Saturday, July 16, 2011

Parisbreakfast is in Vogue

Laduree NEWS ALERT PBers.
While the mystery of how to make macarons alludes us, there's a new mystery. A Paris Breakfast's watercolor turned up in August Vogue announcing an opening.
Laduree If anyone knows how this happened do tell all svp.

LadureeTurn to page 147 in your August Vogue.
Thank You Frances O., who mentioned it.
For some unknown reason no credit given to Parisbreakfasts, Carol Gillott or BEAR?
Qui sait?
Laduree It would have been nice if Parisbreakfast was mentioned oui?
Laduree Meanwhile BEAR dreams 
BONJOUR Parisbreakfast in Vogue!


  1. Well how cool and frustrating at the same time. I would let them know you should have some credit for it at least. I am heading off to get my own copy now. :))

  2. Are you saying you were not asked if they could use it? Egads! Not making light of that fact, I have to say all of the watercolors in this post are just gorgeous, including the original one that Vogue used portions of. I don't buy Vogue, but I'm tempted to just to see your work in the magazine.

  3. Good stay + good artwork + good clams in Maine Carol!
    It's a shame the "non-credit" of your work in Vogue, really! I don't like this way of being and we may tell them what is missing in their article...

  4. Definitely you need mentioned. I would contact them and tell them that is the least they can do when they didn't ask for permission to use your art. It is beautiful and exciting, but just a little word would be nice from them.

  5. What! Vogue just helped themselves to your art? Very bad manners!

  6. I hope they compensate you, that is very disappointing on their part.

  7. Woo -hoo! But how dare they not attribute?????

  8. I think every PB reader should write to Vogue and ask for the artist's name...I will! And I will mention that it looks like the work of that fabulous artist, Carol Gillot.

  9. Waterpainter1:41 PM

    I love your watercolors and read your blog faithfully, and got several of your recommended books for my daughter before her year abroad in Paris as an architecture student. In short - a fan! As a fellow illustrator, I'm truly appalled that Vogue would steal from you in this way. They know better!
    Would you like for us, your faithful readers, to write them emails of protest?

  10. ??????Seriously?? no credit to you for the painting images? That's horrible, Carol! I think they should do another whole spread with more of your things to compensate, then. How the hell did they get away with that?? These look beautiful. You deserve to be in Vogue, but what were they thinking!? jeeeeeez

  11. I think Vogue needs to hear from each of us! This is really sad and wrong for a company such as Vogue to do this to a hard working artist!

    Let's stick by Carol and write them! I will not purchase Vogue until they make this right (and it clearly could be an honest oversight).

    I am sorry, Carol!

  12. I just saw this this morning and immediately thought it was your art and looked for your name! Since I couldn't find it I actually thought someone had copied you! Glad to know it was looks fabulous and you so deserve the credit! Vogue should hire you as an ongoing illustrator for their magazine! They would be lucky to have you!

  13. It's an honor..but dishonor for them! I really can't believe it..

    They should have asked:(

    I love sharing..i would say go for it..I do w/ photos.. but your watercolors..? I hope Vogue sees this..or someone contacts them..i don't get the magazine..
    I agree Vogue should hire you..

    But I hope thy come through with a kind gesture ..I do..
    A lovely reportage on the artist..?:)

    At least.. a lifetime subscription..and a trip to Paris?:)Now that would be sweet.

  14. PS I now covet that issue too:)

  15. WOW
    for yr supposrt PBers!
    I'm honored to have such terrific PB fans.
    If only I did my Twitter we could do something - reason to start in peut-etre?

    There is a credit on the page but to someone at LADUREE?!

    I'm stumped
    Any complaining emails to Vogue will be rewarded in some way or other (by an improved macaron or a watercolor scrap?
    What do you think?

    Go figure?

  16. Am at a coffee shop...but opened the Vogue last night. It's lying open just before that page, I'm sure. I would've squealed & then written to Vogue (at least tweeted them)...about this..


