Thursday, July 29, 2010


August will be "I Am Restraint" month regarding ice cream. Have you seen Tilda Swinton in I Am Love? Tilda is the absolute epidomy of restraint. Except when she dives into a plate of luscious shrimp and throws caution to the wind. (spoiler) Then all Hell breaks loose.
I could say the same thing happened in Maine when I dived into fried clams. And I'm someone who proudly proclaims I do not eat 'fried foods'. Oddly enough in the same movie, Tilda's gorgeous son, Flavio Parenti, shows restraint when his sister (in London) offers him a lemon macaron. He refuses. Restraint gets him nowhere in this case, but I don't want to give it all away. I have no problem showing restraint with macarons in Paris.After all they're everywhere, even if some flavors are seasonal. I have an impulsive nature. I like to dive in to a painting headfirst and anything. I look for the waterwings later. This is not a good idea (re:lessons learned in Maine), so I'm showing you thumbnails first.

Tea Time, watercolor, 9" x 11"
The painting tends to come out oh so much better when you do a few test runs, like anything else...
Showing restraint in Paris with macarons is fine, unless you fall in love with the box. Better grab it. It won't be there next trip, I can assure you. As one whose middle name is Instant Gratification, this is a disastre.
During my time in Maine, I broke down and read, or rather listened to the audio of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. I admit I liked it. I especially liked main character, Lizbeth Salander's insistance on thinking about future consequences before making any decision. Impulsive, she was not.
Which brings me back to my eternal battle with ice cream.
That's what this is all about after all.
I henceforth declare that I will show great restraint when faced with a dixie cup of Edy's Slow Churned Coffee ice cream in August.
They say if you make your resolutions outloud to others, you'll have better luck with them.ADIEU EDY'S!


  1. Dear Carol, you always make me laugh!
    Listen girl, life is too short, extremely short! Enjoy every bite of it and then exercise!
    I am crazy about food as well and just wrote a post on Italian gelatto 2 days ago. We must be going insane due to the summer heat!
    take care!

  2. I say throw restraint out the damn window--this is not a dress rehearsal. Life is meant for slow-churned ice cream treats. (she says with a smile on her face)

    Lovely thumbnails and watercolors comme toujours, m'lle.

  3. Speaking of Macarons - I recently ordered, in an effort to recapture a Parisian moment, for a friends birthday from Sucre in New Orleans - have you tasted their goodies? Just curious your opinion. It has been a year since a Laudree macaron passed my lips and I fear I have forgotten what they RELLY taste like. Since you've had the chance more recently, I was hoping for your opinion!


  4. When you return from France, you must try Edy's "French Silk" flavor.... :) Ice cream is the one thing I forego while in France, except for Café Liegois.... And as a partial Mainiac, do try the Lobster Rolls at "Lukes," when you get to NYC - they can make you feel like you're in a real Maine coast seashore shack. I'm getting excited too as we return to Paris in less than a week too.... Thank you for your breakfast colors. A bientot, Michael

  5. Carolyn11:05 AM

    Your blog is absolutely FAB!! Sit on the edge of my seat always
    awaiting the next post!! Your pics (photos and watercolors) are as scrumptious as the food they highlight ... also LOVE your
    commentary ... and your, well, how do I say this ...
    'comfortableness' ... your blog is just so darn 'comfortable' ...
    makes me feel like I am seeing Paris (and Maine ... and London ... and wherever) ... just the way I would want to see it!! I often log into your blog and page thru the archives to relieve the stress of everyday life ... I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want you to know
    that your blog actually makes a difference ... someday I will visit Paris ... and when I do ... I'm sure I will find myself paging through your archives to aid me in my itinerary!!

    I am ready to run to LUKE'S TODAY!!
    I need lobster rolls to keep me off the ice cream..
    The pool FIRST!

  7. You are so very creative: I would NEVER have thought to write a sentence containing the words "restraint" and "ice cream"! Such a thing is not to be undertaken lightly.
    However, perhaps the thumbnails are a good idea; trouble is, by the time the thumbnail is finished, I'm out of time and off to the next thing. Perhaps that will change now....

  8. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I've had a question for quite a 'big' are the macarons that you show in your pictures? I've never seen one in real life.......

    I'm guessing about 1 1/4" in diameter --which would make the plate in today's photo about 5" in I in the right ball park?

