Monday, July 13, 2009

Bastille Day

Yesterday was THE DAY!
Oui, Bastille Day in New York, though it's celebrated on Tuesday in Paris and today is a holiday too I hear...pas mal
Patisserie Payard was there en force comme d'habitude on East 60th street...
And the new Macaron Cafe has a station that was crowded up the whazoo...
I was lucky to even sneak a shot, though I did not have the patience to wait for a taste. I'll go back another time to their cafe on West 36th street...
I did wait quite patiently for Petite Abeille moules...
Made to order too...
As were...
The Brittany crepes. I did indulge with just the tiniest smear of confiture d'abricot...
I passed on the merguez sausage and got a salade nicoise instead. You can't eat everything!
There was brain food too.
And games - " la pétanque" for the kids...
Crowds and crowds of people showed up! More and more each year.
And the little dogs attended...
If you happened to look down instead of at the crepes you were surrounded.
Just like in Paris!


  1. These macarons look very good! When I was in NYC, this Bastille Day always made me laugh! It's funny to see all these French cuisine in just one place. You chose the right dishes, for sure. le 14 juillet c'est demain en France avec les fabuleux feux d'articile du Champs de Mars. I'll be there and tell you!

  2. We do not have this kind of street in Paris for July 14th!

  3. Love that little guy (gal?!) staring straight at you there, all in white, Carol. Looks like all the citoyens were there!

  4. This looks like so much fun. I was just in New York for a vacation a few weeks ago, I wish I were there in time for this Bastille Day celebration.

  5. Bonjour and happy 'almost' Bastille know I'm sure that the true 'blueblood' french do not celebrate this day, as it was a sad day for the aristo's and Louis didn't really deserve all that trouble.

  6. Loved your post today.
    What a fun thing to celebrate in NYC! The food looked so delicious-----glad to know about the macaron place on 36th st. Have you tried making macarons yet?
    you'll need that mixer......!!

  7. Can't I mix those %$#@ macarons with a palette knife?

  8. Do you know the dates in Nov. when you'll be showing at the Boston Alliance Francaise? I'm planning a trip there this fall and would love to see your work.

  9. It looks like your celebration in NYC was a lot of fun. There's one in Santa Barbara too and for the first time this year, I got a chance to go. SO disappointing! Ours looked like an excuse to set up a lot of booths and sell things unrelated to France. Tant pis. :(

  10. Hi Carol,
    Love your post about Bastille Day! Looks like NY had a great time
    Do you mind telling me how one would greet another in France on Bastille Day? I'm doing my mailing tomorrow and wanted to say "Happy Bastille Day," but I'm not sure that's appropriate.
    Any advice would be much appreciated!
    All the best,

  11. Love the doggy in the stroller! God, that food looks good :-)

  12. Interesting if Paris celebrated the day also today. When I lived there it was tant pis if a French holiday fell on a Saturday or a Sunday; you just did without another day off.


  13. Foodwalker1:52 PM

    Tomorrow we will lunch at Chalet Basque. My French teacher will be playing her accordian at a French place in Novato.
    Those mussels didn't look that fab. I like the orange ones in France!!!!


  14. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I wish I had known about bastille day in NY! I could have just hopped on the train and been there---it was a beautiful day as well!

  15. I'm impressed! Hope I will be it tomorrow (actually today) also! They promised some particularly spectacular fireworks!

  16. Perhaps you should ease into the macaron baking by visiting Williams Sonoma and just looking at the sleek Kitchen Aid mixers...they come in all the colors of the macarons:

  17. Happy Bastille Day. Love the macarons. I want all those books, too!!! :)

  18. You are my inspiration!!!Thank you for your daily PB post...
    Un grand MERCI!

  19. unbelievably jealous!

  20. Being British we don't have this sort of thing. What is it with the French and the British thing anyway. I like them why doesn't anyone else here?

  21. I recently went to Macaron Cafe in NYC- it was super cute with the waitresses dressed as french maids and a colorful array of macarons. I had the best orange juice ever, however the macarons were not amazing. They were over crispy with not enough ganache. However, I am a La Maison Du Chocolat loyalist- I could eat nothing but the Guayaquil (Vanilla Chocolate Macaron) for the rest of my life so perhaps I am biased.


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