Friday, July 01, 2011

Maison Blanc UK

Maison BlancMaison Blanc Petits Fours, watercolor, 9" x 11"Maison Blanc Last May I was forced to immerse myself in petit four pastries day AND night.Maison Blanc Really the correct French word is mignardises for these cuties.
Maison Blanc I was forced to wolf down great quantities to find my inner, ultimate petit four self.
Maison Blanc How else can you paint something?
Maison Blanc If you don't know it...
Maison Blanc Up close and personal?
Maison BlancI was commissioned to paint illustrations for Maison Blanc Patisseries in the UK.
Maison Blanc June a year ago, by chance I stopped in at the Fulham Road Maison Blanc for a spot of tea...
Maison Blanc A pleasent combination of Frenchness and British afternoon tea don't you think? Tres charmant French chef Raymond Blanc is their maitre in charge of every bite and their desserts are quite stupendous.
Maison Blanc I had a bite of their luscious Concerto chocolate cake
Maison Blanc Naturalemente I took a shot of the menu...
Maison Blanc Inside and out...
Maison BlancAnd this past May I was immersed in doing illustrations for their new menu thanks to Paris Breakfast.
Maison Blanc

Maison Blanc That's why all the petits fours and chocolate gateaux torture around here. And it's why I spent my birthday in May getting upclose and personal with a tunafish sandwich too. Bonne 4h to YOU!
Maison Blanc


  1. Fabulous, Carol! You did a great job on those--they must love 'em! Congratulations.

  2. WOWZA! Quelle Stunning!
    I love the very Frenchie look you brought to their menu - very fem and pretty.
    Well done PB

  3. Justine12:44 PM

    Veddy British and tres Francais!
    Tres jolie Carolg!!

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    What a wonderful commission carol,
    It's amazing where things can lead. I love your paintings and your research must have been wonderful x

  5. what a great menu! good job!

  6. It was a bit of a long haul being in the US - not in the UK to bite into actual petits fours.
    Research by transatlantic imagination & too much search and destroy on home shores.

    The jeans are tighter for sure.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Winewalker1:31 PM

    Your paintings for their menu are so inviting and jolly!
    That chocolate thing with the cream filling looks ALIVE! I want it now.

    Go girl!


  8. Exquisite illustrations and paintings, Carol!
    Love the sampler, delicious temptations.

    You made me put Maison Blanc on the places to visit in London. ;-)

    (I noticed you were digging into a Sacherschnitte. *smile*)

  9. This is worth scheduling a trip to get my hands on that beautiful menu!

  10. So pretty! So tantalizing!

    Just love, love, love the menu, Carol!

    So sad that you had such demanding research for this project. Hmm.... perhaps someone someday will ask for assistance with a survey of lemon tarts. tee hee

  11. Divine illustrations CarolG. I've bookmarked Maison Blanc and will visit next time in London, wish it wasn't 20,000kms away! Love their Arc en Ciel macaron wedding tower - worth getting married for! he he hee

  12. Lucky you!
    I love your opening paintings and then your illustrations for the menu.
    Great job.
    Nice shot of the exterior of the shop, too, at "the blue hour."
    So, if I ever get to that store and mention your name, I'm golden, right?
    Have a great holiday!

  13. Bravo, Carol, or should I say, Well done you!

    The menu pictures really do show your style beautifully, and will surely encourage folks to order more and more for their table.


  14. Lovely! A great improvement over the old menu.

    It would be so tempting to accept payment in the form of products...

  15. Oh lucky you Carol, and talented you as well. Love the beautifully painted Sacher.

  16. These look so delicious! The next time I'm in the UK I'll have to go for a taste!

  17. OH my goodness those look so delicious! I miss Paris!

  18. You are so talented.
    This is a beauty

  19. Hi Carole .. when I am back on my feet (have broken ankle and in plaster) I will have to go into Oxford , we have a shop there . How brilliant for you :-)

  20. A mourir d'envie!

    Manon la gourmande...

  21. Congratulations! Your paintings will make the book mouthwatering!

    And you poor, poor thing. Forced to endure such pain and trauma. However do you do it?

  22. I hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you, but only in the most loving way. I broke my computer screen trying to grab that last tempting morsel of chocolate heaven with the raspberry on top! Oh well. I've been leafing through the pages of my macaron book (thank you for the suggestion - the book looks perfect) to build up the courage to try baking the ultimate of culinary perfection. It's been a long time since I've done any actual baking, but I think the French blood in me will soon conquer any fear I have.

  23. Billizetti has asked me to invite you over to our blog for a little surprise.

  24. What more can I say?!
    I just love the menu illustrations~ and I'm sure Maison Blanc does too!!

  25. Gail in UK8:00 AM

    Must go to MB

  26. Sally Juicy8:01 AM

    It's amazing where things can lead. I love your paintings and your research must have been wonderful...!!!!

  27. Rachel8:03 AM

    I wish I could bake like that, but it never comes out right :(

  28. Carol, it's brilliant! I love the menu and all the paintings. Happy birthday to you!

  29. You are so incredibly talented, Carol. Love how you just have to do the tastings to create such amazing paintings. Bravo - Maison Blanc are so lucky to have you!

  30. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Not to be a spoil sport, but... shouldn't it be "Maison Blanche"??

  31. Not at all Monsieur S. Sport.

    MAISON BLANC is named after French chef Raymond BLANC

    It is in the text of the post...ahem

  32. I was so excited to see your sketches on a poster for Maison Blanc in London the other day.

    i recognized your beautiful work right away.

    (Now why is it Maison Blanc and not Maison Blanche, I wonder?)

    Great job--they were lucky to have you as their illustrator!

  33. Superb Posting ! That's Delicious Look

  34. Barbara in Dublin7:39 AM

    Took your advice and dropped in (more than once!) to Maison Blanc in Oxford when visiting there this week. Had a lovely breakfast and one of the (as recommended by you) wonderful deserts.

    Yum is all I can say.

    As a follower of yours was really tickled pink to see your watercolour paintings on the menu. Felt as proud as if I had done them myself!



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