Monday, December 26, 2011

Bear's Breakfast at Tiffanys

Bear insisted we look at Tiffanys windows Christmas day...
And what Bear wants,
Bear gets...
Even if it meant rousing himself out of hibernation...
Even if it meant pushing other window viewers out of the way...
And stepping on a few paws...

Tiffanys outdid themselves this year.

Don't you think?

Catty-corner Bergdorfs is up to tricks with an all paper window...

Even a paper panda bear...

Well a bit of fur was included...

And a French Bulldog wearing a French bow...

Bear is in love...

With this diamond leash.

Bear has stars in his eyes...

What did YOU do Xmas Day?"


  1. Anonymous6:27 AM

    tie fotografie sú úplne sladké ♥ :)

  2. Ate Chinese food and watched too much Breaking Bad!

  3. We ate TOO MUCH!
    and slept too much :)

  4. Anna-Maria A.8:41 AM

    Bear and Audrey at Tiffanys...
    does it get any better than that?

  5. I went to Le Select...
    same old, same old..

  6. I love carousals! Beautiful windows!

  7. Lovely, fun photos. My Christmas? A quiet walk in Central Park, some lovely food, some funny movies, reading, catching up with loved ones via phone. Pretty quiet...and that's exactly how I like it :-)

  8. Love the paper windows-you knew the R window would not be my fave- and at casa Longears we are officially totally topped up on butter, sugar and chocolate.

  9. Such beautiful windows! What a lovely way to spend Christmas Day. Well worth coming out of hibernation for, I think. I hope Bear stayed awake long enough to enjoy some Christmas treats, too.

  10. What recession :)
    NYC seems to be all glitter & diamonds! I like that doggie necklace.
    Good to see Bear!

  11. we had a lovely warm 61 F sunny day so we all fed peanuts & apple oat treats to the Goaties that they got in their stockings. It was quite the melee!
    Then we ate way too much ourselves! Daughter made a rich moist wonderful butter caramel cake with caramel frosting -all from scratch- from a very old family recipe. It was as good as I remember my Mom, grandmother & great- grandma versions of it!
    The back ground music for the day was PBer Amy's amazingly beautiful Christmas CD "The Light and the Lady" ..

  12. So glad too to see Bear out and about! He'd look very elegant in a diamond collar sans leash. gives him something to dream about finishing up hibernation.

  13. M. Hire7:15 AM


    this is so beautiful...

  14. Anonymous7:19 AM

    nice photos

  15. Did you see the Barney's windows this year ?


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