Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FaceBook Contest Winners!

Dear PBers,

YOU are the GREATEST!!

Thank you for all yr support & FAB Facebook suggestions.

I followed yr advice and consulted with Culinary Librarian yesterday.

Even my Metro horoscope said I should TEAM UP with CL!

Prize watercolor #1 goes to Culinary Librarian who deserves an Oscar and more for setting up my FB page. She's grown up with computers so I just sat back while CL created a FB page -miracles can happen. *Please do read her tales of Paris macarons. Simply FAB. Also her macaron photos on her FB page will have you salivating. Please LIKE her too.

It wasn't easy choosing winners.

You PBers are way too smart.

The Jean-Paul Hevin 'vintage' stuff goes to Sarah W. who wrote a lot (size counts).

The macaron guide goes to:

Elizabeth Sayat

merci Elizabeth

Wabbit wins the Pierre Herme jour du Macarons guide.

Merci Wabbit!

The Pierre Herme 'vintage' macaron guide goes to:

Marie (who is in EGYPT!)

Why did some of you comment as anonymous / unknown when you are so brill? All PRIZE WINNERS please email me yr addresses so I can send you your prizes. And PLEASE LIKE me (it's in the sidebar) dearest PBers now that I have this %$#@ FB page up and running.

BIG MERCI to all of you and BONJOUR FaceBook!


  1. PS
    There were some awfully good FB comments from people who live in Paris so I figured you could get Paris trash whenever you want.
    Please do not feel overlooked.

    Your suggestions were TERRIFIC!

  2. Some people have to post anonymous b/c sometimes blogger won't allow them to post comments under their log-in. It's been an ongoing bug for quite sometime.

  3. Dearest Carol,
    I am not on FB (like a foreign country to me, no, like a star on Milky Way), but I LOVE you! Does that count? ;)

  4. Dear Sassy Marsha,

    I don't like this latest signin bug of Bloggers either (since the Blogger blackout) but if you use

    You can put in just about whatever you want as long as it's enabled which it is on PB.


  5. Justine9:22 AM

    BRAVO FB contest winners!
    PBers ARE VERY smart!!

  6. Too funny--your fb page looks good! Kudos. Glad you got it taken care of.

  7. I've been cut off from internetz...I am assuming that if I go to FB I'll find PB...off to do so.

    Congrats winners.

  8. Nope. I went over & typed in PB & just your personal FB page came up.

  9. Sarah W4:09 PM

    Yay, congrats everyone :)

    Can't wait for my Jean-Paul Hevin "trash"! :D (hope my e-mail doesn't go in your spam ><)

    Thanks Carol! :D

  10. I received a wonderful envelope today full of macaron treasures! The postcard is so cute with the little dog, and your business card is fantastic with all the pastries. I will be spending the night dreaming of Paris heaven where macarons are dancing all around my bed. Even the envelope with your special stamp is a keepsake to treasure. Thank you so much! I never thought I'd have a Pierre Herme business card!

    Your pal in art and macarons,


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