Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Paris Tea Salon...

Laduree Tea

More tea, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Laduree rue Royale I spent my last Sunday in Paris with C. flaneur-ing (strolling around). We hit the Salon du Chocolat, the Musee Arts Decoratifs, and wandered up rue St. Honore window shopping, coming to 16, rue Royale. Laduree Macarons

We ordered a plate of petit macarons.
C. had his knife poised and was dividing them up into halfs.
I nearly lost it STOP! Arrete! In France, my ettiquette expert tells me, you NEVER cut up desserts for sharing (partager). You instead offer your guest the plate to choose the macaron nearest them!
If they prefer another, you TURN the plate.
Et voila!
Laduree Tea Menu Just a bit of the extensive tea menu.

Laduree Book It includes interviews with many French elite: their 1st encounter, their favorite desserts, their favorite salon, their favorite macaron flavor and their favorite gift box bla bla bla.

Laduree demise...

I always love to photograph the demise


  1. Good to know French are really selling Paris to me daily. I must try the Marie Antoinette tea.

  2. I'm a-swoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORIOUS!

  3. these photos are delicious like your watercoloring!

  4. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Oh, hey, I say sometimes you just have to throw etiquette out the freakin' window and try part of each!!! I'm with your friend! They looked luscious. Love this image.

  5. I have dreams of a Laduree macaroon...thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

  6. Anonymous3:12 PM

    loveitaly When in Rome as they say... Plus these little delights do not lend themselves to being divided up.
    They sqwush easily -> very delicate.
    You're not coming with me to Laduree :)

  7. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Dear Ladurée,
    I can't wait till May.
    I need a tray
    Of your delectable display.
    Nay, I can't wait till May.
    I need it today!

  8. Today I was in Nashville, Tn. in a french cafe and there they were!! Macarons! (Only the sign said Meringues...) I had to get one since you've shown them....I'll post about it tomorrow :)

  9. Demise? of the macarons? Or C! ahah! ;o)

  10. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Thank you Simon. I needed a laugh today. ;-)

  11. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Oh I can't wait till one day I can try an authentic french macaroon. Till then, I'll enjoy your stories and beautiful photos.

  12. anon yo are welcome.. I needed a laugh too! ;o)

  13. When do you have time to paint? I am amazed how much you do in Paris, the photos, the gathered information, time to share the beauty with a friend and PAINT!! How do ou do it?

    Everytime you post Laduree my mouth waters! Your paintings show how it is a slice of heaven on earth!

  14. Your posts with your delightful paintings and photos are a delight! I cant wait to visit Laduree one day
    those macarons are pretty pricey - bet they taste wonderful though!


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