Friday, July 29, 2011

Gondola Fever

BEAR and I are too busy shipping out your chateaux to jump in a Venice canal and think about gondolas. But no reason YOU can't dream of gondolas.
'Gondolier Fever' has been going on since Canaletto and before after all.
It does look terribly relaxing.
Gondola dancing anyone?
Are there gondola parking lots?
Can you get a ticket for double parking?
Which would you rather have? ride in a gondola.
Or a pistachio gelato? I know my answer. Pistachio wins hands down.
I think I caught gondola fever from looking at this watercolor book by Jean-Louis Morelle. Though the only Venice scene is on the cover.
Please vote in the comments if you would like a gondola watercolor sale on Monday.
Oui or Non.
Chateaux are shipping out TODAY by Priority Mail not gondolas - too slow!


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Oui, s'il vous plait!

  2. Gorgeous!
    (and the gelato wins for me, too!)

  3. Somehow I envision your closet as being very deep, indeed.
    The water color treasures seem unending in what must be vast vaults filled with your wonderful images, Carol.

  4. Yes it's like the storage rooms at the Met here...
    I wish :)

  5. Yikes, your comments click went awry and displayed the raw xml for the web page! I don't 'think' any email addresses were revealed....

    meanwhile, I have contacted a lady who loves Venice and asked her to check out your gondolas

    personally I prefer calorific paintings, you know raspberry macrons, strawberry tarts, that kind of thing...


  6. These are lovely Carol --- Yes, please!

  7. A ha!

    I must quickly concoct a Macaron on a gondola ride for 'Mouse'!

  8. Anonymous11:58 AM

    yes please, gondolas on Monday!
    ciao, bella

  9. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I so want a gondola sale. Please.

  10. I would LOVE a gondola sale.
    I came home from Venice a week ago, and already missing my favorite city!

  11. the light in Venice just makes every photo perfect, even ones I've taken.
    This is a great idea!

  12. Gelato or sorbet! We skipped the gondola ride in Venice and just had fun zipping around on their local water taxis. I don't feel deprived. I guess you can bargain, but the price seemed to be the equivalent of $150. That buys a lot of gelato!

    A sale is always good.

  13. Wonderful pics, stunning paintings!! As always!! xx

  14. I loved satys with you foerever.
    Lovely paintings~

  15. Chris Reardon4:42 PM

    Just back from Venice - absolutement!

  16. Yes!

    (I love the cover of that watercolor book,too!)

  17. Oh! can I please have my pistachio ice-cream whilst sitting in a gondola with a handsome Italian paddling away!! or is this what is know as -"having your cake and eating it too"
    Do you realise Carol that BEAR has the perfect outfit to be a gondolier !!! nice and stripey - perhaps he could row my boat. C'est possible!

  18. jeanette, mistress of longears8:49 PM

    Whenever I think of Venice I think of that old movie "Don't look now" with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. Must rent it again!

  19. When we were in Venice 3 years ago we wandered around and found a shop where a craftsman was carving parts for gondolas - very interesting!

  20. Gondola Fever is easy to diagnose.

    Fortunately most of the side effects are positive; a good sense of balance, relaxed disposition, slight suntan, and good physical fitness level are all results of this syndrome.

  21. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Sigh--- There is something magical about Venice and of course the gondola adds to this - it's easy to catch Goldola fever. It takes me bag and makes me want to go now!

  22. CAROL - those paintings are so gorgeous! You manage to incorporate such a misty mystique into them, just like you did with the boat painting in Maine. I think boats and water are your thing right now. Which means you have many more shores and waters to explore...

  23. Such a romantic experience. Not every couple can visit the place.

  24. Venise... j'aime tellement Venise... Fin mars j'y ai passé un si beau et excellent séjour... Des souvenirs multiples remplissent ma boîte à bons moments, dans un petit coin de ma mémoire... Vos photos me les réaniment... Des couleurs et des lumières exceptionnelles...
    Gros bisous

  25. Anonymous10:08 AM

    yes please a sale of gondolas I just started watercoloring nd my hydrangeas now look like dwarf llilac trees lol I would like to buy one'

    Diane Zurbuchen

    1. my email is up above Diane if you're interested in the gondolas


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