Friday, December 09, 2011

Bergdorfs Carnival of the Animals

Some of you had a problem with yesterday's animals in fancy dress...
Some of you even have pets though I know you would never hang a scarf or pink tam o'shanter on your pet bien sur...
Fortunately Bergdorfs has no qualms about putting anyone in fancy dress no matter how many feet they have...
And we are much richer for it every Xmas don't you think?
Magic and whimsey are always in short supply so why not?
Bergdorfs calls this years extravaganza 'Carnival of the Animals'
These 7 views are just 1 window...
An elegant winter tea soiree...
A cuppa peut-etre?
Or a petit-four? What? No macaronies?
Mountain goats are invited to this tea party...
There must be champagne. More Bergdorfs windows to come.
Last night I popped into A La Veille Russie galerie for an exquisite exhibit of rare mechanical wonders from the Sandoz collection at 781 5th Avenue and 59th street. Tomorrow is the last day and there's a charitible donation of $15 - well worth it.
Bon Weekend!


  1. Mousie in the tutu. Too cute!

  2. Of COURSE I never drape a scarf on Ozzie....without adding a dashing trench coat, too! Wish I had that mouse in Attu too!

  3. I can't decide which is more wonderful, the goat or the mice?
    Yet I like the little white fox too.
    I would love an invitation to that soiree.

  4. Invitation is in the Mail Julie!!!

  5. I loved the goat too! and the wolves behaving so well so nearby!

  6. Interesting how animals are such a part of the holiday season.
    Starting with turkeys, and the cows and donkeys in the manger, and Santa's reindeer, and all those frosty critters in Bergdorf's windows.
    And let us not forget cute little BEAR!

  7. Ms. Mousey2:19 PM

    Mice play well with others and are empathetic and altruistic!

    On NPR this morning..
    A rat will help free it's cage mate before grabbing the chocolate chips.
    Who knew :O

  8. Ms. Mousey2:20 PM

    Whoops I meant before 'SHARING' the chocolate chips!

  9. Being a moose fan, I love the white moose! The mice are welcome at our house anytime. :^)

  10. Wonderful .. one of the many holiday sights that I miss , living down here at the bottom of the world.
    besitos. C

  11. Magic and whimsey, just like your blog - merci for sharing it all! :-)

  12. Whumsy (I'll eat the extra "e") - sorry!

  13. I love the white seal with the Tea cup and saucer on his nose. Some are a little strange to me. Is there a story behind these animals in windows in NY at this time of year? Look forward to Monday and the bird pix and sale.

  14. Very cute setups, Carol. Someone has a great imagination at Bergdorfs.
    The mouse in the tutu is very cute :)
    Your paintings are cute, too!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. I always love the Bergdorf windows—especially their excessiveness at the holidays. Can't wait to get a little closer to these myself!

  16. Lovely stuff! I nipped over to Paris last weekend because I can't resist the place and have been pining for it ever since! Happily your blog is going to help with the cravings!

  17. I just have to tell you, I so look forward to each and every post. I love your viewpoint and your excellent eye out there capturing the world.
    Really makes my day.

    I just ordered Zazzle stamps with your images on them and can't wait for them to arrive. I'll use them when I write my notes to let someone know I'm thinking of them.

  18. Oh those dressed up mice are adorable...

  19. That Xmas we visited you in NYC was so much fun when you took us about to see all the holiday windows.
    Gotta get back there again.
    Maybe in the Spring

  20. LOVE that stack of all-white goodies. Yum. I just ate my first Christmas cookies today after a concert. They weren't all white, but still...

    Once I tried to put a harness on Harry and take him outside with me. It was a disaster...

  21. I would love to see this in person. It looks fabulous! Definitely a magical winter wonderland.

  22. Really Fifth Avenue! :-)

  23. Wonderful Carol... thank you for taking me as close as I am going to get this year... I love them! xv

  24. Incredible that so many shots are just from one window! That exhibition sounds fabulous. Look forward to reading about it, Carol. Love the cutie bird on that cup in your painting.

  25. Thanks so much for showing the Bergdorf windows and for the photos from Storytelling in Japanese Art at the Met.
    I wish I could come to NY and see all this myself but my husband doesn’t want to go. He has never been in NY at holiday time. I adore Japanese art especially Utamaro ‘s portraits of the floating world. So at least I got a tiny look.

    I enjoy your blog daily you have given me a gift everyday for last 5 years since I discovered your blog.


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