Friday, December 16, 2011

NY Lights

Bright lights, big city on Avenue of the Americas..

Sparkle plenty at The Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue.
At Rock Center the big tree as always... Delights everyone

It was just chance that brought me down W. 49th street on Tuesday night. I'd planned to go up to Bergdorfs for more window shots but pooped out.
All the glitterati were out to attend the 1st night
Of Liz Taylor's auction at Christie's on 49th street...
80 lots of Liz's rocks shook world auction prices...
'The diamond-encrusted tiara given to Taylor by her husband Mike Todd sold for $4.2 million, more than 50 X its high estimate'.
With all of Liz's bling I'll bet she wasn't to high and mighty to go for one of New York's finest.
A NYC Sabrett hot dog (my kind of bling)


  1. The lights look great in the city, Carol. Makes me miss NY...thanks for sharing. I remember with great fondness going into the city to meet my dad for lunch and watch the skaters at Rockefeller Plaza...

  2. This is the next best thing to being there! Merci!

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I have one child in Paris, one in NYC and YOU are the only one who actually shares photos of those wonderful cities lights! Merci! I dream of being in a city for the holiday lights and seasonal flavored macarons someday.( and a hot dog from a cart!!!yum.) Many Thanks from your fan in rural Oregon

  4. Geri, NJ12:30 PM

    Thanks for the beautiful and happy memories! I used to work in that neighborhood. With family coming up next week, and this mild weather, I think we'll head in to the city.

  5. Great pictures. It is interesting to see the lights of NY as opposed to London. The jewels are amazing and raised so much money for charity.

  6. Ah, I miss it. (I used to pop up regularly to "home office" these, Carol)


  7. Thanks I guess I take it for granted...
    Fortunately there are blog posts to remind me how pretty New York can be.

  8. New York City is a wonderland around Christmastime.
    Thank you for the images, I miss those exuberance and gloriousness of it all.

  9. Just magical! I loved the simplicity of the giant red ornaments stacked amid the row of twinkly lit barebranched trees! Of Liz's sparkling jewels, I am green with envy of whoever won the bid on the emerald & diamond fleurs! I could see me walking the red carpet of the Main Asile of the Barn, to the maaaas & baaas of my herd of admirers!!

  10. Great holiday post, Carol.
    Overflowing with the effulgent sparkling
    colors of Christmas in New Yaaaawk.

  11. The Rock center shots are great and bring back fond memories.
    Everytime I went there people seemed to be relaxed and having fun, not like NYC generally!
    The diamonds and gems? Beautiful - but good grief - the prices.....:)

  12. Carol, it's grand that you and your camera caught these fabulous holiday views of NYC's midtown glory.

    Really lovely!

    When I see the official photos of Elizabeth Taylor and those fabulous gems, I wonder which sparkled more. I imagine that any of her admirers who wanted to purchase those sparklers must have granted the buyer an immense discount, knowing that the glory would continue for decades. And they have.

    Isn't it good that today it actually seems to be a bit chilly? Our mid-December still seems a bit mild.

    I'm still trying to use my free time to complete a few more North Pole projects. Almost there....


  13. I should be ice-skating! xv

  14. That 1st image of Elizabeth just took my breath away. What a beautiful woman! And, just think, she never parted with 1 single piece of her magnificent jewelry. Beautiful shots of NYC too. I love NY always, but during the holidays it just shimmers, doesn't it? Love...

  15. thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures... i visited new york twice and loved every minute of it.


  16. Joanne C.10:37 PM

    Bonjour Carol,
    J'adore tes photos et tes aquarelles ! J'adore Paris et New York aussi. Merci de nous faire découvrir toutes ces merveilles !
    Joyeuses Fêtes !


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