  17. Someone definitely dropped the ball at Vogue, Carol. There is always someone whose job it is to find credits of any art or photos they use. Also it's odd they wouldn't contact you. But perhaps they didn't have your name. It's up to you to let them know. Immediatement. (If not sooner.)

    Still, it's nice to be in Vogue.

  18. I just tweeted this out & to Vogue. Anyone on Twitter, send it to @voguemagazine. I asked them to correct this omission.

    I'm going to email them, too. Right now.

    It's nice that it's Vogue but that ain't good enough. No credit means no credit...

  19. Wow, talk about a publishing faux-pas! It is frustrating that we artists often get ripped off by people who don't credit us OR worse still, blatant copy-cats, BUT I think it's also a testament to the beauty and quality of your work, Carol. By hook or by crook, you're in there and add your own bit of beauty to their publication....add a tag to your sidebar saying "featured in Vogue"! You were and no one can contest that - ha! Have a great time in Maine and eat a lobstah roll for me. xx

  20. Geri, NJ2:21 PM

    My guess is Google Images. Several months ago, I checked out Google Images of the Statue of Liberty for an art project and one of your paintings showed up. Hope you get credit for that in next month's issue...and maybe some compensation too!

  21. What a surprise! I would still contact them and speak to someone about the lack of credit....

  22. Adriana/Brazil2:28 PM

    It's nice to see you in Vogue America. You deserve. It's beautiful what you do.


    Beijos!!!! from Adriana/Brazil

  23. Thanks for reminding me about tweeting. I sent an email earlier, but will also do the tweet! That makes even more sense...tell them in a more public way.

    In the email, I mentioned this blog and said I knew Carol and her readers would be wanting to hear from Vogue and how they would right this oversight.

    I get very annoyed with this kind of thing.

  24. Anonymous2:57 PM

    C'est ridicule! Vogue will sit up and take notice once when they hear from you, the true artist. I really don't think that they can legally use that image without your permission. I always check out the name of illustrators in say, "Saveur" and "Real Simple." The illustator name is ALWAYS listed either alongside the pic. or by the inner crease of the page. I'll say as much in my email to "Vogue." Actually, it's good that this has happened! Your fans will bring you to their attention! (-: Bonne chance!
    Jill H.

  25. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Just emailed Vogue and told them SHAME on them for not crediting such a talented artist! I recommended a half page article on you and your work as recompense:-D
    Melissa m.

  26. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Yep, that's BAD form! SHAME on Vogue. Love the art.
    Now--the word isn't "allude" which means means refer to, but elude "which means "escape" and incipient isn't the right word either. Pet peeve about if you write on line, you need to clean up your grammar knowledge and look up the words you use. LOVE your images, but if you're on line, it's also about the WORDS. Just my tiny nag; I love your blog.

  27. Well! All I can think is Bravo ParisBreakfasts and shame on Vogue....but what a fab watercolor, they just HAD to use it, and on the issue with SJP on the cover. I love the watercolor of the Laduree boxes on on the silver tray...the silver sheen just comes through your wonderful shadings.

  28. Shamefull an unbelievable!!
    I shall look for Vogue address too and write something to them
    Even though the drawing might be taken from Google images they can easily find your name as well.
    Your work is unmistakable and they will have to recognized it. And hei mistake!
    Have a nice day/night, Rosanna

  29. I am appalled that VOGUE would steal an artist's work, just like that!

    Could it be an unfortunate failure of communication between Laduree and Vogue? Did they think that Laduree owned the artwork?

  30. Have fun in Maine and I can;t wait till my Vogue arrives! So sorry they did not credit you! I wish they would open soon.

  31. Hi Carol!
    "Mixte" feelings here words "elude" me......Congratulations! for having your work in Vogue..... Shame on them for taking license......Your talent speaks volumes, and I, for one, love your spelling...Sorry Miss "grammarface" felt the need to correct you when clearly you were justifiably miffed at having not been given credit.... All in good time my dear ... Keep up the good work....xo Maryanne

  32. THANKS Maryanne/Beadboard

    My spelling has always been rotten and isn't about to change nohow, noway.
    There is always a puce/flea in the ointment non?

