Monday, July 20, 2009

Chez L'Ami Jean

 Dinner for breakfast at bistro Chez L'Ami JeanYou ask me where to eat dinner - go to L'Amie Jean and you'll not be disappointed. It's a bit cher but worth it. 34 euros for the prix fix. Inside is full of rustic ambience... The menu ardoise brought to the table - so start practicing reading chalky scrawl or just point and hope. The food and interior is Basque.

Nice Spanish details and very good homey bread from down the street at Secco Jamon from Spain...

Chef, Stephane Jégo throws around the bacon but it's paper thin and adds just a hint of surprise flavor to the dishes, almost like eating air.
 My order first visit to L'ami Jean...
 Anne had l'homard the second visit. Many dishes are happenings. Things are poured, tossed or cut a table adding drama and fun.
 A foamy mystery dessert Anne had. L'Ami Jean is famous for their Riz au lait ‘grand-mère’ en service - a huge heaping bowl of rice pudding you serve yourself.

A surpise ending -we were given take-away box full of guimauve/marshmallows.
I love their little business card.
For more detailed descriptions visit Food Snob. If you plan to go Figaro says to reserve one week ahead.


  1. I perfectly remember this lunch! Who could forget a meal at l'Ami Jean?????? I'll bring this wonderful painting to Stephane!

  2. Bistro Lover11:29 AM

    Gawd that looks YUMMY!!!
    Wonderfully complex food..not your usual steak frites enfin!!!

  3. Your colors make me drool.
    As does the food...
    So lovely.

  4. Foodwalker11:42 AM

    your dish to the left looks like precebes ( barnicles).
    Was it?
    One of my favorite foods but soooo expensive.
    I'll eat them in Spain.
    Or was it razor clams?

  5. nancy in Savannah12:24 PM

    What a great find! I notice they must save their yoghurt containers like I did (the terra cotta cups). I had about 30 that I brought back with me and they made great containers for herbes de provence that I gave out for favors at my Christmas party, tied up with red and green tissue paper and string..

    Seriously, I know you can buy them at the batterie de cuisine stores.

    nancy in Savannah

  6. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Thanks for the 'link love'...
    I see that there is still bacon over almost every dish! :P

  7. Parisbreakfast8:28 PM

    No bacon desserts though...

  8. like the shutters and the little iron filligree in the upstairs windows. :))

    I remember them in Paris.

  9. I like the overhanging hanging jamon over the bar. It adds a wonderful rustic and regional ambiance.

  10. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Perhaps Jégo needs to visit Fat Duck...

  11. WOW I have saved this to my favourites. I could eat all this for breakfast any day.


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