Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Van Cleef & Arpels Holiday Windows

Are you feeling frazzled? Are throngs of shoppers getting to you enfin?
Then do dash over to the corner of 57th street and 5th Avenue for a look at Van Cleef & Arpels divinely serene holiday windows.
There are 5 windows featuring their Bals de Legende jewelry Collection
The themes are: Black & White, Oriental, Proust, Venetian, and Winter Palace Ball.

The icicle-leaden stage set (loaded with plenty of real ice/diamonds) is perhaps the 'Winter Palace Ball'?
The stage curtains move.
The silhouette figures move ever so gently.
Is this Truman and Audrey at the black and white ball?

Clearly this is a Venetian stage set.
even I figured that out.
On each side of the stage royal boxes are filled with elegant silhouetted figures.

A Russian count and his fair lady peut-etre?
Ah, the curtain draws closed. A short video here of the windows
if you can't make it to NYC.
I hope you're feeling serene NOW!
Back to frazzled shopping you go.


  1. Geri, NJ12:04 PM

    Proust! I have just sat down after baking Madelines for a friend for our annual holiday meet-up! Funny coincidence. While I have not read Swann's Way...I do love Madelines. By the Christmas spirit is spilling over due in no small part to your lovely posts.

  2. Love the silhouetted figures! They're fun.

  3. Despite working in NYC, I haven't seen any of the windows yet and so often don't get to them. One of my favorite Christmas memories as a child was going with my parents to see the windows and the tree (and the hot bag of chestnuts we'd get!) Love the Venice window. Thanks for sharing this classic New York City experience!

  4. I love the black silhouettes and the ver gentle, slow movements......... So elegant!

  5. Very imaginative!
    I spotted the Venice window, too!
    Do you think that two of the silhouettes are Capote & Hepburn - or is it my imagination?

  6. Sharp eyes Nikon!
    I didn't even notice...

  7. Your post, and the windows;'all very elegant.

  8. Such a wonderful parade of gorgeous images, how imaginative those shop windows are!

    And no, I won't join the shopping throngs. I walk the small backstreets where no tourists dare to tread. ;-)

  9. be walking those back streets in Vienna with you cherie

  10. THank you for taking me there Carol... sadly I can't just pop by... xv

  11. I love the post - I love silhouettes! These are really lovely!

  12. Love the Venetian silhouettes and windows. Was around Place Vendome area last night and so should have checked out if they did the same settings - hopefully not Venetian blinds :-)

  13. I love the silhouetted musicians!

    Was there a harpist among them???

  14. how fabulous! i always thought it would be fun to be a window dresser - creativity central!


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