  33. I just emailed Vogue and asked them to credit you in their next issue. I was nice. Didn't want to come off as a lunatic.

    Still, it's wonderful to be in Vogue!!
    Let's hope something wonderful comes of this, PB!

  34. 1) Congratulations, that's great!
    2) How awfully frustrating! That's pretty horrendous of them...
    Good luck and such lovely art!

  35. Congrats, Carol!!
    The Big Time! BUT, it would have been nice to get a by-line, hmmpppp

  36. The piece shows your work to great advantage.

    What is the name of the china pattern of the lovely little cup?

  37. WOW WOW WOW !

    I just noticed that they ADULTERATED the artwork...Hmmmm
    They move the box on the left to the right to get ANOTHER MACARON into the vignette!
    ! ! ! !
    THIS is NOT right :(

    @voguemagazine you went too far this time!

    What to do?

    I have been adulterated :(

  38. i know that if this was MY artwork, i would personally contact them and let them know my feelings......and even if they do not compensate you for it, you have the satisfaction of telling them that the next time they decide to use YOUR work, you expect payment, and the courtesy of acknowledgement....thank you very much!!!!!!

  39. It is of course fantastic that Vogue think so much of your work to use it, but very, very bad form that they don't ask permission or pay to use it, and don't credit your work. I just did a google search for Laduree New York and your pre-adulterated image is the third one that comes up. I suppose Vogue found it just as easy.

  40. You are due an explanation most definitely. I hope they looked for you, the artist, and were just innocently unable to find you? This will turn out well for you Carol, I just feel it.

  41. I saw that and thought it looked so familiar! wow...kind of sad to think a huge magazine like Vogue would do that....hope it turns out for the positive for you!!

  42. I agree with everyone: congratulations for getting in there, shame on Vogue for not crediting you, and you should definitely contact them. The mainstream mags think they can walk over everyone.

  43. Carol, I can see that my art history recognition skills have not evaporated.

    I absolutely agree that all PB fans should contact Vogue in whatever manner they might choose.

    I am currently reading Blow by Blow, the story of Isabella Blow, by her husband Detmar Blow, and am sure that Vogue magazine has a history of not always recognizing certain talents.

    I'd also think it might be good to contact Laduree, because that company certainly provided the picture. Gosh, Carol, wouldn't want to mess with your Laduree connection if such communication to L were made.

    Meanwhile...enjoy the cool, fresh air of Maine. xo

  44. Oh Carol! Firstly, congratulations! That's so exciting and a real credit to your talent...but that's the thing...they didn't actually credit you! You simply have to contact them. That's so unfair. I will do so as well. How unjust!

  45. Hello again Carol!
    I contacted Vogue by email and hopefully it will get to the right people. Don't worry, I made sure I was still nice as I do think it's great publicity even though they haven't credited you..

  46. What to do?
    Monday you call Vogue and speak to the art director.
    You tell that person that you are sending them a bill for $1000 for stealing your artwork
    - without your permission - changing your artwork
    - without your permission - publishing it without credit to you
    - and there you go.
    Case closed.


  47. Dear r,

    I'm sure it was a last minute oversight on Vogue's part but certainly one click on the GOOGLE IMAGE would have let them know who and where the artwork came from.

    An apology of some sort would be much appreciated.

  48. One does feel some what delighted that out of all 228,000 images available on GOOGLE for Laduree they picked mine even though it was No.#3..
    Expediency may have been an issue in the rush to pub..


  49. Kay/stjulienlepauvre6:30 AM


    I'm sorry that you weren't given credit for your art work--lovely that they always are. I hope you contact them, they add a correction in the next issue & give you a check, tout suite.


  50. Or...

    If you do get to the art director, have them look at your work.

    They must like it enough to have used it.

    Tell him/her that you would have been happy to give them permission to use it.

    For a fee of course and name credit.

    Tell them you'd forget about it if they gave you another job, with a credit.

    Who knows?

  51. Kay/stjulienlepauvre6:48 AM

    Carol, For what it's worth, I just sent a tweet (to my 3 followers!) saying:

    Heard rumor that Carol Gillott's (parisbreakfasts) lovely artwork was used in current Vogue, without acknowledgment, permission or payment! Not nice!

