Thursday, December 08, 2011

More Animal Tails

Do you dream of dating a deer..?
What about two darling deer for a night on the town?
Go dancing with a handsome ram...

Or better yet a menage a trois with three handsome dandies...

Nothing wrong with swanning around town with your best pals...

Or throw on your best kimono for a closer look at the Met's Storytelling in Japanese Art

Scrolls and screens of delightfully well dressed animals tell the tale of the horoscope.Better a chicken with a pot than within...

'...more than 100 works that span mostly from the 13th to the 19th centuries. At its core are some 20 hand scrolls, or emaki, an ingenious medium evolved from the illustrated sutras that began landing in Japan from China in the eighth century as part of the spread of Buddhism'.

A mouse party that raises havoc before...

The mouse bride takes her vows...

A game of Go post-wedding festivities - there's nothing these elegant pets don't get up to and in to - at the Met till may 6, 2012.

Back to Bergdorfs where a bunny studies animal tendencies in depth...

Bonjour Deer PBers!


  1. wonderful creatures, Carol.

  2. The animal heads are a bit much for me, but still a cool post :)

  3. Bergdorfs window displays look like they were designed by Tim Burton's demented 6th cousin, flown in from his home in the wilds of Antarctica.

  4. I've always loved a good mouse wedding!

  5. What Nicole Jeannette said. And I think I'll have to get myself to NY to see the show at the Met.

  6. Geri, NJ2:20 PM

    The tiger is my pick! Very fanciful and amusing post.

  7. Haha - I do now indeed dream of dating a handsome ram. Magical windows, and how I wish I could see that exhibition at the Met. Btw, loved your Paris and New York Reds!

  8. Very imaginative!
    Whenever you do store window photos, they are always amazing! The content is so imaginative & the colors and lighting are superb.
    (Those mice look a more like rats :)

  9. Why do they love their animals like this?!

  10. Very fun post!
    Goes well with your past post about the dogs that were including in Venetian paintings!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  11. mais non...could not manage the menage.

  12. Perhaps the chicken should put the rabbit in the pot....the rabbit in the suit looks like a lawyer making an appeal on behalf of a cage-caught Longears rabbit!
    Seriously great Japanese scrolls!

  13. Thanks Nikon,
    that night it was POURING and my battery gave out
    I do love shooting store windows but they ain't easy
    you HAVE to go at night
    And there are still reflections up the wahzoo

    Les Reves:
    Why do they love their animals like this?!
    Animals are an easy way of characterizing human qualities.
    Look at the signs of the zodiac.
    What's your sign?
    I'm Taurus the bull.
    we are all animals after all.

  14. No, I've never thought of dating a deer. Other kinds of "critters" though, those I have dated...ahem.

    Great images!

  15. My fave auntie was in NYC this past weekend & sent me pics of Some of the BG windows. Hers were daytime with reflections,but really not too bad. She sent one that was all white with 2 polar bears in chefs hats & lots of other white animals doing all sirts of things like balancing a teacup on nose- may have been a seal, and the other I think from men's store was a cat walking dogs. Love your pics too, Carol! wish I could see them in person!

  16. *MISSING NOTES from the Japanese exhibition:
    'In Japan, animals of rare coloration - white dear, red or blue bears, white foxes- were considered especially auspicious.
    White mice like Nehyoe,the hero of this tale, were believed to be messengers from Daikokuten, one of the seven gods of good fortune. It was customary to read Nehyoe's auspicious story on the occasion of the New Year to usher in a new era of success and prosperity'.

    Hope that explains a bit more on the animal art.

  17. dating a deer, no, but I've been deeply in love with reindeer for a long time now

  18. Maybe it's me, but I think it's kinda creepy.

  19. I need a seal like that to hold a tea cup on its nose instead of cats who put their noses into my tea...


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