Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paris at Night

Pierre Herme pre-opening Tuesday morning I had a "private" visit to Pierre Herme on 185, rue Vaugirard to take as many pictures as I wanted from both sides of the counter.

Dusk in the Marais Later I decided on a late run to my photo shop in the 6th - camera problems. It was dusk in the Marais. Irresistable for marching around.Starbucks Paris I passed a Starbucks on rue des Archives and peeked in. It's hugely popular in Paris with the French to my surprise. They love the big loungie chairs and relaxed atmosphere.velib The banks of Velib bikes everywhere is a delight! These stations were empty during the strike/ greve last week. Next time I'll get a Navigo card so I can use one. I'll bone up on my biking skills too before I come again...Hotel de Ville I passed the glorious Hotel de Ville enroute to the left bank -always spectacular at night.crossing the Petit Pont Cross the Petit Pont...Notre Dame To where Notre Dame awaits...Notre Dame at night Awaits every tourist in Paris. Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist...Art galerie on rue de Petit PontA small art galerie on rue de Petit Pont with large, mysterious Medieval style paintings...Shop window on rue de Petit PontA shop window nearby with tiny, adorable Limoge snuff boxes...Le Select bistro At St.Michel I popped into the Metro and came out at stop Vavin facing my favorite bistro - Le Select. You can't go wrong here for tons of Parisian ambience-the food is irrelevant.
L'Opera Garnier Another night I took this shot of the L'Opera Garnier. No flash required. Walking around Paris at night is one of my favorite things.

Jean-Charles Rachoux ChocolatThe streets are not so crowded and perfect for leche-vitrine / window shopping with no chance of maxing out your credit card.
Laduree shoppers Late shoppers can still max out their credid cards. Lines, lines, lines, plus you feel the tension and anticipation - will there be any macarons left?Cafe Deux Magots Enjoying their booty at nearby Cafe Le Deux Magots...

Hotel Beaumarchaise in the Marais The pretty "boutique" hotel Caron de Beaumarchaise spotted another night in the Marais.

bla bla bla I hope you enjoyed all my Paris "bla bla bla" I shoot and run. And I forget ALL names and addresses instantly. I'm not a personal shopper nor a tourist guide. I'm just an artist who loves to look.

Paris MacaronsI couldn't leave you without some Paris macarons.
Please take a bite.
I'm on AF0008 tonight coming back to you.


  1. Oooh merci pour les macarons, they were very tasty *wipes crumbs off chin and clothes*
    BTW (what's that word/phrase in French)? did you get around to photographing that lovely old hardware store in Paris?

  2. And we who love PB love looking with you!

  3. Oh j'adore Paris, j'adore les Macarons Ladurée... très belles photos... il y a un hôtel superbe dans le Marais : Hôtel Dubourg Tibourg rue Dubourg Tibourg à côté des Thés Mariages frères !
    I love Paris !

  4. I always love your photos!!

  5. The last shot just made me lick my screen... oh là là!

  6. Cynthia10:23 AM

    Love your shots of Paris at night...I love Paris at night,,great memories for me looking at these fotos...love your blog...

  7. Re-post or not, This was one of my faves, Carol. Some of my best memories consist of walking around Paris at night. It's always spectacular.

  8. Sweet, Carol! Great photos of Paris at night, and all the tables of bibelots just waiting to be ogled.

  9. Great series!
    I love The Select and that choclate shop with the lone bike - nice shot!
    I'm getting very jealous of all of your trekking :-)

  10. Perfect memory! and, p.s. I love Le Select. Mmmmm.

  11. Safe Trip ............

  12. That was a good one!
    Thanks, Carol.

  13. Tatiana in Spain2:03 PM

    Hello Carol, I just have received your last post and I only have three wotds to say: je meurs d'envie...!
    Merci de partager.
    Tatiana in Spain

  14. Natasha2:12 PM

    First of all can I just say that I love reading your blog, very enjoyable.

    I have a very close friend of mine visiting me from Australia in late October. Can you please tell me where I can indulge in some fabulous poached eggs in Paris? I found a place called the Tea Caddy in the Latin Quarter, is that any good? Or can you recommend elsewhere?
    Thankyou for your time.
    Kind regards,

  15. I stayed at the hotel Caron de Beaumarchaise a few years ago!

  16. Can we go back to the part where you had a private visit to PH???????????.........

  17. Gorgeous night shots - wish I were there too, xv.

  18. It's a little after midnight here in California and I feel like I just took a stroll through Paris tonight before heading off to bed. Thanks..It was delightful.

  19. I have stayed in that hotel it's wonderful. Love your night time walks.

  20. I couldn't care less if this is a re-post or a new one, I simply love following you around Paris by night! ;-)

    I must confess that I still have a soft spot for Starbucks! After all, they brought espresso drinks to the Capital of the World (oh well, there was Luigi's pizzeria on 19th NW, but who wanted to eat pizza - even the best - just for indulging in good espresso?). I wished there would be one in Venice, staffed by friendly American college student baristas, always a pleasant experience.

  21. LOVE this "Paris by night" feature. You captured the night-time vibe perfectly; feels like I've just been there. (Even though I am still sad that that Starbucks in rue des Archives takes the place of a formerly fabulous bar/resto called the "Maison Rouge".)

    Great blog; I'll be back for more.


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