Thursday, July 09, 2009

La Bonbonniere De Buci

When you rent someone else's place you find ways to feel at home. You set up little repeated patterns, that make the new place more familiar, more friendly. Patisserie Bonbonniere De Buci became my NBF.
I could not leave my doorway or return home without a peek into their window.
Every morning I wished them Bonjour and looked to see what new delicious cakes were on offer in the window.
And I was never disappointed.
The same thing at night...
La Bonbonniere De Buci stayed open late in the evenings.
Was it on my account - to say Bonsoir to me at night?
Bonbonniere De Buci went all out for Poissons d'Avril.
No other patisserie has so many luscious fish cakes that I noticed.
eclair And they have the BIGGEST eclair on the planet! Easily more than a foot long! Look out Fauchon. You have been usurped as Eclair King.
Their cakes were so enticing but I resisted. Well..mostly. I did eat on 3 different occasions one of their palmiers with my tea. Aren't palmiers irresistable? Even if they are the size of your face...ahem
I didn't know that their pastry chef, Pierre Marandon, is a Meilleur Ouvriers De France ! I didn't know they have a website till doing this post? Even though I took a gazillion admiring photos, they never scolded me or waved a warning finger through the window, like PAUL across the street....
I thought I'd introduce you to my new best friend,
La Bonbonniere De Buci Paris.

Next time you're in Paris, please drop by on 12, rue de Buci, 75006
and say Bonjour :)


  1. What a charming place to have as a neighbor! Those little fruit tartes would put me in danger of sleep walking in the night, they look so very tempting. I think, though, that the tarte chocolate would be the first one I would carry off, seven raspberries should be enough to make it count as fruite tarte, non? ;-)

  2. I just put on 10 pounds looking at all of this!!! I love the way Europeans make their desserts so appealing. If we by chance are able to go visit my relatives again this year I would love to visit these places.

  3. and with Amorino just down the street, Rue Buci offers many food choices!

  4. Carol
    I really enjoy your blog. It's clear that it's a LOT of work! It's really nice!

  5. Carol,
    You've found another Diva Favorite! For 5 years I went here almost 5 times a week - not only the pastries delicious, but their wheat baguette is divine!!
    Oh how I miss Paris!!! I'm planning a group antiquing trip in the fall and will be making plenty o' stops at this little shop!

  6. OMG--I'll take one of those top babies, Carol. That's my kind of decadence. I think I'd have had to create reasons to head back and forth to that place every day, if I was there. Thanks for the tour. Yum.

  7. Mmm...genial post ! It all looks SI delicious. And yes, I must admit that palmiers are completely irresistable !

  8. Thanks for today's message! We've stayed in that neighborhood several times and enjoyed this patisserie, too. The charcuterie on the same street is also very good. We leave on Monday for our trip to Marseille and Paris, taking the kids for the first time. A bientot!

  9. I love your blogs! We spend a lot of time in Paris renting apartments and indulging in the incredible "moveable feast" you so beautifully encapsulate. I just tried to visit the Patisserie Bonbonniere DeBuci site and found this:
    "Changement de propriétaire

    Le site n'est actuellement plus accessible"

    How sad! N'est pas?

    Thanks for the lovely emails!


  10. Boy that looks good! I'm glad that they made you feel at home.
    I could never finish that eclair :-)

  11. for sure, I need one of these delicious tarte feuilletée à la framboise. Well, everything looks so good...Great pics!

  12. A favorite shopping experince in Paris is Rue De Buci and the wonderful rotisiree chickens that we took to our apartment nearby. I want to go back so badly, and your site keeps me feeling like I am there again.
    Palmeda Day

  13. wow! i would gain 20lbs if i lived anywhere near someplace like that thank god for nj and their average pastries lol

  14. Anonymous1:32 AM

    and how is it that French women don't get fat?


  15. I rented an apartment across from Cacao et Chocolat in May and this too was my stomping ground. I loved La Bonbonierre de Buci and the deli next door that sold the poulet rôti. This post brought back memories of that trip! Thank you!

  16. Sophia5:31 AM

    Love this place! We buy a sandwich ton from the guy with the cart out front and then choose a patisserie for the road.

  17. Oooo I always meant to do that, but just browsed instead..

  18. This is one of the joys of reading blogs...discovering a new place! On every trip to Paris, I've eaten at Paul's on rue du Buci, never suspecting such a treasure lay just across the street! So, this September it's goodbye to the grumpy morning waitress at Paul's and hello all you lovely goodies at La Bonbonniere!

  19. Gosh darn it, thank you for introducing me to 5 more lbs! I'm going to have to visit this weekend's on my list now! Thanks!

  20. Your posts always make me want to run to the local patisserie! Are you still in Paris?

  21. What a lovely patisserie! The sweets look absolutely enticing!

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  23. I visited this patisserie last May while I was staying in an apartment on Rue de Seine (a block from the shop). It was fantastic! I had the most delicious apricot tarte. Your post brings me right back to my trip! I can't wait to visit again!


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