Monday, December 19, 2011

Soho Reds

Are you putting a red bow on it?

Kate Spade
thinks you should

Give colorfully. Watch the fun movie!

Sunday night a lot of people were out scooping up some color to give

Accross the street (Mercer street) the girl Santas at Vivianne Tam wished the lights were on.

Seen in Vivianne Tam's window

Balthazar Bakery was buzzing.

What to get?

Converse on Broadway were full of red Converse. What else?

Next door at Dean & Deluca I was hypnotized by a table full of French caramels

They had lots of shaped cakes like this drum...

And a Mr. Snowman cake:
Dark chocolate layered w/chocolate moose & caramel, covered in vanilla butter cream wrapped in white chocolate!

New York yellow cab ginger cookies at D&D - I prefer gingerMEN for authenticity

Merry Hols!

And Happy Holidays

Antique Garage looked cosy and nice last night but I had to run home to paint cats :)



  1. Oh I wish I was in NYC at Xmas time. Looks magical with such an ambience. Love the cakes: the snowman is particularly cute with the ear-phones, or perhaps I should be antique and say ear-muffs. That's some garage but bet your cats are purretty! Happy holidays, Carol! Hugs from a bitterly cold Paris.

  2. Hope your holidaaaaaze are as colorful
    as this post, Carol.

  3. I am always so happy to see Christmas windows & Sunday night bustle-in-NYC. Thanks, Carol!

    (Julie le Chat is waiting to put on her red Christmas ribbon until the 24th:)


  4. ... cute post .. little chilly this am in the big apple, huh! ... happy holidays ... enjoy ....

  5. Geri, NJ10:27 AM

    Not sure cats will tolerate being painted but have fun trying...I couldn't resist that.

  6. New York in the winter is something really special..

  7. I feel I should be out buying and in wrapping and baking! Not to mention nibbling...

  8. Kate Spade movie was fun! I am still wrapping-Hope to be finished today!
    I am seeing red everywhere especially in the studio what with Valentine orders , can we have another color tomorrow?
    Bubba C Barr,Esq says " Bear,buddy, where are you?!!!!!

  9. Everything is so festive! Thanks for all the tours..I live more in the country and don't see that much of all this storefront opulence..Must be so great at night too..
    Of course I am in my pj's at 7..:)

  10. 'Tis the season. Painting cats, eh? Hope we get to see them, Carol!


  11. Thanks for the glimpses of NYC at the holidays--
    the lights,
    the windows,
    the fashion,
    most importantly--the food!

    Happy Holidays!


  12. Makes me so nostalgic.......The Antique Garage and the pastries at Balthazar.....I'm crying..... They make the best brandade........YOU are killing me. Maryanne xo

  13. mmmm this Balthazar bakery looks mouth-watering ... Is it a traditional French bakery ??

  14. very tradionally French Louise
    maybe the best we have in NYC..
    I should do another post on them..
    It's a tiny bakery too :)

  15. I love that film clip!
    Balthazar bakery and the Antique Garage look like great places to see, too

  16. how gorgeous! a bit different to our bush christmas! enjoy fantastic NYC!

  17. Too cute the chick Santa's, adore all KS colour and have my red converse on right this minute to step out onto the Paris streets and like a madwoman start/finish my Christmas shopping!!
    Carol a very Merry Christmas and keep the Paris Dreams coming in 2012.
    Carla x

  18. Love the holiday spirit, and cheery red always does the trick.

  19. Anonymous9:03 PM

    please check your SPELLING before you post! Thank you


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