  9. You are not alone, I too am impulsive & seem to fight it at every turn. When it comes to sweets I try to refrain as one bite does me in & it's hard to stop. My children love ice cream as well. Comes from having grandparents that were always offering them a huge bowl every time they'd visit.So many flavors so little time Carol! Have a lovely Friday filled with much inspiration.

    x deb

  10. Carolg:

    I just gained five pounds looking at your fab photo. And I am not showing much restraint, because I am suppose to be downtown in a short while.
    Ta Da.

    Lovely watercolor,


  11. If I had the ability to get to a store easily, I'd have eaten gallons of ice cream this summer!
    I hope that August cools down a bit.
    I love that chrome bull (or cow) :)

  12. M. in Paris2:11 PM

    en tout cas, ton imagination n'est pas restreinte chère Carol !Amicalement

  13. Justine2:28 PM

    Diana Vreeland said:
    "Elegance is refusal"
    But what does that mean?
    Abstention is elegant?
    Bread(no-white) and water it is.
    You have exactly 72 hours to stuff yourself to oblivion with ice cream

  14. Anonymouse, regarding to the size of macarons-
    They tend to be 1 1/2" to 2"
    Anything larger becomes an 'individual' macaron of about 3+ inches.
    Don't forget to take into account DOF(depth of field) when the camera shoots a still life that changes real life proportions.
    I suppose you're dreaming of super large macs...
    That is not correct. They are a 1-2 bite cookie at most and thank goodness for that!

  15. I love a little ice cream or gelato after dinner. I feel content, and satisfied, and wont eat again till breakfast. Love your watercolor :-)

  16. I had to laugh when I saw the title. Oh rahllly, I thought?

    yes, saw the film...problems but enjoyed the visuals & the conceit...

    love the book, getting ready to read second...

    restraint? ah, well, I am restrained unwillingly lately.

    Hope that will be over by the time you are in DC for the show. Have to show you that not everyone in DC is overly-restrained (except in their mean-ness).

    GG & I say: hi.


  17. Ahaaaaa Carol,
    'Lizbeth has seduced you, also.
    I was in Borders last night, and saw again the stacks of "Girl" books.
    I said to my friend, who is on #2, "I want more of Salander; I miss her." I could not get much done as I zipped through all 3 books, and we saw both movies; 2nd not as thorough
    as the first.
    BUT: two different mediums.
    Good "Values" lesson today.

  18. I am a daily recipient of your wonderful Paris Breakfasts and a true and longtime lover of Paris, if not all things French.
    Loved seeing/reading about your Maine visit, too and always LOVE when Bear is included!!!

  19. Yes Carole - I saw "I am Love" and what happened in the end?? I'm still wondering - I even stayed and watched the credits, as you said. I loved her Antonio -the chef- he could cook for me any-day.
    Dianne xx

  20. I'm not sure what to rave over more, the idea of deliciously cold coffee ice cream in this excruciating heat, Tilda's gorgeous hermes bag and ethereal white gown or the silver spoon cow!!

    btw interesting discovery about macaroons in singapore, I was only able to find them at one place despite my hunt, they came in the cutest box and were the creamiest, most flavourful macarons i have ever tasted!! Blasphemous talk in front of laduree macs i know but they were seriously good. Me thinks we may have to undertake a world tour to continue our extensive research on macarons!!
    I took pictures which i will send to you soon!!

  21. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Thanks for your answer to my macaron question!

    I think it's cute that you called me Anonymouse.

    Makes me feel very tiny.....

  22. Sorry Carol. But I'm not the one to help you show restraint when it comes to sweets! I think August is a good month for ice cream indulgence! ; )

  23. You can do it, Carol G! I haven't had a pastry in 11 days! Seriously!

    Now, Mr. Flavio, on the other hand, it might be harder to exercise restraint there...

  24. Restraint...I need more of that!!!!

  25. NED H.6:02 AM

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Am Mr.Ned H. and i would like to make an order of CHOCOLATE from you and would like to know the types and sizes you have in stock as well as the prices and the types of credit cards that you take for payment.Thank you and waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.


  26. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Ned H-

    This is where you can buy macarons and they will be shipped to you anywhere!

  27. Throw caution and restraint to the wind and get yourself over to Trader Joes. Their Coffee Bean Blast ice cream is out of this world! I am wolfing it down as I type.


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