Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Paint New York RED!

Tons of RED in NYC right now particularly at Museum of FIT The Great Designers Part One is on until May 8, 2012.
Don't you love this Dior 'corset' hat? These Gucci red shoes would be perfect forever - all treasures on exhibit are from FIT's permanent collection.
Red gown from Valentino's last couture collection...
Forever contemporary, Halston's 'bath towel' gown...
A classic red check Clair McCardell to drool over.
Lots of checks in Paris right now - these are in Macy's.
Who needs to go to Paris? Not for chocolate chips anyway.
Who doesn't love giant red Xmas balls?
These in Donna Karan's Soho windows...Red Ribbon Macarons, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Macy's Red Elf entrance is more friendly than Barneys no?
Just one red raspberry decorates Cafe Petrossian tarts, perhaps NYC's most Frenchie patisserie.
Last week the Met was getting ready decking the halls.
But their annual Neopolitan Baroque Creche has been up for ages - always worth a visit.
A tiny exhibit of mostly red exquisite Faberge has been rescued from their hidden coffers at the Met.
Another new Met exhibit - Japanese storytelling in scrolls and folding screens - I loved this delicate reindeer decked out in red collar.
Meanwhile hidden in my coffers I found a pile of Angelina hot chocolate watercolors. Shall I have a 3-day sale tomorrow? You tell me.
Bonjour Red New York!


  1. Oh yes! Please do have a sale!

  2. That Japanese print is unlike anything i've ever seen! Amazing subject and the contrast between the naturalistic deer and his japonesque clothing allow me to finally understand what people have said about the "flattened" aspect of Japanese prints.

  3. Great tribute to the color of the season.
    I truly love your water colors; old and new.
    Please show us more, on a daily basis.

  4. Jeanette,
    the deer is one of many animals on a scroll..
    Perhaps I should show more.
    There were entire scrolls of mice getting married! Animal stories..
    Of course there were RABBITS you know.

  5. Oh dear. Just yesterday Dr. Oz said red is not a good color for people who have depression during the winter months, because it can make people feel angry. Are there lots of angry people in New York? :O)

  6. Dr. Oz has a big job on his hands since Red is the color of Xmas!!
    mon dieu

  7. Looks like they have painted the town red. I want that Red corset hat and the red Valentino dress. Tres Chic... Will I make people argry wearing red now?? Who knew?? :: I do think you need to have that sale...better then letting them sit on a shelf collecting dust you know...:)

  8. Bill,
    How does this post make you feel?

  9. Thanks for the gorgeous mind trip to the Big Apple!

  10. Wow..Everything looks so grand..I loved the first photo..Oh my dear friend would love that exposition..Your watercolors are lovely~

  11. The FIT shots are great but I like your watercolors more :)
    I like the shot of Macy's entrance - the design of that overhang looks so nice!

  12. Great post, Carol. Love the giant red baubles - try and get these in the door after the tree! I want the red shoes to dance the blues.

  13. Dr Oz is taking a completely Western approach to the color red! It does not just provoke anger & agression. It is a symbol of the life source, passion & energy. Red is a yang color- warm bright reds are more yang ,with cooler reds being a bit more toward yin. Red is also a healing color for yin ailments & depression is a yin condition.
    Green is yin, so our holiday colors balance out!

  14. fantastic post!!! love the Valentino dress and gucci shoes...

  15. oh I just love the silhouettes in the first photo! and the deer is fantastic too!

  16. Well, I'm glad I decided on the RED dress for my concert rather than the black lace one...sounds like New York would have approved!

  17. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Hi...just wondering if you saw the NY Times article on the Judith Leiber macaron boxes?


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