelina photo made me feel a little ill. Recently I was there with someone who insisted I try her Mont Blanc, and it was far, far too rich and sugary. Well, at least on top of the hot chocolate ;-)

  5. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Ooooh--have you painted that red striped cup from the "Cafe au Chai de l'Abbaye?" That one's a bit utilitarian looking, but it looks crisp and pretty next to the red checked seat there. These are all beautiful. I really enjoy the photos of the demise as much as the beautifully set pristine tables--there are stories in them that really appeal. I agree with "shabby in the city," though--look at all the luscious good food that's STILL ON THOSE PLATES!! I'd pocket it for sure for later in the day! Too funny. Maybe they're just arranging a beautiful "mise en scene" for us to enjoy?

  6. These are fabulous photos! Oh yes,to sit and wonder who these other diners were -- their choices ... but, Carol -- that top painting --- OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORIOUS!! From pastry to whipped cream -- incredibly awesomely done!

  7. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Amazing photos!

  8. Wonderful....... The painting is perfect, just perfect.

  9. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Carol, I LOVE that painting. It makes me feel like I am going to pick up that fork and take another bite. I can even taste it. Now thats really bringing a viewer into your painting.
    At least these calories won't count. ;-)
    I love a good story in either paintings or photos and you have captured that today with both. Who would have thought that the word DEMISE could bring so much entertainment. ;-)

  10. I must have walked dozens of miles all over Vienna during the last week or so. Every now and then I thought of Paris Breakfast, you strolling through Paris. I wonder how many pictures you take mentally, with all those beautiful renderings of your perfect Parisian moments. I love to stroll over here and gaze at them. Thank you and the very best for the New Year,

  11. OH wow , i just love your blog , you are such a wonderful artist. I love paris too, specialy montmatre, and rive gauche. I would love to have a little flat avec vue sur les toits de Paris........................

  12. I gotta agree with Gabrielle. That stuff is painfully delicious. It's too bad I associated Angelina with a hint of nausea, haha...

  13. So many points of view to these pictures
    Yes to excess
    Yes to former perfection gone to wreck and ruin
    What captivates me here is the visual landscape
    And the stories of the missing participants..

  14. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Where have they gone,
    These missing guests?
    They left the rest.
    They left a mess.
    I must confess,
    It's giving me stress!

  15. The upside down fork that you painted shows me how polite you are :) By the way is that the tip of a fork coming straight down on that delicious tart? The one with the "la petite dragee en argent," on it?
    Your blog delights me! Your watercolors make me admire teacups and tabletops differently !!

  16. "stories of missing participants".

    I used to walk along an look into cafes or resturants and wonder who sat there. Also looked back at our table after a meal and remembered the "moment".....

  17. Do the staff in the restaurants ever object to your taking photos? Just wondering.

  18. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I was invited last Saturday to my neighbors home, next door, for a high tea party. She does them twice a year and she invites about 20 women. She makes Everything from scratch. Cute little tea cup cookies, heart shaped sandwiches etc. And she sets a gorgeous table. You must dress up AND wear a hat. If you have none she has a closet full she has collected. It was So much fun and a treat to look at... how I wished I had had the nerve to take my camera. I thought of you while sitting there enjoying myself thinking how you could have taken some wonderful shots with your camera.

  19. Anonymous8:30 PM


    It was snowing up on our little patch of Maine,
    so I didn't get to paint.
    But I thought of you painting your Paris dreams, creating your wonderful images.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all ParisBreakfasts friends!

  20. Sarala
    I always ask permission first before shooting a neighbor's table.
    No one's ever said no.
    When I'm passing a cafe, no one seems to mind as long as I don't steal the crockery or snack on the leftovers :)

    The Saturday tea party sounds delightful, though a more difficult situation.
    Some people don't like having their picture taken (ME!) and it can wreck the atmosphere if yr not careful. It's very different if yr hired to shoot the event.

    Tongue in Cheek Antiques
    The painted upside down fork is a resting fork, not a polite fork..
    A "is he ever going to take his bite and let me get on with" fork.

    loveitaly I will go back to Cafe au Chai de l'Abbaye and paint that cup with the red rim. It's calling out to me :)

  21. Beautiful photos and a great post, as always and you have been to some of my favorite places

  22. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I love this post! I discovered this blog shortly before Christmas and have enjoyed it immensely ever since, but this post most of all. As much as I love a beautiful table setting and the beginning of a meal, I love the aftermath, the denoument, the "demise" just as much...and I love your beautiful photographs.

    Thank you, Carol. This blog is a dream come true for a Francophile, budding photographer and foodie who especially loves breakfast. I cannot believe I have found a group of people who love so many of the things I hold dear.

    I've been shy about posting a comment, but I had to comment on today's post. It was wonderful. Thank you.

  23. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Merci Beacoup for the pictures. Your blog is a treat to my eyes. Do you teach water color classes ?

  24. Whaaaa! I wandered and wandered and could not find Laudaree anywhere in Paris...wasn't trying that hard though, kept getting sidetracked by the Soldes in Les Halles.

    I did get to try macarons though from a patiseree in Lyon and MY GOODNESS they were scrumptious!

  25. Hah! I too often wonder about the people based upon their table remains. I guess it adds to the romanticism of the occasion.

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