Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bear Misses Paris...

Bear of late, has let it be known that New York is not all it's cracked up to be. Bear misses Paris like crazy.
Where are the petit dej' at Angelina, Bear keeps asking?
More to come this Friday.

Bear has not poured over a single elegant menu since setting foot on New York shores and is missing the process terriblement. Normally neither a coffee drinker nor a wino, Bear got used to going to Paris bistros... Bear browsing became a habit and is much missed in NYC... Although Bear had serious reservations about this artwork at Art-Paris, it was nice to be represented. More to come on Art-Paris soon... Playing at 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' became a fav pastime in Paris. i.e. testing various chairs out for comfort and ease, like at Art-Paris... Bear loved the IKEA sofas in the Paris Metro. Lucky they were nailed down securely - very tempting indeed. The best chair of all was at the Paris Ritz Hotel, while Bear waited for macaron class to begin. In fact Bear is fancying himself a wannabe Paris Ritz bell boy.Not only is the location on rue Cambon near Chanel and D&G, but Fauchon is just a skip away.
As a Ritz bell boy, Bear could have a FAB$$$ apero by Colin Field in The Bar Hemingway just to the right of the front door.
Plus Bear could get an instant shot of inspiration for the Great Paris Novel he's thinking of writing. Though born and bred in Paris, Bear has Russian ancestors. What bear doesn't? Where are the Russkie buskers in the New York subway Bear asks? Nary a single macaron has passed Bear's lips since arrival in NYC. c'est triste non?
Bear would like to change places with this blue bear.
"How soon are we going back?" Bear keeps asking.


  1. Justine7:24 AM

    Someone got awfully used to the Good Life and wants to PUT ON THE RITZ!
    Bear you ROCK!
    come back to Paris soon!!

  2. Awww, pauvre ourson! He is homesick for Paris, poor thing! We all hope that le petit ourson can return again soon. In the meantime, I hope he can "bloom where he is planted." New York is a fabulous city in its own right! I hope he can make some new friends and find some new snacks he enjoys there, too. :)

    Best wishes, Bear.
    (an alien parisienne)

  3. Poor bear, he should consider moving back to Paris and taking Carol along!
    And if you have space in your petite apartment over there, I will come, too!

  4. Bear when are you coming down under to Australia ?

  5. Bear formerly of Paris8:00 AM

    Dear Karyn,
    Bear is laughing himself silly.
    though he does LOVE Australian food
    And Aussies are the BEST!
    Yrs truly,
    Bear in NYC

  6. Always loved this clip of Fred--no one else like him. This number is just classic. Bear is in denial, I think.

  7. I am so understanding Bear! Aww...Maybe you can take Bear to the Easter Bonnet Parade for some fun? Ok not the same as Paris! lol Grace

  8. Irene and Nicole in Paris9:33 AM

    As daily reader of your Paris breakfast blog which I enjoy very much. My daughter and I are currently in Paris which we do every year.
    Yesterday we went to YSL exhibit which was great. Then I went and
    bought those gloves you had on your blog from Louis Vittion love them.

    Irene and Nicole in Paris

  9. Sophia9:47 AM

    ….homesick for Paris, are you Bear?
    That’s how I feel all year long!

  10. Carol, why not move to Paris? If I had discovered Paris ten years ago instead of my daughter's junior year of college, I would have moved there so fast and been a psychoanalyste to all the ex-pats who speak anglais. I know exactly how you feel--nothing is more painful than coming back from Paris!
    I adore Paris.

  11. I'm with very much to miss about Paris. I just got home and am going back in 6 weeks but that does not seem soon enough. Love my visits here to get a glimpse of Paris!


  12. Bear might enjoy visiting Berkeley, home of Cal's Oski -- "Our sturdy Golden Bear..."! The town's Gourmet Gulch, including legendary Chez Panisse, would make a pleasant change of pace for our ursine pal and his agent.

  13. Sue in New England2:43 PM

    I love reading your blog. Can you suggest a place to stay on Rue Bonaparte?


  14. Rachelle2:44 PM

    J'adore BEAR!!!

  15. from one who has not been to Paris in a year, not much sympathy can be mustered for Bear! So glad Bear can now learn about NY and count the days till he can go home again!

  16. Thanks for the much needed smackdown.
    Moaning and whining gets you nowhere and I needed the smack of realite badly.
    Most kind regards,
    Bear (in New York for the moment)

    Peut-etre it's the Jet lag?

  17. French Annie5:02 PM

    Pauvre petty ourson, moi aussi Paris me manque beaucoup .

    I wonder if I should write to you in English or in French, being French living in Ct. I love reading all about Paris, my family comes from there , but as for me I was born in Saumur.
    Such a pleasure it is reading your blog.


  18. Bear is a Hemingway fan!!
    Thank you, thank you :)

  19. Every time I'm drunk I tell people I'm NORMALLY not a wino. So I'm on to Bear and his little tricks.

  20. Oh, Bear,
    you make my all misty-eyed for Paris,
    and I haven't even been there yet! Ever. Never.
    Yours truly,
    Sir Maxie

  21. First time to your blog and you made me smile alot! I can just see wandering around Paris with Bear, lovely image.

  22. Sorry, forgot to say that I love your etsy store too, what a great idea your customised pictures are!

  23. Robyn in NYC6:31 AM

    I'm also a great lover of Poilane bread and I remember reading somewhere in the New York Times there was a bakery in NY, perhaps in the West Village, that sells and/or bakes Poilane bread. Have you heard anything about such a bakery? I also love those wonderful French macaroons, who doesn't? I saw in the paper today that there will be a demonstration of baking macaroons at Macy's in the cooking department on April 20. I'll try to get there.

    I just love Parisbreakfast and I look forward to reading it all. And your art is just gorgeous.
    I'm a dog lover too.

  24. I love your daily posts!
    Love that Max the bear shows up everywhere and keeps us updated
    on the best that Paris has to offer.

    Just wanted to say thank you! I have passed your site on to everyone I know who loves

  25. I miss Paris like crazy.too :(
    I love reading all about Paris your
    story and bear.

  26. And, Anne misses NYC!!!!!!

  27. Uh-oh! What did Papa Hemingway do to have his fingerprints taken?

  28. And Paris misses Bear !
    J'espère vraiment le voir en vrai lors de ta prochaine visite...
    Désolée pour cette fois (je te dois des macarons!) mais je continue de dévorer le récit de tes aventures sur PB et j'adore ça ;)


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