Monday, July 13, 2009

A big merci to Anne Corrons of Mes Vitrines Paris
For kindly writing about ParisBreakfast on
How is your French?
You will not be tested...ahem And me neither.
Let me know what it says :)
BONJOUR Fashions-Addict!


  1. Woweee!!! Much deserved congratulations!

  2. Congrats! about my French... I can easily read it but coming to speach: I can ask for a baguette or deux macarons si vu plais.That's all I'm afraid.

  3. Parisbreakfast3:05 PM

    That's all I'm good for too Rosanna
    But that's more important is it not?

  4. A lovely article, which also printed out nicely with all the illustrations.

  5. congratulations!

  6. Here's what Babel Fish does for us non-French Speakers:
    The madness of macaroon crossed L ’ Atlantique: in New York, these small Parisian delicacies S ’ appreciate more and more in many districts, being in competition from now on with famous the cupcakes. C ’ is in a workshop of the city, and not in a coffee or a traditional pastry making, that discovered very particular macaroons … macaroons on fabric! Carol Gillott paints macaroons of the morning at the evening, under all their seams. The pencil was always his/her faithful companion throughout his career, that who opened to him the doors of the world of the mode and the kitchen. D ’ access creative of shoes in Italy, then dress designer to the Middle-East, Carol also carried out portraits for a famous champagne mark. And, Paul Bocuse was L ’ one of his models. Here thus L ’ illustration of its talent and its personality through ten words.
    OK That's enough!!!

  7. That's a nice article! ... and slowly we learn more about you! :-)

  8. If you really do want someone to translate it (all of it), I'll do it. I'm working on a Ph.D. in French. I adore your blog, so I'd be happy to...

  9. Nice of Robin to try the translator - but it came out sounding more like the instruction book for a Japanese-made piece of kitchen equipment. Here is the true translation (Ecoutez-vous!) :
    Paris Breakfast is the lone American fit to partake of la bonne vie de la Francaise. I mean, PB is the lone American (seulment! vrai!) fit to enjoy all things French. By that, we mean all the macarons she can eat! Morning, noon and night! But watch out - she carries a poorly concealed camera and may take your picture without notice! And hang on tight to your dog, too!

  10. well done!!! ParisBreakfasts is my favourite daily (as well as Notes from the Universe). In fact I've dumped the rest (except strategic financial info). And just got back from Paris and was conscious of how you made me look at it with even more fondness. Thank you and keep it up!!!

  11. It says nice things I'm sure :)

  12. Anonymous9:03 AM

    It's way too long to translate, but be assured that she praises you to high heaven! You deserve her review, keep up the good work!

  13. Michelle (Obama)2:55 PM

    Wow, great article. You are clearly a very talented lady, was interested to read about you. I think you should be spending six months of the year in Paris. I have never tasted macarons but I love all things French/Parisien. The Macaron Epic is sure to be a best seller as clearly many people will share your passions and enjoy your art.Bonne Chance!

  14. Michelle (Obama)2:57 PM

    ps am suprised Laduree marketing dept have not secured your services. I think one of your fab pictures to hang in their store would be good start!!


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