Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Angelina Hot Chocolate

An Angelina hot chocolate sale today Angelina chocolat chaud No.4
Rescued from my coffers just like the Met's Fabrage (haha)
You can now buy Angelina's hot choc in many forms - en bouteille et sac...
Angelina chocolat chaud no.2 Or you can get it to take-away/emporte... Angelina chocolat Chaud No.7
Oh why can't I find something like this Paris-New York pastry?

N'existe pas!

Angelina chocolat chaud no.3

Delicious macarons at Angie too, not just Mont Blancs...
Angelina Chocolat Chaud No.1

Angelina's tea salon was designed to be like a railroad waiting room..Another thing we could use in New York just like this!

YUM/MIAM *Go for breakfast at 9 am on a weekday if you don't want to have to wait in a long line. BONJOUR ANGELINA CHOCOLAT CHAUD!



  1. Angelina's is my favorite!!! Loved all your photos. Grace xoox

  2. They're all wonderful, Carol!

  3. We just had it at Angelina's in Versailles. We got some bonus macaroons because they forgot to serve one of our diners lunch, for like 40 minutes! Come by and visit, I've become a hopeless francophile.

  4. Carol, I just love your Angelina watercolors, the best hot chocolate ever!!

  5. I really enjoy the back and forth of your water colors and the beautiful photos of things chocolate in this post, Carol.
    Yummy on all fronts.

  6. these Angelina paintings are tasty, but I do like the green one as I think you paint glass very well. I saved comments you passed on from David Dewy on how to paint glass reflections & highlights which were very helpful! Always lots to learn & enjoy on PB!

  7. They are all great but the Angelina chocolat chaud no.3 looks like I'm tipping it to drink right now.. Yumm...:)

  8. Your watercolor is great, and your photos, too.
    I love hot chocolate, but I can never seem to find one that is better than mediocre.

  9. How ironic that the pastry you can't find in NewYork is called " Paris New York"!

  10. Carol, wonder if the newest Apple wonder store over at Grand Central might be enough to inspire a lovely place to wait for the train or just have delicious pastry, coffee, and play with your new Apple device?

    Somehow, I doubt that this evolution will arrive at any gate, upper or lower level.


  11. Last time I wanted to go was 40 minutes line! So I gave up and end up at Jean Paul Hevin! I love both! But in Angelina you get everything: the taste and the place is super nice!

  12. I wish I could get into that cup of hot chocolate and swim around. It's so cold here - and the chocolate looks so divine!

    I love how you paint white, Carol. It's amazing.

  13. Looks like your sale was a smashing success! Yay!


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