Monday, July 25, 2011

What I Ate in Maine

Maine Lobster by Carol Gillott Bonjour Lobster, watercolor 9" x 11"

My first Maine breakfast at the Owl's Head General Store - a real Maine blueberry muffin.
Church breakfast
Last painting day David's wife Cathy makes a super lunch for us. Here a watermelon + feta + mint salad. YUM
Fresh Maine tomatoes
More red berries from Cathy Dewey.
My friend, Alison is the lobster roll expert. I think she must have downed 6 lobster rolls in 6 days!
This one was at scenic Slipside in South Thomaston
My last night in Rockland I decided to make my own lobster
At Ship to Shore - $7 and change for 1 1/4 pound lobster steamed in 2" of boiling water - drop the live lobster in head first. YUM!
Off for some gazpacho at the Portland Museum of Art.

These big apples looked appealing as well.
I searched high and low for MACARONS in Maine. These are from Austin Texas. No luck in Maine.
Just plenty of Whoopie Cushions I mean PIES!
The most delicious bite of all was Sophie waiting for the ferry...


  1. Oh my g o o d n e s s , that looks like paradise, all of it! I would have loved to eat lobster rolls, at least half a dozen, like your friend Alison. The berries look so tempting too, almost as sweet as Ms Sophie! :-)

  2. From the first day you mentioned lobster in Maine I had a vision of one of your watercolors being about a lobster-- et voila! Love it.

  3. Beautiful watercolor of a lobster.
    and all the food are works of art,
    expecially that blueberry pancake.
    What a fabulous trip!

  4. The food looks wonderful but your painting of the Lobster is Awesome. Great job there.

  5. How delicious this seems! Such a perfect summery trip...
    Have a lovely day!

  6. Yummy lobster art. Your charming sense of humor is the best!

  7. going to make the watermelon salad.
    what else in it besides mint leaves,
    ? ? ?

  8. Balsamic vinegar is the missing ingredient Jan
    There are many watermelon salad recipes HERE

  9. You make even a lobster look beautiful and appetizing, Carol! (Not a shellfish fan, me.) I love the photo of the church...all misty and lovely. THAT's an inspiration for a painting.

  10. Lobster rolls and Gazpacho! This looks like a place for the Wanderfull Traveler!
    Delicious & savoury post!

  11. I love your homard watercolor:)

    And the church..

    I could eat gazpacho every day.I have been almost:)

  12. When I was in Maine last month, we went to the store on the island to shop for groceries. Maine is famous for its blueberries, but the box I picked up was from Hammonton, NJ, equally famous for blueberries.
    I asked "No Maine berries yet?"
    The clerk said, "No, just those fake ones for now." I can see eating was just as high up on the fun scale, as was painting, Carol.

  13. So wonderful to have everything fresh and local! Yum!


    Art by Karena

    A New Giveaway from Dr. Perricone, do come and enter!

  14. The opening painting is great!
    I love the food shots
    (& scenery) - being from the "Ocean State" it all looks fabulous :)

  15. Carol, thank you so much for sharing all those delicious Maine dishes, and the wonderful fresh air.

    I know that you have also had a great time getting insights into watercolors.

    This afternoon, rain finally arrived here in NYC and it is so, so much cooler here tonight.

    Not as cool as Maine, but we did try to roll out a chilled carpet for your return.


  16. I'm so hungry now I could eat a whoopie cushion, I mean, pie! But I'll start out with a lobster roll, please.

  17. Excellent, Carol! Love these watercolors. The eating is always really good up there, that's for sure.

  18. the lobster looks divine. I love the painting! I would love to have tried that watermelon salad. I'll have to do a search on that, are there little blueberries in that as well. Looks refreshing! Thank you for this post.

  19. I WILL find the courage to cook live lobster when I'm over in France

    (repeat 100 times daily)

    and if I can't I shall buy two, ask a friend to do the deed for me and give him the other lobster as a thank you

    if you decide to do lobsters and shellfish paintings do let me know, I'd love to buy some for my French kitchen!
    Your cake pictures are lovely but I gain 10 lbs just in looking at them

  20. it's all about the food!!!

  21. You seemed to have had a great time at your painting thing. Great blogs!
    And if you really ate all that food you posted, you must be stuffed!!!!!!

  22. Yes I ate much of it but only:
    1 Lobster Roll
    1 clam roll
    2 steamed lobsters
    2 plates of steamed clams
    1 blueberry pie
    1 rhubarb pie
    2 Haddock sandwiches
    Too much ice cream
    Everything tastes better up there..
    So now I'm on a mostly carrots regime.. :(

  23. Love your trip to Maine! It brings back memories of my own visit a few years ago. The lobster rolls were great, and I remember eating too much ice cream too :)

  24. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Oh I am jealous. And who said travelling isnt about the food! pfffft.
    Lobsters in a roll!! My goodness. It kind of feels sacreligious to a gal who pays a pretty penny for a lobster ( like $60 at a restaurant!) --- I dont pay that. I just wish i could and sit and drool.
    Lucky here. x

  25. Oh lord - it all looks so fresh and delicious. Now I want a toasted muffin, bursting with juicy blueberries!

  26. Now I want that watermelon salad. I will be making it later today! I'd want the lobster too but I've used up all of my immunity to shellfish and am now allergic to it. Please eat my share for me! ;-))

    I bought David's book because you recommended it so enthusiastically. I've never been to Maine, ever. But I have been recognizing the locations of some of his paintings in the book from reading your blog! So fun! And I am loving his book. Merci!

  27. Fabulous painting of the Maine lobster - you did it justice! Love the round-up of all our delicious Maine specialties. So glad you enjoyed yourself here!

    PS - You are so right about the macarons. I haven't seen any locally made ones. We've just gotten our first cupcake shop - that's how slowly trends appear here.

  28. It seems that you have enjoyed alot..Well,red berries are my favorite too..

  29. your dishes are so yummy

    I love them all.

    It will make my Sunday so nice with these ideas.
    thanks for sharing...

  30. My name is isabelle and I am the owner of the coffeeshop, MORNINGS IN PARIS in Portland maine,I am from the south of france and moved in maine 3 years
    ago..i ve seen that you didn't find any MACARONS in maine.

    Well I have a lot of them,I hope you'll stop by on your next visit!

    I love your blog and watercolors.


  31. Judith7:43 AM

    "Chilly and windy" eh? You are SO lucky! Even here in Vermont, we're roasting.

    I love these workshop blogs of yours. What a bunch of fine, fine painters in your group! Including, and above all, YOU of course. Love the scenery; love the simplicity, almost abstraction, that you and some of the other artists choose to paint.

    Any fried clams yet? I fell into a long, silent, grateful meditation while eating fried clams in Maine 2 weeks ago. Had to go back for more.

    best wishes,


  32. NO I did not have fried clams :(((((((((((
    The best place closed up...
    no WAIT I did have them at the Rockland Cafe..what was I thinking
    I sometimes dream of fried clams...sigh


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