Friday, December 30, 2011

Hugo, Train Stations

Do you LOVE train stations too?
HUGO Especially train stations in Paris
HUGO All that hub-bub. And the anticipation, the expectations!

So much more managable than airports too. And all the big clocks!
Tick-tock...tick-tock.  Is it time yet?

I saw Hugo yesterday based on the graphic novel, The Invention of Hugo Capret

It takes place in a train station

HUGO A Paris train station

HUGO What could be better?

There are mystery sketchbooks in Hugo

HUGO And a mysterious automaton

HUGO AND Paris dogs.

TWO of them - a perfect movie no?
HUGO The perfect movie to see on New Years Day 2012 perhaps?
Are you ready for 2012?

HUGODo you know where you'll go?

HUGO ALL ABOARD for 2012! Tick-tock..tick-tock
See you next year PBers
xxx Carolg & BEAR


n-talo said...

j'ai aimé hugo aussi ... encore plus aprés que pendant, c'est un film qui s'apprécie en se digérant
bonnes fêtes

Louise said...

Such a perfect Hugo post. Sadly Hugo doesn't start in Australia until mid January. I can't wait to see it. Did you see the 2D or 3D version? I read the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret this year, it made my top 12 list. It's magnificent, if you haven't read it, I'd really recommend it, it's an astonishing concept. A silent film on paper.

Happy New Year to you. I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2012 of PB posts.

Theresa Cheek said...

I DO love Paris train stations! The first time I was in one, I kept thinking of all the 1960's espionage movies with chase scenes in them. They do have a feeling of anticipation, don't they?

Marie said...

I can't wait to see the movie, it doesn't open in Sweden until mid-March. Meanwhile I will be reading the book. And I do love train stations (and airports).
Happy New Year to you and bear!

Jill @ MadAboutMacarons said...

Ahum - not keen that much on stations - so Hugo first! Carol, cheers to you - enjoy ringing in the New Year and here's to a happy, healthy and adventurous 2012, wherever you are! J xo

sillygirl said...

Oh - lovely dogs!!!

Anonymous said...

Paris train stations are great (in particular the Gare de Lyons and its wonderful restaurant le Train Bleu!) bit I should point out to you that at least four of your photographs are of St Pancras Station in London! Lovely post anyway - I'm longng to see Hugo.

Happy New Year!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Yes to Train stations! Even train tracks can have me wishing I were on one, humming and rumbling over the land. Hope your 2012 is the best and the happiest

French Girl in Seattle said...

Great post, Carol. I am looking forward to taking several trips in 2012: Mexico so I can flee the dreadful Seattle winter in a few weeks; Europe, bien sûr, in late spring. Paris, London (I will get to swing by St Pancras at some point,) and finally my beloved Nice (am already looking forward to the train ride ;-) Happy New Year to you and Bear. Thank you for the fun posts, "les billets gourmands," you kept popping out this year, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Marilyn Miller said...

Saw this movie on Christmas Eve and LOVED it. Thanks for sharing the remembrance of this movie. It did remind me of traveling in France and the train station.

marilyn said...

hugo is definitely on the must see list! re-watched midnight in paris yesterday and loved it as much as the first time around. going to see hugo will be a fabulous way to remember the last evening of 2011!
may your new year be filled with joy and many blessings carol!

Merisi said...

Can't wait to see the movie, thanks for the preview!
Interestingly, I read a few very negative reviews - by movie goers - they were bored. Is it the fast-moving times we live in?

In the picture with the two long-haired dachshunds, the one dog to the left, that's my Maxie! ;-)

Have you read WG Sebald's "Austerlitz"?

Anonymous said...

I found the book absolutely mesmerizing and the movie was one of the best this year. And a good thing that has come of it is that there has been an upsurge in interest by children in the works of George Melies which is a good thing. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

Connie said...

OOOOOOOH! So happy that you liked the film!

Joyfulartist said...

Happy New Year, Carol! I hope it brings more Paris adventures your way. Love those long haired Dachsies! And the beautiful train stations...sadly, they have almost disappeared in the US.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love the picture of the couple running for their train. Very action packed. :) I do love trains.
I am going to have to check out Hugo. Those dogs are adorable. Another fun post.

Ana Lúcia said...

Happy a good New Year!

kisses from Brasil...


Nikon said...

I loved the train stations in Italy - Milan & Rome being the most memorable. I loved the little stations in the small towns, too!
Have a great New Year, Carol!

dkshopgirl said...

uh oh.. i'm way out here on a cattle property in Australia and have NO idea who or what HUGO is all about so better get onto that... I think I WOULD love Paris train stations!

all the best for 2012!

x Deborah.

Frances said...

Carol, I also love train stations and think that our own Grand Central Station is a bit of all right.

I do want to see "Hugo" but wonder about that 3-D effect. A friend who loved the movie was a bit dizzied by the 3-D.

What did you and Bear make of that. Did Bear wear the special glasses?

What a concept?

Love to you and Happy 2012!

DorChi said...

adorable pictures, wonderful text! Thank you for that!There is really something special about train stations. Especially in Paris

Jeanne said...

LET THE COUNTDOWN TO THE NEW YEAR BEGIN ★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .   °  . ● .    ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ .    ° ☾ °  ¸. ● ¸ .  ★ ° . • °   .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸  ★  ★☾ °★ . .  °☆  . ● ¸ .   ★ ° .  • ○ ° ★  . * .  ☾ °  ¸. * ● ¸ ° ☾ °☆  . * ¸.   ★   YOU HAVE BEEN Sprinkled with BLESSINGS of PEACE, LOVE, SMILES and HAPPINESS! NOW ... PLEASE ... GO FORTH AND SPRINKLE OTHER PEOPLE TOO!★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .      .   °  . ● .    ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .  A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD!!! :) ♥ XOXO

Rick said...

Happy New Year Carol! See you next year at Le Sélect...for sure!!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

the first photo IS Gare du Nord,
the rest are St.Pancras.

Next year, starting tomorrow I will take more interior photos of Paris train stations - I do love them dearly.

Yes HUGO is in 3-D.
It was the 1st 3-D film I have completely enjoyed and forgot completely it was 3-D.
So, not a problem for me.

The story engages you in way it perhaps cannot on a small laptop screen IMHO. The sense of scale of the train station is very much a character in the film.

And yes I would love to read the book,The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Fleurette said...

Je souhaite que vous et votre famille trés bonheur et de joie dans la nouvelle année 2012!
Gros bisous
Avec amour

Harriet said...

Wishing you all the best in 2012! Really enjoy your blog and look forward to this year's posts.

Nathanaëlle said...

Happy New Year Carol ! May 2012 will be a nice and creative year for you.

Bonne Année !


Notes From ABroad said...

We watched Hugo last week and loved it.
I especially loved that I have been in that Train Station a few times :)

Feliz Año Nuevo, besitos, Candice

Parisbreakfasts said...

I love gare Montparnasse too...
And the caneles cart especially...

Clara Turbay said...

Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!

French Heart said...

I LOVED the must read the book. Great post! Happy 2012 PB-ers!

Karen@PasGrande-Chose said...

Dear Carol, I LOVE train stations too! Gare de Lyons, St Pancras and your own Grand Central would probably top my list, but since I love train travel even more than stations, I hope to add to that list soon. And I am dying to see Hugo, just need to find the time. I wish you all kinds of good things in 2012 and look forward to another year of great blog posts at PB!
K xo