Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2 - Watercolor Workshop ME

Tuesday's subject matter was at the harbor on Mecanic Street in Rockland. Watercolor beginnings with David Dewey's demo.

The sky is a pale wash of yellow ochre.

Painting upside down.

 "The painting is on your palette first and foremost".

Sometimes the painting is on your leg.

The finished painting (a partial view) - very economical - a process of elimination. Some boats moved out.

Post demonstration = LUNCH TIME
Crab sandwiches at Chester's ($5.25)

Then we buckle down to painting until 3:30 - crit time.
Madelyn Boucher's abstracted unfinished, but finished house painting.

Shirley Cook's fluid, 'thumbnail' preparatory painting on a postcard.

Shirley's painting setup includes an umbrella. It's hot here but there's a nice breeze coming in from the harbor.

Mike Mechlenburg's complex colorful view of the ship yards.

You can paint whatever you want as long as you paint. Pam Wilburn's ambitious big watercolor.

I took shots of the boats moving out and then painted from photos on my camera.

A million 'thumbnails' - preparatory setups or in my case 'procrastination paintings' before tackling a sheet of big paper.

The 'big one' - not enough color in my opinion.
Today I will get out some color or else!

Post painting = DINNER TIME

SueB commented yesterday that we should go for lobster rolls at Graffam Bros. at 211 Union street in Rockport.

They were super delish and fresh - Graffam's fish market is across the street (next to Rockport's post office).
Tuesday night David had his annual 'Dessert Party'


  1. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it! : )

    While the rest of us can only dream!

  2. I love your watercolors, Carol - and those of your fellow students.
    You are all very lucky to have such a gift.
    Really great paintings and your photos of the area are wonderful, too!!
    Have fun and stay cool.

  3. magnifique et en plus du Lobster....

    bel été


  4. Ooooh--some beautiful paintings coming out of that workshop! And Graffam's! I went there--their lobster rolls were to die for!

  5. You are all so talented..I have envy..
    And what a fun place to get away and experience these hands on lessons..

    That is all a touch of sweetness in life..

  6. Hello Carol from very hot NYC.

    You all have got such a fine collection of watercolor painters up there! Everyone definitely has an individual style.

    Have you done some thumbnails of those sandwiches yet? And the strawberries? All looks fresh, delicious and very reasonably priced, too.

    It's fun to see you taking your painting to the beautiful waterside.


  7. I'd go just for the lobster roll! I've always wanted to learn water color, but I'm just now getting back into liquid acrylics. I'm painting "multi-media" style, and having a lot of fun. Love your painting even without a lot of color!

  8. It looks and sounds fantastic, Carol. And I love your spare, shadowy, mirrory boat watercolor. It's meditative and so graceful.

    (Mmmm...fried haddock sandwich with fries...I'm on day 8 of my cleanse with three more to go...)

  9. marilyn11:29 AM

    carol, you have such a wonderful loose painterly style. can't wait to see your final paintings. watercolor is so difficult to master and you have definitely mastered it! i think i must have gained 10 pounds since i started reading your blog! oh my that lobster!

  10. I am drooling over everything here. I am vicariously there with you enjoying the sun and sea, food and paintings. Some very wonderful paintings coming out of that workshop. Love what you are doing too. I dont know how one goes about leaving something out of a painting since its all so interesting to see. Great idea working from your camera.

  11. Love it,l love it, love it all things MAine and yummy too. Enjoy! Thanks for the reminder.
    Lisa ( who had a Maine Childhood)

  12. Sounds like a fabulous way and place to paint Carol.....xv

  13. I love how you approach everything with such spirit and relish!

  14. I love your "Big One" and the walk through Rockport via your fellow artists' paintings!

    The lobster roll!!! Thank you for taking a picture before eating it.

  15. What absolute heaven! I did a workshop like this in Italy, and it was dreamy. I think I'd like to do Maine next ;) a few years, when I might have time again!

  16. looks like sooo much fun! Hello to my friend Shirley Cook!

  17. Glad to see you're enjoying your time in Maine. What a talented group of painters, including you of course.
    Looking forward to seeing more!

  18. What an idylllic setting and love the lunches and dindins breaks with all that gorgeous seafood. What a feast for the eyes, seeing such stunning watercolours together. Such different views and creativity from all of you! Looks like you're having a super time. Loved the paint on ze leg, too. :-)

  19. Anonymous10:45 PM

    after a stressful week, your blog has lifted my spirits with these great shots of your painting classes.

    I love the paint on David's legs. I used to paint in watercolor and I used the backs of my hands to empty the excess paint or to check a color. Funny.

    Thank you so much.


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