Friday, July 30, 2010

Birds of Paris

Birds of Paris, birds of London, birds of New York and possibly India(?) are raising a ruckus right now in my studio, though I can't think why? The AC is on high and no one is going hungry... Birds in London are upside down in the Underground at South Kensington station. Don't ask me why. I had nothing to do with it. Olha took me along to the Royal Academy Summer show and we started bird watching - there were many onsite. That started it.
Everafter I saw birds everywhere and wanting to bring them home, like this appropriately named plaster of Paris number on sale at Comptoir de Famille.

No way was I bringing home these French homing pidgeons or love birds or doves or whatever the hell they were...On the other hand this silver charmer at the same restaurant was begging to be set free. Sadly he/she would have been missed if I'd rescued him/her for future portraits...
A Frenchie humming bird spotted in Paris minus binoculars - I didn't see many real birds at all in Paris come to think of it. have you?
I did buy the matching cup and saucer to this lovebird teapot, but I left it behind at French Girls'.

This metal bird was just the right size and shape, but he/she was firmly attached to a metal tray. No amount of twisting was going to change that...

I loved everything in the toy exhibit at the Musee Arts Decoratif. I cannot reccommend this exhibit enough - you'll have a ball. And if you should see a burley museum assistant carrying a very large blown-up bear, please tell him I regret not taking his picture in the stairwell. ALWAYS have your camera ready! Lesson learned.
Voila! Thumbnails for the day of M. Rusty formerly of Petersham Nurseries but of French origins.
M. Rusty takes a bird bath, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Tea in the afternoon in London, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Well it appears the newest bird on the block, Mistress Henny (an American breed) has taken charge and is now top bird of the flock. The others are acquiescent and have settled down after just a few peeps of annoyance...


  1. Where are the Piu Piu birds?

  2. Carolg

    Shame I have to dash out, will have to come back and look again and see all the links you provided.

    Your watercolors are exquisite my dear blogger friend. You made your menagerie of birdie collection look awesome, love that ornate silver mirror on that tropical mural in the restaurant. Love the tea set you left behind.....
    No birds in Paris? Interesting really , maybe they are selling them in cages, pretty doves, but doesn't NY have way more doves and pigeons flying over head? don't look up, a joke. Lovely post. Really nice photographs to look at.
    anyway,have a wonderful week end.

  3. Paris has many birds if you get out of the center.
    my favorite is the Merle - the blackbird singing in the dead of night from the beatles' song. thsy have quite a variety of sounds and start singing around 4 am. each pair has about an 8 block square territory and they circle
    together all around it all day. that i learned visiting a friend's place at the top of a cliff in menilmontant. you should go up there next trip. also visit the park de bellville. and there are no live hummers in europe. they inhabit only the americas. happy bird watchig!

    so enjoy the blog! love,

  4. GG is chirping, trying to lure les oiseaux her way (behind me in the window...i do not pretend that she's reading the blog, tho' occasionally she looks at it while lap sitting). These are adorable. But didn't you buy a metal bird last time in Paris? I thought he was separated from his perch...maybe it was wishful thinking.

    ciao, C.

  5. Dear Katy,
    you are right of I remember staring at a 'merle' on rue de Buci..
    I forgot. They are huge.
    I will go hunting for birds next trip instead of macarons!

  6. I never saw any birds in Paris, must have used sticky paint to keep them away.
    All the pigeans in London Trafalgar square had to be culled as they were full of everything that would make us ill and they always used to land on you but they were famous them. To get a photo was prized.
    They now call them flying rats, l have lots come in my garden and because l feed the little birds l can't get rid of them and they sit on the top of my window cooing. The white ones in Pais are beautiful.
    I have a water feature and yesterday there was ten young sparrows having a bath in it but what amused me was that they had a bath in turn, one after another.

    Will try and get a picture for you. Have you ever heard the song A nightingale sang in Berkley Square' its beautiful even though it was wrote for the 2nd world war.
    Jill xx

  7. Very, very cute photos, Carol - very creative arrangement.
    The watercolors are great, too!

  8. My bird experience of the day.
    Driving through Fairmount Park this morning, along with many rushing commuters, and suddenly the 3 cars in front of me hit their brakes.
    Because; they did not want to hit the perfect line of about 20 geese, meandering from one side of the four lane drive to the other. All four lanes waited 'til they were safely on their way...
    to work, or whatever geese do at that early hour.

  9. How do you tweet with a French accent? Toui?

  10. OMG ... one of my favorite posts ever ..... love the birds ... so nice ... thanks as always ... for bringing a smile to my face.

  11. What a wonderful, fun post!

  12. I love birds. The hummingbird is probably my favorite. I love your watercolors, as usual :-)

  13. I love birds too and I have to try hard to resist from buying every cute bird ornament I see. I love your paintings. I wonder if I could do a lesson on your style with my class of year fives( obviously they wouldn't be a patch on yours but they are so eager to learn).Any tips?

  14. Charming birdies, one and all. I found a watercolor artist whom I've always loved and one of his bird books--you'd love it...xo

    have a good weekend!

  15. Yes, Carol, Paris does have birds. On my 23rd birthday, many, many years ago, a bird shit on my head while I was having tea at a cafe in the Tuilleries.
    A very memorable experience!

  16. How funny Carol! Just the other day in a whimsical mood I bought a trio of cast iron ormamental birdies (yes, they could each fit happily in a tea cup) and mentally named them after our own three little girls. Then I promptly told my hubby that I now choose to collect teacups (tea paraphenalia (sp?)), Eiffel towers, and Birds (the decorative variety please). He looked up briefly from his work and said, "uh, okay." Your post confirms that this collection will prove adorable.

  17. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Hello Carol,

    I love your blog! I also love Kremer watercolor which uses your medium. I want to use your medium and make watercolor paint myself. Can I just use your medium to mix with the pigment and fill a pan directly? Or it is not that simple. Anyway, I love your creation.


  18. your watercolours are gorgeous!

  19. Love your watercolors on this post....fabulous!

  20. Lovely photos and watercolours

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  22. Anonymous, I've gone back to Winsor & Newton and just use a few occasional KP pans so it's up to you. But it is just a matter of a palette knife + a plate + some pans to make paint.
    Oh and distilled water for mixing a paste first.
    There is something on the blog somewhere I think...
    Bon chance

  23. Sarabeth2:29 PM

    I am so in love with your artwork...what I wouldn't give to paint like you!!
    I was wondering if you were going to repaint any of the things that have previously sold? The ones I really love are gone...sigh.
    I look forward to your blog daily.

  24. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Thank you, Carol, I found it. It is in April 2006 blog. I will give it a try.

  25. I love your thumbnail!
    Chirp Chirp

  26. What is your secret to success with all the followers on your blog? Obviously your paintings are fabulous. I love them all! But I marvel at all the comments you always get with your daily postings. Just wondered if you would share your secret to success. It’s considered the “tribe” approach I believe.

    Otherwise, I know you are a busy lady... keep on blogging.

  27. I just found you and will need LOTS of time to explore... LOVE what I see... The tea set you left behind, do you have the name of it??? I would LOVE to scout it out, you have created a NEED here!!! Would love to have you peek in on me, I'm new and could use some followers... Hope to see you soon, Donna

  28. If you're ever in the Greater Boston area, you need to check out Nesting on Main in Concord.

    You will have a blast.

  29. The birds are a charm and your watercolors exquisite!
    Bird bath, yeah! :-)))


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