Thursday, July 28, 2011

Artist's Journal Workshop

I'm awfully late posting today Darling PBers I know,
but you overwhelmed me with your enthusiasm for yesterday's Bordeaux chateaux watercolors.
On to the wonderful subject of sketchbook journals - they seem to be rampant these days. And why not? Travelers forever have been recording their thoughts, notes and doodles in journals/carnet du voyage. You don't have to be a so-called 'artiste' to join in the fun. Not at all!Cathy Johnson's latest, ARTIST'S JOURNAL WORKSHOP will tell you how if you have any doubts at all how to begin doodling in a journal.
Wouldn't you know some PBers are in this book! Rick Tulka, who has nothing to do in Paris but hang out all day, everyday in Cafe Le Select clandestinely sketching - his drawings are brill.
PBer Jeanette, Mistress of Longears Manoir, who mostly spends her time madly chasing rabbits off her estate/chateau in Kansas city is also well represented.
You don't have to be an artist to go crazy over tiny paint boxes (see above). I picked up another little one in Portland, Maine last Saturday though Gawd only knows why. These things are  addictive.
Cathy's book addresses important issues like overcoming first page jitters or how to draw your lunch or your sleeping cat or when you should journal. She has a blog as well devoted to sketch journaling.
At one point I used to make my own sketbook-journals...
There are piles of these things lurking in my closet...
Along with my 'Bordeaux chateau' period and 'Daffodil' period I had 'Gondolier
Fever' for a while... It's a pretty contagious disease.
You're bound to catch it at one time or another. You don't even have to go to Venice to get it but it certainly helps.


  1. I love that book:) I recently spoke of it..It's a favorite of mine..You have showcased it beautifully..I love your work.

  2. Kate did a fabulous job on this book. It's definitely a fave. I could look through artists' sketchbooks all day long.

  3. I will definitely have to see about getting a copy of this wonderful book when I can. Thanks for this Art Journal post, Carol. Loved the photo of the watercolor equipment, the little paint boxes. (My twitter moniker is yvettes paint box. Coincidentally.) :)

    Your blog is such a special treat.

  4. I got this a couple of weeks ago and read it cover to cover and started my own finally! I had even emailed Cathy a question on Flickr and she graciously emailed me back right away. I'm blown away by all the amazing and inspiring artists featured in the book and I'm lovin' your Venice watercolors! *sigh*

  5. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Carol, I have always been a little nervous of the sketchpad and paintbox - although I love the idea. You have given me some food for thought.
    I use my blog like a weekly journal....might just have to get tactile. x

  6. Merci for the book plug!! And that collection of journals!!! How do you say "drool" en francais?

  7. Laura-
    Cathy is a sweetheart and a great teacher!
    I'm not surprised to hear that she responded
    She's very hands on and sharing.
    Her books are terrific! I started doing watercolors with one of her books.

    Jeanette I know how to say 'lick the windows' -leche-vitrine.
    c'est toute :(


  8. I love all of those Venice paintings, Carol.
    I don't know why,but they really hit the spot today.

  9. Carol, it was grand to sense all the fresh air and inspiration from your Maine posts. Clearly cool summer days and nights in Maine are so different from days and night in Paris or Venice or other parts of the visually delicious world, but I can see how you "draw" from each location.

    Each place has beauty and spirit all its own.

    You've made smile with your discovery of those hidden chateaux watercolors. I love them.

    May I tell you again that I find your posts very inspiring? xo

  10. Fun to see all the journals, and the whole idea of doing them. I've been keeping journals and drawing in them since 1974. Now almost finished book # 52. They are now a record of the major part of my life, written and illustrated.
    Gonna' leave them with the Smithsonian, whether they want them or NOT! (hee-hee)

  11. Your post reminded me of my OTHER favorite blog, Urban Sketchers, (Your's is #1, of course!) Both are so inspiring. Merci!

  12. You will also discover how to use your journal to celebrate any occasion or milestone, work through a problem or creative block, plan future works, sketch from life and experiment with new materials or techniques.

  13. "Rick Tulka, who has nothing to do in Paris but hang out all day, everyday in Cafe Le Select clandestinely sketching."

    Yeah, well.............

  14. Travel sketchbooks sound like the greatest idea! If only I could draw...
    Until then, your gondola paintings are gorgeous!

  15. I haven't tried to sketch, draw or paint in more than 30 years and I wasn't much good then but this book and your posts have inspired me to try. I'm headed to the art store next week and I just ordered the book.

  16. I would head off for Paris this minute if it wasn't the worse time of the year to do so
    Very inspiring!

  17. Really nice blog.
    Its really cool to show our personal experience through blogs to everyone so that everybody could get some knowledge from it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love the book, ordered it from Amazon and received it this morning. In fact, it is so lovely I am going to buy a copy for a very good friend in France and one for my son

  19. If I had any, ANY painting or sketching or drawing talent at all, I would so do this. (I once did a portrait of my mom and gave it to her...and she looked at it and said, "Oh look! A monkey!" Yeah.)

    I'm more of a wordy journaler, words, words, words. Arrows and bullet points and scrolly frames around the important ones. Stuff tucked in and stapled in and taped in.

    BUT...if there was someone who could TEACH me to do a little watercolor MAYBE I could branch out a little bit? Giving lessons? That would be SO FUN!!!!

  20. (And again, CAROL, those gondola paintings just make my heart clench and take my breath away. Especially 2nd one from the bottom. LOOK AT THAT. Just look at that. I can hear his oar in the water...)

  21. your blog is fantastic!

  22. Une agréable promenade dans votre blog... Gros bisous

  23. Lost House Key5:51 AM

    It's my first visit on your blog and I'm so glad to visit an artist's workshop

    Thanks for sharing this book with us


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