Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Macaron Soiree

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts I'd never had tea on rue Bonaparte, though my nose is bent out of shape from looking in the window...
Italian cat, Chicco waits but he'd much rather be at the Bird Market..
Laduree Bonaparte - Paris BreakfastsI walzed past the crowds anxiously awaiting their cookies.
Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Into the salon de the. Laduree Bonaparte - Paris BreakfastsThere was no one about.

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts My first shot = Blurry
Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Then I got up my courage and focused.
Laduree Bonaparte - Paris BreakfastsFrench chocolates protected by thick glass.

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts GREEN boxes and (7.40 euros)

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Such pretty boxes.

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts A chandelier to die for

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Venetian marble mosaic floor was created by two mosaic artists, Giovanna Galli and Henri Noël Aubry.

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts a parfum - Paeva Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Enfin les ribbons.


  1. First, we will have tea at Ladurée Bonaparte in October. Later, much later, we will have a party at Ladurée, to celebrate what you know! I'm going start shooting Ladurée windows, too!

  2. Carole Braveheart! :-)
    I don't know why they would make such a fuss about taking pictures:
    Those people who really are out there stealing ideas know well how to take pictures without being noticed.

  3. I, too have had my nose pressed to their glass many times! Thanks for being the "fly on the wall" and getting interior shots.

  4. Dear Carol,
    Would the fact that you administer a very popular blog here in America
    with legions of followers who visit the Parisian venues you mention
    cut you any slack with uptight store managers and allow you free
    photographic rein and maybe a few free samples? I'll vouch for you!

  5. Please come along and do some of that vouching Steve!!!
    They are one tough nut to crack...those Frenchies

  6. I have had the finger shake in Ladurée, too. But I managed to get a couple of pictures before they noticed. Funny, PH let me 'take 3' pictures in their boutique around the corner. Obviously they know people are going to try!

  7. nice captures...looks like quite a place. like the salon decor. wouldn't mind sitting there for a spell and taking in all of the ambience.
    have a wonderful day.

  8. How lucky you were to get some photos! We got the finger wagging and looks that kill when we were there in the Spring. Oh well, it was worth a try.

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  10. I have been an admirer of their macaroons for some time now, yet to try any but have admired them from afar.
    However, i have to say that having heard of how secretive and protective they are has made me a little less keen on them. If they are the best in the world like they claim they should have no fear over letting people see thier goods nor fear they will be outdone!
    Glad that you got some time alone in the chocolate section to snap away!

  11. It could just be that those "uptight store managers" and "tough nut Frenchies" are merely being considerate of those of us who come to Laduree simply to enjoy a relaxing repast and who find tourists and their intrusive cameras annoying. You may think you are in EuroDisney whilst in Paris, but you are not; you are in a city inhabitated by some of the finest people on earth. They should be admired, envied, and left undisturbed.

  12. wow! I had lunch and made a couple shopping trips at Laduree Champs Elysees a few weeks ago... I can't believe you got all those pics - and without crowds! Love Laduree... thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh my! I feel your bliss darling.

  14. What we went through to get official snaps for my book....should have just snuck in!! xv

  15. LOL, you have courage! Good job, get the shots :-)

  16. Carol
    Have you ever seen their 2 tier silver cookie holders,Im so in love with them.You wouldn;t know where they buy their silver from by any chance,would you ?


  17. Quel jolie boites!
    I'm glad the Macaron Gendarmes left you free to roam another day around Paris...

  18. Parisbreakfast2:16 PM

    Ahhhh...now that would be a catch...
    To land a Macaron Gendarme!

  19. Did you know that that shop was once the famous interior designer Madame Castaing's?

  20. So happy to see these pictures and dream of being there myself. I will have to go there someday, too wonderful to be missed.

    And the ribbons! Such temptation!

  21. I could stare at these photos all day...especially the ribbon shot! One of my favorites...

  22. Sophia4:38 PM

    I may love this one the best! I bought my macarons in the chandelier box and the black and purple one last time…and I bought the chandelier shopping tote.
    So French at the Farmer’s market!!!!

  23. Deja vu? Or alzheimer's (no longer early onset)?

  24. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Dear Carol,
    I had no problem taking pictures at Laduree. All I did was ask and I explained that I was giving a lecture on my trip to Paris when I returned to the states. Some people said, "Sans flash" so I just whipped out my trusty tripod and all was well.
    If they think that you'll be bringing them business, they will bend over backwards for you. I discovered that their favorite verbs are VENDER and ACHETER.
    Cheers, Stephan

  25. Oh les macarons bleu peut etre? Send one my way when you see one!

  26. Oh lucky you!(and Stephan above!) They are not really kind with photographers, and I wander why.

  27. Do you know you area brick doing these things just for us :)

  28. Oh..just if we could eat chocolates 24/7. The first thing i did after i booked my hotel (not made of candies..) and flight online was to find all the good chocolates shops in paris - somebody told my that the Parisian chocolate is better even than the swiss ones, and you know, i have to check it out :)


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