Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Paris Petit Dejeuner Boulangerie Paul

Melissa asked me, would I please visit a boulangerie chain this trip. Since it was right across the street from my hotel, I had petit dejeuner there.
*Note the petit dejeuner is called "Le Parisien"That's meant especially for ParisBreakfasts readers. I do have a problem with the French insisting on calling Danish pastries, "Viennoiseries"
A demo tray in the entry so you know what your getting.

I ordered "Le Continental"
When C. emailed me in Paris requesting to bring her back boxes of French chocolate, my immediate thought was I can't.
My bags are filled with what Marcel Proust calls Remembrances of Things Past..True, I do bring back empty chocolate boxes, but that's for still life usage.Paris petit Dejeuner, watercolor, 9" x 11 "

Many cafes no longer put their brands on glasses etc, so their tableware won't end up on your table...hmmm
The dining room...

I love old graphics and typography. As if we needed any enticement to enter.*repost from April, '07


  1. we always eat at Paul when staying in Paris. There are only two locations that serve the complete menu, the one on Rue de Seine and Buci and the one on Haussmann.

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  3. Vanesa9:04 AM

    Please keep with your blog.

    You paint my dreams.


  4. Your paintings are so ethereal here, Carol--I like the tinges of yellow here--you just hint at that warmth--they're lovely!!

  5. Barbara in the Mojave9:38 AM

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful watercolor.

    You aren't thinking of giving up your blog ???
    (Vanesa knows something I don't ????)

    What would we do without you.

    Barbara (still in the Mojave)

  6. your watercolors are so exceptional. i discovered your perfect blog only a couple of weeks ago while planning my oct. visit to paris. i have been so many times ( paris is paradise in it's ways) but you have helped greatly. merci!

  7. I have fond memories of eating with friends at PAUL. I will have to show you a funny photo taken there, Carol. Wonderful paintings, as usual!

  8. old graphics and typography
    And such a pretty post!

  9. I love to visit PAUL when I am in Paris so this post brings back happy memories of breakfasts in Paris.....merci, Carol.

  10. Bonjour
    re: croissants called Viennoiserie en France - I have also lived in Vienna a few years and I have heard that the croissant is in fact derived from the battle of Vienna and the crescent on the Turkish flag.

    According to the font of all knowledge on the www, Wikipedia says: (see bottom of page)

    Several culinary legends are related to the Battle of Vienna:

    * One legend is that the croissant was invented in Vienna, either in 1683 or in an earlier siege in 1529, to celebrate the defeat of the Turkish siege of the city, as a reference to the crescents on the Turkish flags. This version is supported by the fact that croissants in French Language are referred to as Viennoiserie and the French popular belief that Vienna born Marie Antoinette introduced the pastry to France in 1770

    On delving further into my Croissant investigations:

    Bon appetit!

    PS am loving the boulangerie series, finally baguettes etc!

  11. Vanessa from Espana12:19 PM

    I'm a big fan of your blog, keep with it because I love it and I love Paris - its my favorite city.
    whenever I have the opportunity I go there.

  12. I love their packaging -with my name on it!
    Great photos as always!

  13. Funny - I'd be much more tempted by nameless flatware than some with a restaurant's name on it! Your paintings are exquisite!!!

  14. Madeline11:05 PM

    I have loved all of your photographs and recommendations.

    However, When it comes to Boulangerie Paul- I have to say I thought it was the worst. The bread was soft and cottony - French Wonder Bread.
    Just a big commercial operation with about as much character
    as Starbucks.

    And to think they did away with what was once a great outdoor market where
    I could sit and have my coffee and watch the vendors selling beautiful fruits
    and vegetables every morning. And now in its place is Paul's.

  15. Elizabeth11:06 PM

    Maybe you might consider focusing PB on non-food items, occasionally? I loved the street scenes, the metro, the Paris Walk style, fashion, doggies, too. Plus the macarons, of course!

  16. After careful consideration, we at have elected to give your blog an award for providing one of the best Europe-related blogs out there. You have emerged in 3rd place for this category.

    We feel your blog is an excellent example of what a blog should be and trust that you feel proud in this respect. We congratulate you on your achievement. It is a sign that you are in the top echelons of the blogosphere

  17. I feel compelled to write to you and tell you that I "cannot live" without taking a peek at your blog every morning.

    Almost all of your snapshots evoke some sort of memory or feeling for me. From happiness, to hunger, to a bit of melancholy, and a lot of joy in between.

    I visited France in 2007 and fell in love.I really enjoy your blog, I dread the idea of you taking a long hiatus as I would surely go into withdrawal. ;-)

  18. Thank you Carol for making me smile every morning.

  19. As always another charming watercolor. I will put Paul's on my list of places to eat while in Paris.

  20. Now is this Paul one in the same with a chain in London that I only know of because I have stumbled upon it in my research for our trip to London in a month? If so, I will finally have a macaron for the first time. see, with all your seductive macaron shots I am now on a mission to have my first macaron experience. and it may be in Paul's in London!

  21. Oh I love Paul.. I eat their Pistachio Macarons all the time.. I'm talking 2-3 pieces A DAY while in Paris..

    How do french ppl stay thin with all these good resturants and food around?! LOL

    Very well done work of art!

  22. Personally, I have mixed feeling about Paul, again a chain, but I agree, they "behave" quite well and their shops are mostly well respecting the surrounding and original architecture.

    I had also an answer about "viennoiseries", but it's already given above!

    For the Danish part, I think they are copies of the Danish "wienerbröd" (can't write the danish combined o/ letter), which as you can see also - again -refers to Vienna.

  23. oh yeah, it's the same chain in London as in Paris. Macaroons are divine, not so sure about their coffee... The portable Paul at Tuileries garden I spotted last month in Paris really cracked me up

  24. Lovely painting and lovely blog! Just discovered you via annechovie...glad I did!

  25. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Carol, Thank you. I admire your watercolors and your deep sense of capturing the essence of Paris. You inspired me to paint again.


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