    My twitter name is 'stjulienlepauvr' (without the 'e' as it's too long).

    Maybe they do a search on twitter for any mention of 'Vogue'

  52. BIG MERCI to Kay of St Julian!!!

  53. I THOUGHT that artwork look familiar!!!!
    You should contact Conde Nast's legal counsel about copyright infringement!!!

    And ask for $$$ for the unauthorized usage.

  54. I haven't written in a long time, but I have to say that not only did you deserve credit from Vogue, but payment, as you likely did not sell all reproduction rights when you sold the painting.

    I continue to enjoy your PB posts.

  55. Elizabeth7:16 AM

    It is NOT c'est la vie...they should print a correction and pay you!

    I hope you go after them.


  56. I hope they get our messages.. Actually I just came to should be a regular feature in Vogue.. :) I would add charm!

  57. They might actually print a correction in the next issue if you point it out to them...
    Not unless Laduree is using your watercolors without your authorization?

    And no, Conde Nast wouldn't sue you... they would just send a letter from their lawyers instructing you to take down the post.

    1. Why would Conde Nast ask Carol to take down the post???

  58. They clearly moved your yellow macaron from its place atop the larger box and placed it on the other two. The old "cut & paste."

    And they spelled it "macaroOns!!" Sigh. Vogue dropped the ball all OVER the field in this one.

    1. Anonymous9:50 PM

      I just read all the comments here hoping that SOMEONE would have noticed that not only did Vogue steal your watercolor, they misspelled macaron as macaroon! Yikes!
      Obviously whoever wrote the copy has NOT eaten a macaron.
      One would think that everything in Vogue is edited by someone and the mistake would have been caught.

  59. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Definitely send them a bill! Good luck

  60. Carol...came back to say that public tweeting may be much more effective. I'm at a coffee shop & can't be online as much as usual. I wish everyone would be in touch with them at @voguemagazine


  61. I can't believe they forgot to credit you!! That's such a bummer to a wonderful event like this. Congratulations none the less!

  62. Be pleasant but businesslike. Ask for the art director, and leave a voice mail to return your call and give a brief sentence outlining the reason for the call.

    Introduce yourself as the artist of the Laduree article. Ask them if the inclusion in their issue was the result of artwork provided by Laduree or done by the magazine.

    A fee would not get you worldwide exposure.

    A correction is not as good as another use WITH credit .. people don't read corrections, or at least as many as notice the artwork.

    I would also tell the art director that you are speaking to them first, and hoping that Vogue and you can reach an agreement.

    If you get a future use with credit, tell them you will be confirming the discussion with a memo; request the name and address of the person to whom you spoke.

    Please keep us posted. This was a big mistake on their part. Also allow that they could have been given the artwork by Laduree.

    Bon chance ...

  63. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Wow - I'm amazed that they didnt ask. So some naughty little pleb working for Vogue nabbed it from the internet. I think something needs to be said. Very strange and isnt it against the law? hmmm...investigations are in order. A flattery but a farce as well. x

  64. When I first started painting I was told that if the artwork was changed or altered at least 10% it made it legal to copy. I have since learned that this is false, of course. This is the kind of ignorance we are dealing with. I hope you get the credit and compensation that you deserve for you beautiful artwork.

  65. Wow - I am shocked Vogue would use your artwork and not credit you! That being said what an honor to appear on there hallowed pages! You should contact them and maybe they can include a "correction" in an upcoming issue noting the source of the fabulous artwork. Very excited about Laduree opening in New York - YUM!

  66. Congrats Carol..and I'm shocked too that Vogue didn't credit you! They should, I hope they will apologize to you!

  67. Excellent and most sensible advice Karen in CT

    Most kind.


  68. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Yes, Carol, plain and simple, your artwork was not only stolen, but altered. Not permitted - not legal. And, shame on Vogue - some lazy person just went to the internet, found your lovely artwork, and lifted it, thinking it would not be discovered.
    Do what you have to do to make it right. You deserve whatever you can get, and reject their first offer. They don't want you to sue. And, you do have grounds!
    Infringement of copyright!
    Success to you.

