Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here's a look at some New York Fall windows and an homage to Anne's vitrines
There seems to be a propensity to odd hat accessories around town - these shoehats were in Barneys... And this bird head was at Bergdorf Goodmans... Helmet hat anyone?It's really a photographer's lamp and I have one right here and I am wearing it today. So there! Wooly hair anyone?
I LOVE these sweaters as "scarves" in Barney's mens windows...
And in Juicy Couture too...
Don't even ask- I have no idea what's going on here...headless and hatless.
LOVE the old photo backgrounds here in Bergdorfs 57th street windows -sometimes their best and wittiest ideas are here rather than on 5th Avenue in my opinion...
A small closeup of these terrific group photos...
My favorite photo was in a window on Madison Avenue...
Anne used to cover the NY vitrines on her blog and now she does the Paris windows & HOORAY for that.


  1. Oh, je suis très honorée de cet hommage. Thanks a lot! The new Fall collection is now everywhere in Paris and the windows are fabulous, too!

  2. Ooooh I love this post. I remember when I was in NY how wonderful the window displays in Bergdorf Goodman were, so creatively done.

    I LOVE the ceramic? penguin! Any penguin sightings, please send them my way!


  3. window shopper9:48 AM

    -Simon Doonan has kept his window style, putting shoes and accessories on the heads of the mannequins.
    - Bergdorf is exuberant, as usual. But, they used the same kind of pictures they already used last year.
    - Juicy Couture is fun, crazy and surprising.

  4. anne-marie9:48 AM



  5. So you changed roles, with success!

    The Vespa photo is really good (sorry you obviously did not take the original one)! :-)

  6. Beautiful shots. I love your eye for lighting -the figures stand out so well!
    Love that poster, too :-)

  7. I've got a Paris window for you. I thought it was so peculiar for a Paris store to be selling the painted steers. I forget where they were from originally, Dallas Texas maybe? I think the store was on Vavin or near there.

  8. I looked like that bird head when I went into the garden this morning and a house martin flew into my hair :(

  9. Great picture of the girl and dog on the scooter. I love how his ears are flying back.

  10. Shoes as hats... Well, that's interesting! I love your blog! Should have told you long ago!

  11. Shoes as hats... Well, that's interesting! I love your blog! Should have told you long ago!

  12. Shoes as hats... Well, that's interesting! I totally dig the helmet! I've loved your blog for a very long time -- great work! Zee


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