Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bergdorfs Lobster Roll

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't hanker for a Maine lobster roll. Bergdorfs' Holiday windows even show a crab roll-to-be. une plateau de crustaces svp.
Does a fish roll exist?
Oh to be off swimming in nice warm caribbean waters.
Does her bodice look inspired by Alexander McQueens mussel corset?
Oh to just shake your lobster snowglobe.
And have Luke's Lobster truck show up in front of Bergdorfs.
Bergdorfs' blue lobster drove me down to Luke's storefront on 93 E. 7th street Saturday at 1:05 the joint was empty.
Naturally when my friend arrived 10 minutes later, the joint was jammed.
Natch we both got the lobster roll special for $17. Everything comes from Maine including Miss Vickies chips and the ME soda pop. The roll has NO mayo only big hunks of very fresh Maine lobster and a bit of seasoned butter on a perfectly toasted bun.
For true authenticity you sit on lobsters while you eat.
Lobsters are all over this joint.
Please stop by Luke's Lobster truck on 5th Avenue


  1. Lobsters from Maine--mmmmmmm. Nice to dream here. Enjoy, Carol.

  2. Oh Yummm. What a great area you live in.

  3. I can do without...and can't afford anyway, the Bergdorf lobsters, Carol.
    But oh my goodness the Lobstah rolls make me ache to head up to Maine, to eat
    some of that fresh (and cheap)Lobstah,
    and even break out the water colors...

  4. yeah...

    for breakfast even...

  5. David B.10:02 AM

    Good stuff.
    You must know that the Rockland, ME xmas tree is a tall conical pile of lobster pots with some fir branches strewn across them, and a huge lob figure on top.

    Nevah seen those Maine chips or soda.

    My big Maine find is a Dijon-like mustard from Raye's, way up in Eastport nr the Canadian border. Cheapest at Reny's but not always available.

  6. Whoops!
    Miss Vickie's chips are from CA not ME just across the border.
    Close enough IMHO

    At least Maine Root is home-grown.

  7. More of the Bergdorf's (and other NYC) Christmas storefronts, please. Thanks.

  8. Oh yeah.
    Scrambled eggs w LOBSTAH!
    ...and home fries with onions peppers and lotsa' garlic.

  9. If lobster was jeweled like the ones in Bergdorf's, I think I could probably stomach it...

    (what a fantasy land! That's magnificent. Thanks for sharing with those of us trapped in non-stylish southern Minnesota!)

  10. i would love to see that rockland xmas tree.

    meanwhile.........arrrggghhh! ya killin me!

  11. Oh my - beautiful windows; Caribbean seas; lobster. Happy sigh. (Not so sure about sitting on lobsters, though - ouch!)

  12. CA is in California? Instead of whining to myself I don't see anyreason why I couldn't make a lobster roll. Tho here 17. for roll, chips, and that dewishous looking drink seems a bargain basement price.
    Wonder where I could get a Maine lobster in CA?

  13. Something to keep in mind if I'm ever in the city and need a lobster fix. Ha!

    Love those Bergdorf windows.

    By the by, Carol, I included you on my Holiday Gift List post - well, your etsy shop. :)

  14. Roll over, Beethov..., er, lobster,
    here come Bergdorf & Carol,
    to bring you to light!

  15. Love those glitzy crustaceans! Bergdorfs has outdone itself.

  16. LOVE this post - it's so cool! snowglobes... lobster seats... the mosaic creatures! fabulous... keep it coming :-)
    x deborah

  17. I think that you like lobster :)
    Does that truck operate right through the winter?

  18. Ooooola! I love those BG under the sea windows in my favorite colors! I've never cared much for lobster, but must admit it photographs well enough to make me want to give lobster another chance! alas, no Luke's on any street around here!

  19. There is mayo on the lobster roll, but very little. They put a little along the bottom of the roll before they load in the lobster. You can order it with no mayo if you wish, but as you can see its hardly noticeable.


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