Friday, December 02, 2011

Paint Paris Red

Back to Paris reds.... Cerise red, watercolor, 9" x 11'
The Paris bistro is almost always rouge/red = steak frites
Is there a cafe Rouge?
Chaise rouge.
Early morning Paris cafe...
Chef's break.
Texting in a taxi = non
Eating an ice cream cone = oui
Alsacian Christiane Ferber's griottes rouges.
Red/pink framboise 'fraisier'.
Lequel ces fruits rouges prefere tu?
Red jello in Paris is elegance.
A red kid's corduroy jumper is d'elegant.
A petit Parisien red coat dans le rue.
Bonjour Paris Reds!


  1. Fred Kaltreider3:41 PM

    I hope the cafe pictured on rue Bonaparte is not the old Cafe Bonaparte. In March we saw it was being remodeled, but it looked like the work was proceeding in a traditional style, unlike the photo with "BREAKFAST" on the awning.

    Merci du blog!

  2. Thanks for ending my week with not only a very colorful post, Carol, but a really glowing water color, too.

  3. I love red! And, there is more red in the Holiday Windows!!!!

  4. Fred,
    you can heave a sigh of relief.
    That cafe is at the very END of rue Bonaparte facing La Seine, not the other cafe close to Pl St. Germain.

  5. paris reds are the best, but i concentrate more on fashions and wines than pastries

    I've been wearing my red paris raincoat lots the last 2 weeks and have had rave responses. got it on sale for 30 euros 4 years ago. quilted lining, warm.

  6. Wonderful reds and a most beautiful Watercolor Carol, love it!

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    Art by Karena

  7. Carol, that little guy in red is adorable. Love the watercolor! Have a good weekend!

  8. Love all that red! Was Little Red Riding Hood French?

  9. The watercolor is great, Carol.
    I wonder if the "red trend" will catch on over here? The clothing, that is.....

  10. Geri, NJ6:09 PM

    Beautiful painting...I have to tell you that you've been tempting me to treat myself to a Christmas present lately! On the subject of Paris reds...I'm reminded of the pretty "Metro" lamp posts.

  11. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I´m in love with dots, breakfast like these and coffee ♥

  12. I love the cherry heart:) Lovely watercolor..and the splashes of rouge here and there? So nice..I took watercolor classes many yrs ago.. too few.. 2:( w/ a wonderful artist..he said..always add a touch of red.
    You brought back memories of this gentleman.

  13. Geri,
    I LURVE those pretty "Metro" lamp pos
    Maybe I should just do a post on Metro signs..?

  14. noriko.stardust8:16 PM

    Wonderful assemblage of reds in Paris! Everyone needs red, especialy in winter!

  15. Carol, your cerise watercolor is a gem.

    The photographs just continue to inspire me to future travels.

    Merci! xo

  16. I would love to paint Paris any color...just to go there and take it all in! Oui Oui

  17. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Red Power, I like!!!

  18. Wow - that painting is incredible. Love the colours, the tea-pot, the cherry on the crumble-cake. Everything. Talented lady!

  19. Magnifique, comme toujours, Carol! I now feel the need to wear red... I will be in Paris next month and cannot wait!! Merci beaucoup!

  20. So love the red. Fantastic cerise piece my dear. :)xo

  21. I love your posts about the color red in Paris. It brightens my day <3

  22. without question, a bistro is not a bistro w/o generous lashings of red lacquer.

    and i'm with you RE: le coca in France! let's keep it on our side of the atlantic. but i suppose we rail in vain.

  23. Yay for Red!!! (My favorite and this post reminds me why!)
    Love your watercolor!

  24. There is a restaurant in Philadelphia called Rouge and they set up outside tables to look just like a cafe in Paris. It's really cute and I love to pretend that I'm somewhere in Europe


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