  69. I agree with GiGi above. I hope you're contacting their legal department toute de suite! I would think they would acknowledge what they did was wrong, pay your requested fee, apologize, and give you credit.

    If they don't, let us all know and we'll leverage our collective social media powers on your behalf. Then back to their legal department you go.

    From what I see on your flickr stream, there is no creative commons license for commercial use. You made it clear that you kept all rights reserved.

    This is really outrageous behavior by Vogue.

  70. Congratulations - kind of. The painting is gorgeous and it's SO MADDENING they didn't credit you! I hpoe you get it figured out with the Vogue folks. I just got my copy today and will definitely show it to Harry. If he can tear his eyes away from the gorgeous painting you sent him...

  71. Sarah Barnes3:09 PM

    I knew it was your work the second I saw it! I'm surprised Vogue would do that. I hope they'll acknowledge you somehow.

    Sarah B

  72. Alas, I don't read Vogue, being more inclined to mags about France, but I am shocked by this story.
    I recently thought to post about macarons, in a bout if homesickness, and found a lovely painting on the internet so wrote to the artist to ask her permission to use it along with a credit and link to her website. She replied to say yes. I never wrote the post but maybe now I will with a link to your blog where people may find superbe pictures.
    Shame on the professionals but I do foresee a whole Vogue article based on your work with proper credits and a nice fee for you

  73. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I think you should consider legal action.

    This is unconscionable-if the table were reversed you can be sure you'd have an envelope with a legal office as a return address.



  74. Hi Carol
    A blogger told me about your ordeal with Vogue. Shame on Vogue for using a beautiful piece of your artwork without your permission, Shame on Vogue for changing your artwork without permission, Shame on Vogue for not contacting you for information status on your artwork! You deserve full credit for your beautiful artwork.
    Contact them about their mishap.
    Again your artwork is beautiful, and Vogue overstepped, and Laduree should take note of how many of PBers admire and stand up for you!

  75. Carol, hi!!There is a long time since I was visiting the blogs I love...and I really miss it. .. I've beem working so hard (as you know I am a lawyer...).
    This post is amazing!! Your paintings are stuning, they really are!! Congratulations!!
    I love the Maine's lobsters too!!
    Kisses and hugs!!

  76. Bitter sweet for sure! I think it is illegal what they have done. You should have been asked and should have been credited. Good luck!

  77. What is the end of the story?

  78. Joanne7:27 AM

    Congratulations to you! Your work is beautiful. Laduree is going to get some fabulous coverage and that is going to be good for you. - love your artwork!

    A fan,


  79. I noticed your comment about being in VOGUE and not being mentioned. You should absolutely in the nicest way send a letter to the Managing Editor and cc: the Publisher, or any bs. people to get their attention. Your work is copyrighted I imagine? It would deserve an honorable mention and correction in a forthcoming issue, if not in letters to the editor. It might work to your advantage.

  80. WRONG
    not to credit

  81. Did you ever find out how this happened Carol?

  82. Carol, I will be so disappointed!!! for an Artist is a privilege to be on a magazine as Vogue, but remember the things always happen for a reason, and I believe that a better thing is about to come, for your art work, I am sure, you are so talented!!!!

  83. i think you should get onto Anna Wintour or Grace Coddington and sort something out!!! tout sweet...

  84. CONGRATULATIONS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  85. Dream on paint like you. How beautiful your work, Carol! It's a dream! Delicate colors, light strokes and a taste amazing! Love it :)

  86. Anonymous9:53 PM

    And...for heaven's sake Vogue should spell the word correctly! It's macaron, NOT macaroon.
    They are not the same thing.

  87. Your artwork is so lovely. It's unconsciencable that Vogue editors would "borrow it" without paying and crediting you. Shame on them, contact your lawyer…they owe you money and they know it!

    1. Oh of course Vogue paid me.
      It was PAUL BOULANGERIE/LADUREE that refused to pay and threatened to sue me.
      Go figure.


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