Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Paris window chaise,watercolor, 5.5" x 7.5"
Another Paris night walk since you enjoyed yesterdays post so much adn I am still busy now with the Jack Russells... There's nothing like strolling around Paris at night... You have all the windows to yourself... And you can redecorate entirely to your heart's content - like this inviting chair in a rare bookshop window.. Oh those trecherous, unending circular staircases in Paris! I'll take a mini model instead S.V.P. Bouquets of everlasting coral - perfection! Parisien children's shops at night are full of stories - a sad child neglected by teddy parents...dommage A little snack for your night time journey..? A few cerises peut-etre? Crunch...crunch At last! Bisquits...quelle dommage - made of porcelaine=no calories! My walk from the Right bank over to the Left bank. Que Voltaire is particularly good for enticing antique boutiques for the vicarious shopper.


  1. The "bisguits" shot is very creative....sometimes shooting around those iron gates can be frustrating! Great shots as usual.

  2. I feel a strange longing for France right now. Beautiful photos!

  3. Love the wing-back chair--some people think they're not comfortable, but I like that you can rest your head against the side part there and take a little nap! Pretty chair painting,Carol.

  4. so enjoyed the walk...and those chairs...wouldn't mind a couple for my personal space :)

  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    If I had one of those lovely pink chairs in the first picture I would be SUCH a happy girl.

  6. I love walking around cities at night (although I tend to do it in New York much more often than in Paris!). I agree, it feels like everything is yours, plus I like the voyeuristic past time of looking in people's apartments!

  7. That wing chair's owner must do a lot of reading: the original leather cushion has been replaced by a velvety one! ;-)

    Good night, Paris moon,
    I'll wish you a china macaron dreams!

  8. Paris night is perfect to shoot windows!!!!

  9. Love the painting and the porceline biscuit!!
    You take great night shots.

  10. Night Walker3:13 PM

    Keep up the Paris nights!
    Love it

  11. Streetwalker3:13 PM

    I LOVE walking in Paris...sigh

  12. Dog Walker3:14 PM

    No dogs today?
    What's up with that?

  13. How fun to walk around. Thanks for taking us along!

  14. Ooh. I love all your photos. Your watercolor talent is amazing.

  15. lovely watercolor! great night shots. Paris is soooo lovely after dark!!!

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  17. Adoro seu blog!
    Passo sempre aqui e hoje amei as caderinhas.
    Bjs, Ana

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  19. Keeping a link to this map. It looks like a wonderful place for a stroll.


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