Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paris at Night...

Last night...(well a couple of months ago...) Was my LAST NIGHT... IN PARIS! So when friends called and invited me over for a Pierre Herme macaron, you know I got out of my jamies and ran out the door... Across the Pont de L'Alma...
With a last look at the Bateaux Mouches (I never got to take...ahem)
Of course I got lost trying to find the #72 bus (since I didn't follow directions...ahem) But in the pursuit of macarons you can always find your way in Paris.
Later at midnight, waiting again for the #72 bus to head home (to pack...ahem)
Don't you know the Eiffel Tower lite up...
Especially for me!
Ahhhhh... back across the bridge.
Past rue de Monttessuy a last time...
Wondering a last time if I should have bought this silly souvenir....
Can you ever get enough of the Tour Eiffel or Paris macarons?


  1. Cynthia9:47 AM

    ahhh more Paris by em.

  2. Love your photo tours ...

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    beautiful captures of the night life...yep, you should have bought it but, you will return and you can buy it next round :)

  4. Love the night pics and I hope that you get to go back soon!

  5. I love the cafés at night...mostly just to wander the banks of the river and see who's out...a long reader deep in a book, a romantic couple huddled over a café table...

  6. Well, hello beautiful Paris! Another magnificent soiree...

  7. I'm never tired of macarons!

  8. Beautiful pictures and colours. The one that showed Rue de Monttessuy with the effiel tower at the end of the road, it looks like its coming to walk down the road, great picture.
    Jill xxx

  9. Your delight in all things Paris is my delight!


  10. welcome home. i have been so happy to get your posts! thank you for
    bringing the prettiest city in the world into my mind. i return to paris in october. i too keep going back as it is the only place i
    love to roam.
    always, pal

  11. Carol, yes, yes, you should have bought the crystal Eiffel Tower! My husband proposed to me at the top of the Eiffel Tower and when we decended, we bought one...and it was the topper for our wedding cake later! Your blog post today brings back memories...


  12. Richard4:26 PM

    When my wife Yve returned from France visiting friend Christine from Paris, they found Les Chocolats Yves Thuries in Perignan and said he has the best macaroons, in fact I was presented with a small package of the most tasty bite sized samples. While I know this is quite far from Paris perhaps you might like to see if he sells them in Paris. 04 68 63 48 67 he is at 8 rue Voltaire 66000 and Siret 51126927600016 listed on his bus card

    Also suggested near Paris for macaroons, I hope you find these of interest. And please more window shopping. I really enjoy the views and hope you can return to Paris very soon.
    All the best

  13. Merci, mille fois!


  14. Hello Carol,
    I wanted to thank you for all these lovely memories of sights of Paris.
    I have had the pleasure of going to France with family for over 30 years and with many pit stops in Paris.
    But now as an adult enjoy going there with friends.
    A few years ago I took my best pal for her first visit and we loved it.
    This Sept am going to meet 2 other best pals coming in from SF for their first visit to Paris and then we venture down to the south.

  15. Where is Cafe Montorgueil? Is it on Avenue Montaigne, opposite Theatre Champs Elysees?

    I have a small, silly Tour Eiffel in clear plastic that lights up and blinks in four colors. Very tasteful.


  16. 'm in london and made a special trip to laduree in Harrods. I wanted to take a bunch of photos of the interior spaces but was immediately tsk tsked away by a security guard wagging his finger at me. And for some reason, I thought of you!

    Now I'm sitting in starbucks instead of laduree. It's packed....and cheaper!

    Btw that hotel, Caron de Beaumarchais, is wonderful and very reasonable. I prefer the 6th, but the marais is a nice change of pace.


  17. hi - love your blog and loved the Paris window chaise. happy to see a picture sans dogs and people (although i love dogs). more !!!
    a bientot - nancy

  18. I so love Paris at night...or in the morning...or in the afternoon...or in the rain...or in the sunshine. Well you get my train of thoughts. Great pictures.

  19. In response to your last question..NO! :-) Merci pour les photos :-)


  20. Fun, Carol--you got some wonderful night shots. One of these days, you'll have to take the bateau mouche. You can pretend you're Audrey Hepburn in Charade. (Well, that's what I did.)

  21. beautiful captures of the night in Paris. I love Paris... you just can't get enough of it.


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