Monday, July 27, 2009

Paris Cafes

Paris Cafes A Paris cafe story today just because
Aussie Bess dropped into a Paris cafe.

Paris Cafe Have you seen these new cafe tables with adverts for Pepsi etc. Love em or hate em?
Paris CafesMy kind of cafe table.

Paris Cafe If it ain't broke, why change it?
Paris Cafe Square cafe tables.
Paris Cafe I love these tables...miam
I rarely sit down in a cafe unless I'm meeting someone.
Paris CafesI love to shoot a quiet moment at a cafe as I'm breezing by enroute to somewhere else.
Paris CafesI browse cafes rather than sit in them. Who has the time?
Paris Cafes You know that your coffee will be much cheaper if you stand up at the bar or le zinc... You're paying rent when you sit down at a table don't forget. At least they don't charge you more when you sit by the window...

Yadda-yadda-yadda - a cafe is like an after hours party. Yackity-yack. Doesn't matter if a trillion people are passing by. No one is distracted from their intense conversations.

Paris CafesOooops caught in the act.

Do you have a favorite cafe you hang out at for hours?Paris Cafes BONNE JOURNEE!


  1. I love to sit in cafes. It's where I write or sketch or just watch the world go by. My favorite is one where I have breakfast in the morning on the right bank as you cross over L'Alma bridge. When the waiter see me coming, he has my coffee ready.

  2. I hate these ad tables at the cafés. Beurk! I could spend hours with my friends at the terrace of Le Tourville, place de l'école militaire.

  3. re: table top advertising. I consider myself a realist, we are in tough times, if this minor visual annoyance helps keep the cafes afloat...vive le ads!

  4. Right on S.M....
    forgot about that..ahem
    merci indeed

  5. I enjoyed your painting, shots, and commentary on Paris cafes. You asked if we had a favorite. This is one of mine in Minneapolis. It's called Gi-Gi's.
    The food is great

  6. Oooh yes I have my favourite cafes dotted around Melbourne where I spend hours reading papers and magazines and people watching!
    The best thing is a Lindt Chocolate shop opened this month and they sell.... 12 flavours of macarons! Known as 'Delice' in their shop. I have to say, they are even better than Laduree macarons. Cost eqivalent of 1 euro and have very generous filling, so delice-ious and I don't need to travel to Paris, yay!

  7. WHAT!!!!!
    Better than Laduree Susi?????
    Send them to me toute a suite!
    for a chemical analysis and taste comparison with samples currently residing in the freezer...ahem

  8. As Liz Lemon from 30 Rock as said, "I want to go to there." ...Paris.

  9. The day I shall be looking at advertisements instead of at a marble table top in a Viennese café, I shall fall quietly off the chair and hope to wake up from the nightmare before I hit the floor! ;-)

  10. I guess it shouldn't surprise us that place-based advertising has finally hit the cafe tables. When the economy's down it's any port in a storm. But I have to say I like them better the old way. Enough with the commercial clutter.

  11. I love this series - especially "caught in the act!"

  12. any cafe in Paris means having a great time. I can stay for hours with a book at cafe terracce looking at people passing by.
    A bientôt

  13. Oh I love those photos! They make me think of the cafes I visited in Spain and Italy. I have never been to France, but I am dying to go someday soon so I can sit at one of those cafes and people watch all day!

    My favorite cafe at home is Cafe Vanille. Its a small French cafe in Beacon Hill with really good coffee and croissants.

  14. same as in sit, you pay a premium...but, some times you just got a sit down and take in the atmosphere.
    have a wonderful day

  15. Sarah Berhardt cafe a few blocks over from Notre Dame.....
    lots of atmosphere.....

  16. I love following your blog...
    It always starts fantasies that get me through days spent in Reno as my soul truly lives in Paris.

  17. Cafes are my indulgence! And I love that most Europeans use cafes as thier living space versus feeling the need to have large homes! So civilized!

  18. Wait! In 'Caught in the Act', is that a French comb-over?

  19. Cafes are such cool, lovely, social gathering spots. Of course, my visits to "Parisian" cafes occur only when I visit PB ;)

    The upside though, is that I make the yummiest, most incredible coffee all by myself! Honestly, I prefer it to all cafes and coffee shops I've ever been to. BUT...I've "never" tasted a macaron. You're all shocked. I know. Good thing for PB and imagination qui?

  20. Cafe-cafe - cafe - where is there a cafe? Oh, can I count outdoor seating at restaurants? Outside Starbucks? Even then, non, I don't sit and ponder or draw or anything...our ciimate has so few pleasant days that, when it is finally nice, I prefer to garden!

  21. I'm with you on this one, Carol--give me a plain top cafe table--so classic. Love these photos and your wonderful painting here! Incidentally, David is the NICEST man!! Merci beaucoups! Everyone is so pleasant. xoxo

  22. Robert5:47 AM

    Hello, it has been over a year since I Emailed you about your water colours. I am sitting here answering my mail after a five hour flight home to Oregon from Manhattan. How nice to see your work on my screen. I am a photo novice yet a patient artist. I enjoy your images ! I played music professionally for 35 years , now restore and build Harley's.T he message I wish to send is, I love the spirit you have with what you do. I look forward to your post, Thanks, Bob..........
    ps, great tables

  23. Sophia4:40 PM

    We like Sip Babylone, across from the Lutetia.
    Great people watching and brioche.

  24. Anonymous5:40 PM

    My favorite cafes are Marly for the view, Mabillion for after hours, and Relais Odeon because I've been there so many times I'm treated like family.


  25. Red tables and chairs every time for me

  26. Anonymous9:06 AM

    There is simply nothing better than a great café. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. If you have a great café near you, then everything will seem right with the world.


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