Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Pretend...

Just pretend...
you're sitting out at a French cafe this morning...Merisi wrote this morning-
Here I am, starving, and waiting for my shot at Paris Breakfast!
Well pretend, Merisi, this is your cup of cafe creme...
Why oh why do New York cafes think they can "pretend" to be Parisian? Give it up New York cafes Pls.!Look on any New York cafe tabletop. Do you see reflections like these? Malheureusement (unhappily) you do not.
Pretend your great novel is not going so well...
So what!
You're in Paris
The sun is shining
You can happily nurse your on cup of espresso till the cows come home. No one will care one way or the other...
Only in Paris.
Just pretend you're passing this perfect cafe table on your way to Gawd knows where... imagine coming back for dinner with an exciting stranger...Hmmm...the l'addition (bill) has arrived...Hmmm...the dregs in your cup are talking to you...Time to get on your bicycle and go off to the real world.Still it's fun to pretend...sigh


  1. I love your Blog!! I posted about Angelina's today. And yes NY cafe's do not compare. Thanks for posting fun stuff...grace

  2. debbie in toronto4:36 PM

    so worth the wait it...I'm pretending all the way home....have a bonne weekend!

  3. I want to thank you for a beautiful blog.

    Every picture, every detail takes me to Paris.

    I’m already in love with a city I have never been to!
    And thank you also for making the blog in English, I’ve been studying French for 2 years now and I'm still very rusty.

  4. Love this watercolor, Carol! So much to enjoy. Are you left-handed, by the way?

  5. NO!!!
    I'm not a south paw like Obama
    never are you?
    Note the cat is facing left..I can't hardly paint a cat facing to the right

  6. Annie5:01 PM

    I love reflection pictures!
    Is that a tiger in that first picture?????

  7. That's Morris The Cat.
    Couldn't you tell?

  8. Bastille Day soon?

  9. Tomorrow morning, I will not just pretend I'm at a Parisian terrace ..I will be there !!! However, it's not very hot to stay outside, we need the New York sun!

  10. Bonjour Carol!
    I must tell you how much I enjoy the photo of an empty coffee cup sitting on a Parisian cafe table with a reflection of an eighteenth century building. Surrounding it - those Parsian bent wood chairs with the familiar red checker board pattern cloth.
    Have a great summer!


  11. Yes!! I'm there all the way!
    no problem and
    Thank you.

  12. i will have to pretend always living where i live...until i steal away on my next trip across the great pond.
    enjoyed the post today :)

  13. Your illustration's are always exquisite. I so love the last photo with the bike. ♥

  14. Hi Carol, It is so easy to pretend with you as our guide! Thanks for the trip! Can we meet for coffee at one of those lovely cafes? Are you going to have more cafe watercolors for sale? They are wonderful!
    Bon week-end. Jan

  15. Thank you for a wonderful dream.

  16. Brilliant! I am soooooo there.

  17. I am going to pretend all the way to the supermarket.....xv

  18. Am still waiting for my exciting l'Etranger to turn up.... :-(

    Any Parisian hommes with berets these days, or is that a myth?

    Bon weekend ;-)

  19. I really, really wish I could click my ruby slippers together, saying, "There's NO place like Paris, there's NO place like Paris!" and be there.


    Thanks for the trips, by way of blogworld. There's a stay-at-home mom in Montana that has nearly wrecked her keyboard, drooling over your posts.

  20. Jacquie9:50 AM

    I just wanted to send you a cup of coffee from Tel Aviv and to tell
    you that I very much enjoy your daily input. By the way I am French,
    from Lyon
    Keep up our pleasure.

  21. But sometimes it is so good to pretend. I had coffee in downtown Trondheim today and pretended I was in Vienna with Merisi. I had such a lovely time with her :-)

  22. Your blog always makes me feel so happy to be living in Paris! I loooove it so much too!

    Do sign up to my daily newsletter about confidential secrets from Paris!


  23. I HATE your blog!!! Every time I peek in I wish I was in Paris. It's been almost 5 years since I wandered the streets and I don't see my next trip happening anytime soon.

    Well, at least I can live vicariously through PB.

  24. I pretend all the time. I couldn't possibly get enough of this fabulous city, and country! :)

  25. I so need a coffee at a Parisian cafe, someone take me NOW!

  26. I love your blog! I love paris too! It is only 3 hours by Thalis from Brussels, Belgium! Lucky us!! thanks for your lovely shops, rastaurants,etc & lovely drawings!

  27. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I dont get it! what makes you think the cafes in NY are pretending to be like the parisian ones... they seem different to me


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