Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Patisserie Jean Millet 75007

An irresistable patisserie not far from where I stayed in May.
Jean Millet, original art, 9" x 12"Patisserie Jean Millet - 103, rue St. Dominque, 75007Do you know it? If you don't, you should!It's small but one of the best in Paris!I didn't know they were famous for their pain au chocolat.
I'll just have to return.
 They have croissants both big and mini.
Sable citron - miam - anything with lemon on it is a winner in my book.
 How convenient to have a cake named "Week-End" so you know what to bring on that trip as a presie.
These taste every bit as good as they look, I promise you.
I didn't know they have a chocolate factory on the premises - another reason to return.
You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner at Millet.
The nearest Metro is Ecole Militaire
Wouldn't it be nice to head over there right now.


  1. Oh là là! I know Rue St. Dominique très très bien et je l'adore. I also know this pâtisserie. Thanks for my little morning trip to Paris, Carol.

  2. The name itself already sounds like a chunk of butter.

    Beignet aux Abricots, thats different and very interesting to try.

  3. Ok, now I need one of those beignets aux abricots!!!!! I should go out.....

  4. This looks simply merveilleux. Of course the pastries look divine but I must say that those salads also look delicious.

  5. Oh yummy! Paris Breakfasts always come through just as I'm about to go sleep and I always end up craving a midnight snack when I see the patisserie pics! (drool). Alas, never happens, seulement dans mes reves...

  6. Love your blog - I am making shabby chic miniatures at the moment and will be making some croissant and other French pieces so this gives me lots of inspiration.

  7. I make crepes that look just like these. This place looks fabulous, Carol--I'd have eaten there for sure. You could find healthy, too! Excellent. Your painting is magnifique.

  8. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I'm directing a play about artist Jean Francois Millet. I wonder if they are related. Also, I made my first Gateau de Metz for Bastille Day and everyone at rehearsal loved it. There was not a crumb left.
    Cheers, Stephan

  9. Artistically-null12:51 PM

    Jean Millet, the painter of workers in the field...was he related?

  10. Marshmallow eater12:51 PM

    I wish they NEW YORK!

  11. You know, you are not helping me here. I stopped buying sweet things weeks ago as I just eat them and then I visit here and well - I NEED SUGAR!!!!

  12. I know this patisserie well. Yummy stuff but their prices tend to be on the high side. Of course, the whole Rue Saint-Dominique area has gone terribly upscale since my first visit 8 years ago. Thanks, Rick Steves. ;-(

  13. In Neuilly, where I lived, there was a man who took walks with his black cat draped across his shoulders around the back of his neck like a fur scarf.

    I saw a fellow in a brasserie in Nancy with a cat on his lap; they were both eating from the same plate.
    My cat never got outside except to go to the vet, which was walking distance away, so he didn't get to ride the Metro.

  14. Yummy crêpes! :D
    I love the heartshaped pricetags by the way, ils sont fabuleux!

  15. oh i'm definitely hungry and craving for really make me wanna go there =)
    one day in my life, really.i should visit paris, when i have enough money to go there.

  16. All looks so wonderful. Love the beignets! I didn't see this place when I was in Paris last year. But there are so many great ones around. Maybe that just means I have to go back? :)

  17. Your posts make me so hungry!

  18. I must have butter and!
    I'm so glad they fixed the glitch and I don't have to hit publish twice anymore!

  19. Le moelleux et les crèpes look so yummy !


  20. Hi i'm jean Millet's Grand son and i'm so glad you enjoyed your visit in our shop, we really work hard for u to be pleased , so u just made my day...
    to answer the name questions , we are not related to the painter even if we would love to, millet is quite a common name in france..
    For all the new yorkers looking for great croissant i advice u to go to petrossian near by columbus circle, their viennoiseries are a lot better than the average parisian ones

    thanks for ur lovely blog and ur great drawings

  21. Millet is round the corner from where is was born so I know the place very well.
    It is a "meilleur ouvrier de France" (the French "nobel prize" for chefs) i.e. one of the best pastry chef in France! He also trained some of the best people in the industry like Michel Roux Jr (Le Gavroche, Michelin Star London)

    Although the place looks like a basic neighbourhood bakery, you shouldn't think that it is just that. Croissant, pain au chocolat or moelleux are top notch but you should really go there for the complicated stuff and not the basic one! My personal favourite is their "blanc manger" for example but everything is great.

    You won't be disappointed, the place is as good as the greatest like Le Notre, Pierre Herme, Mulot ....

  22. I LOVE Patisserie Millet
    A well kept secret IMHO


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