Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ines de la Fressange on rue du Bac

For her December shopping diary Ines de la Fressange of Parisian Chic walks down rue du Bac 75007... I too walked down rue du Bac my last evening in Paris...
It's full of wonderful Frenchie facades...
Loaded with potential leche-vitrine/window gazing...
This tiny print shop, Olivier de Sercey has extremement fine stamps at 220 euros(!)..
Ines adores the handmade Italian home goodies at La Paresse en Douce at 97 rue du Bac...
Moi aussi, especialment these made-to-order cashmere slippers...
You'll never go hungry browsing on rue du Bac. Why not grab an 'animal cracker' style box of macarons at Dalloyau - 63, rue du Grenelle round the corner?
Chocolat Chapon is well worth immersing yourself in chocolate at 69, rue du Bac...
Plus their adorable crockery can serve up your tea or chocolat chaud...
Mais la creme de la creme on 93, rue du Bac is Patisserie des Reves bien sur!
It's a child's playland of pastry for grownups...
I bought this irresitable tarte douce a l'orange...
Plus the 'Limonada', a creamy, lemony ball. The pastries are perfectly packed to withstand the Metro crush. Not that they made it further than 10 steps away...miam miam
Exactly nextdoor this little dog kept watch on the comings and goings on rue du Bac. Ines can't resist saying bonjour.


  1. Merci Carol!
    Her videos are priceless. My Paris list is getting longer due to this!


  2. I love following Ines on her jaunts - so lively and fun!

  3. Would LOVE to revisit that patisserie des reves - my fav in Paris

  4. Merry, merry, Carolg! Thanks for the stroll down du Bac!

  5. Love, love , love the video with Ines! Thanks for posting it.
    ~ Marie

  6. Mary Ann1:51 PM

    Rue du Bac.

    How lovely.

  7. I like doing these little street walks..

  8. Looks like a great place to take in the sights.
    I love the tarts & the dog really is super cute!

  9. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Thanks for the link! I love to see what Ines is wearing.


  10. Michelle11:06 PM

    My favorite rue...I have pictures of this little doggie in my scrapbook. He is always there - the cutest little shop dog! Wish I knew his name...

  11. Such cute little shop fronts. I love seeing your walks around Paris.

  12. Every store should have a little doggie!

  13. Too true Bill!
    including this store...
    merci Carolg

  14. one of the links goes to an NPR story on Careme..

  15. My apartment is on the corner of rue Grenelle and Casimir Perier, and I love your post on rue de Bac! I am on that street everyday while in Paris.

    Thanks for sharing your talents and expertise on all things Parisian!

  16. .. thanks as always .. I missed/forgot to check for Ines Christmas tour ... always a treat ... and of course your yummy offerings ... Happy New Year, Carol

  17. Limonada! This could be a new obsession!

  18. pendant mes virées parisiennes, Rue du Bac, est un incontournable

  19. Anonymous9:51 PM

    The walking tour is great! But after looking at just a few patisseries on video, I already feel the need to take a few laps around the 9th just to work off the calories.


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