Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chat Parisien

Not Parisien, but from Demel, though surely very Parisien style.

I have yet to see any Parisien carry around a cat in a bag on the Metro. Plenty of dogs, but no cats.

Debauve et Gallais Chocolat This cat tea pot was in the window of what else? A Paris chocolate shop, Debauve & Gallais, perhaps the oldest chocolate shop in Paris.
Palais Royale Chat A real Parisien chat, sitting outside guarding a shop at the Place du Palais-Royal - a guard cat.
Another "guard" cat spotted and photographed by Keith & Stephanie Carter on rue Bonaparte..

Keith & Stephanie sent me this shot of a running chat at Pere Lachaise. BIG MERCI!Laduree cats and dogs These cats and dogs sit in windows. Langues de chat(cat's tongue bisquits) for the cats. What's in the 'French' Bulldog box?

Salon du Chocolat catA chocolate "Egyptian" cat at the Paris Salon du Chocolat...

Salon du Chocolat ChatsMore chocolate cats at the show. Is that a white whale with a volley ball attached?! Anyone have a clue what these cats are up to?Galler ChocolatLastly you have to include un souris (a mouse) from the Salon. Wait this is a famous fat cat created by Belgian artist, Philippe Geluck in collaboration with Chocolat Galler.


  1. We saw them at Chat Bleu!

  2. Christiane9:32 AM

    You know, you have such a good eye!!!

  3. Melanie9:33 AM

    Happy Bastille Day Carol!

  4. Elaine9:34 AM

    Love the colors.

  5. Love the fat cat and love your fabulous watercolor, Carol. Charmante!

  6. Jennifer M-S9:51 AM

    Love the cat tea pot!

  7. A friend of mine has the same Ladurée cat bag and she uses it a lot to go shopping!!!!!!!

  8. As a Cat Lover, I adore your blog today ... and chocolate and tea pots ... I might have to look those shops up ...

  9. love the cat bent on today's post...lovely captures as always ^,,^

  10. I am not a huge cat fan but your pictures make them irresistible! Happy Bastille Day!

  11. Stephanie2:48 PM

    Have YOU ever tried carrying a cat around in a bag??? Good luck!


  12. When my budget recovers from our upcoming move, I might have to own the two kitties in front of Laduree.


  13. you've REALLY captured my heart with all these images today!

  14. Felice2:51 PM

    Used to take my Chat everywhere in Paris while living there years ago.
    Got very strange looks!
    Best wishes.

  15. wow..awesome cats..great details.

  16. This is beautiful! the cats are just awesome. i love the fur of the one on the right....!

  17. Oh I just cannot believe I've never clicked onto your blog before.
    It's wonderful, it really is!
    I've only ever been to Paris once and I still feel homesick for it to this day.
    Fortunately enough, I'm planning on studying French this year when I go to college so I may be lucky enough to have a good excuse to return soon!
    I'll be back for breakfast tomorrow!

  18. Oh yes, about cat-in-a-bag.

    La Julie the Redheaded Cat (resident feline) loves it & is totally cheesed off that I wouldn't take her out with me today. Honestly. She's Madeleine in cat form. If she is very, very good (& I can afford it) we're going to France/Italy next summer.

    Do you remember the story about Norton, the Cat Who Went to Paris...something like that. I grant you there aren't many Nortons & Julies...but there are some.

    Salut & ciao meow!


  19. Perfect post today!! How did you combine my 5 favourite things all in one post?? Cats, chocolate, Paris, bagssss and Ladurée!!
    Merci beaucoup for making me smile! :-D
    Although... now I WANT one of those bags!!! I have to get my *** to Paris soon!!

  20. Such great posts always Carol. How about "le chat dans le chapeau?" (sorry if my translation is all wrong - no time to look up right now - best intentions though).
    meow and bark xo

  21. I have yet to see any Parisien carry around a cat in a bag on the Metro or sitting at Laduree. Plenty of dogs but no cats! Have you?

    I'm convinced all the European cats are in Venice.

  22. Margaret6:39 PM

    Bonjour Carol,

    As a dog lover I have to point out that's not a "bull dog" in the photo today - it's a French Bull Dog - (separate breed) and they are very smart and charming, except like all bull dogs they snore.

  23. Only our sharp-eyed reporter can ferret out the cats in Paris!

  24. « Donner (to give) sa langue au chat » signifies to give up finding a good answer ... and hope that the cat will give it. Well, this has perhaps nothing to do with your post, but anyhow! :-)

  25. This is the best post ever....lovely

  26. My friend has 6 cats. I need valium just to visit :(

  27. Anonymous8:48 PM

    When we were in Paris in 2001 we were enchanted by the cat graffiti. I just found a wikipedia entry about him.


  28. Such a great post, I love, love the kitties....each and everyone
    do miss Paris in the summer time

  29. I remember another cat in Paris; a woman was walking along carrying a fat cat in her arms. She was walking across the bridge to Ile St. Louis, where I was sitting on a cafe terrasse. I think she lives on the Ile....


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